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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Sea
RP Experience: 8 years
Your Character's Player Base: Andrew Garfield


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Julio Valdez
Character Age: Twenty (20)
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): August 10, 221
Home Castle/City: Castillo en el Cielo, City of Beauciel, Island of Forsilvra
House: Valdez


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: A shark on a blue background with a black border.
House Words: A mal tiempo, buena cara
Castle Name: Castillo en el Cielo
Original Castle Name: Alcázar of Segovia

House Description:
House Valdez has a history of merchants going back 200 years before the creation of a unified Forsilvra kingdom. The exact roots of the Valdez family are unknown, but many believe they originated from the province of Ahestere. With the years the family grew and became a wealthy merchant family. It wasn’t until four years after the uniting of Forsilvra that the Valdez family settled down in Beauciel as their permanent home. In Beauciel, House Valdez began their renowned mining business that placed them in competition to the Beaumonts to earn the king’s grant over these lands. They were raised to banner lords by the king of Forsilvra due to the help they brought in terms of materials for the construction of many projects across the kingdom and their fealty to the king.

However, the Valdez family has mostly kept to the regional affairs surrounding Beauciel and Belleile. Due to the power of the sea and the waves crashing against the cliffs, Beauciel couldn’t have a port and in need of a way to transport the stones to a larger market the Valdez came to an agreement with the royal family. They sent the stones down to Belleile in convoys where they are loaded onto their Barco de piedra fleet.

The Valdez family mostly married within regional families until just recently. A fresh and different atmosphere has taken over Beauciel with the passing of power to Julio Valdez, the first of the family line to be born of a mother from a different region than the island of Forsilvra and a certain sense of unknown is felt as to the future the house has in store. There is also some instability in the region due to disputes between the main branch of the Valdez family and the De La Cruz family. House Valdez is still well-known for their quantities of stones and their Barco de piedra fleet.



The Valdez at the beginning was well known for their average six feet to six feet four inches in height for male and five feet eight inches to six feet for the ladies. They were also of a medium to dark tanned skin colour, brown eyes and dark brown or black hair. Since they settled in Beauciel and had numerous marriages with the other families on the island, it became much harder to predict physical traits for the Valdez. Family lines that were populated with Fontenot or similar blood began being of a smaller size averaging five feet six inches to six feet for males and five feet four inches to five feet eight inches for females. They also had lighter tanned skin colours and light brown hair while those populated with De La Cruz or similar blood kept in the average heights and kept their darker skin coloured and dark hair.

However, the new generation in the main branch of the Valdez has renewed some controversy across Beauciel. The marriage of Nataniel Valdez to Elizabeth Lambert was the first marriage of a Valdez main branch child to someone from the exterior of the island. Julio Valdez the first son of this union gained an appearance that was rarely seen in a main branch Valdez descendant. His skin is pale just like his mother’s. His hair is of a light brown colour that can sometimes look blondish depending on the lighting in which he stands. Julio’s stands at six feet one inch and has brown eyes thus keeping him a few traits of the original Valdez family line.



Most young noble boys dream of the moment they come to power over their lands and family. However, this wasn't the case for Julio Valdez. The young man since his birth has been torn between the Valdez heritage and the new aspects that came from his father marrying a woman from another region. While the marriage was neither his nor his father's fault, Julio was the first Valdez child to be born of a foreigner mother and became immediately known as the disputed shark.

Like his father before him, Julio is a bright young man. His early lessons in the family business helped him develop his qualities in mathematics and administrative duties. There are few problems or events in the family business he can't handle with time. In his first two years since his father's death, Julio has kept the company stabled while slowly growing the size of the workforce under it.

The controversy surrounding the marriage of his parents has also made Julio an excellent diplomat with the help of his mother's teaching. From a young age, he has been dealing with the De la Cruz family and his own uncle who both see Julio as an insult to the Valdez line. In dire need of allies and of keeping certain people's anger at a minimum against him the young shark had no choice, but to become decent in dealing with other people. His mother being in a similar position since her marriage has been his most important teacher in the matters of dealing with those around Beauciel. The lack of access to a port was also another reason why the Valdez heir became a keen diplomat. The Valdez family must keep beneficial ties with the royal family as to not lose their access to the Belleile port. Julio's young age still at times make him fall into the temptations of his anger and displease at those who don't recognize him as worthy of the seat he holds.

Julio is a caring and generous young man for his friends and immediate family. He loves his mother and sisters and younger brother with all of his heart and he only wants the best for them just like an older brother would. His door is always open for them and oftentimes he has no problems putting on stall family business matters to spend time with his family or friends. Extremely protective of his younger brother due to him having taken most of his traits from his mother and being more controversial due to his close to none resemblance to a tradition Valdez. Julio doesn't allow and can't stand one wrong look or word spoken against his mother, brother and sisters in his presence. The anger and coldness shown by certain family members and the De La Cruz family has made Julio a harsh, cold-hearted and unmerciful young man towards his enemies and those who do wrong to his family.



The Valdez family was always known as a wealthy and stable family of the Beauciel region. They mostly married regional families and never or rarely dealt with affairs from other cities or provinces other than usual trade agreements, contracts for stones and the agreement with the royal family to use the port of Belleile. However, things changed under Roberto’s rule. Roberto was an ambitious man who dreamt of big dreams. He had arranged a marriage between his eldest son Nataniel and a Beaumont daughter to continue the tradition, however, the Beaumont daughter fell ill and died of health complications before the marriage could go through. Roberto had already married the other Beaumont daughter to his second son and the De La Cruz daughter to his third son causing his eldest to be without any possible wife from either of those families. Fearing that his lineage would be partially destroyed, Roberto ended up buying a marriage contract with Bastian Lambert of Rissenfell. Nataniel Valdez married Elizabeth Lambert. She was the first lady to be married into the main branch of the Valdez family without being from the island of Forsilvra. Their marriage caused controversy among the De La Cruz family and Roberto’s youngest son.

In the middle of all the disputes surrounding his parents’ marriage, Julio was born a year later and like those who disputed the marriage feared the new shark had taken some of the traits from his mother. The De La Cruz family and Juan Valdez began calling Julio an imperfection in the Valdez line and an embarrassment to its history. A year later Julio younger sister Ysabel was born. The girl had a slightly tanned skin and the dark brown hair associated to the Beaumont-Valdez appearances. Seen as a more perfect Valdez than Julio, his uncle Juan began spreading rumors that Julio was the product of an adultery relation Elizabeth had with another man. Nataniel denounced his brother’s words and openly declared on numerous occasions that Julio was his flesh and bone. The birth of their third child, Eliana Valdez was also the solid end of the rumours about Julio. While still slightly darker in skin colour than Julio, her skin was paler than those usually seen in a Beaumont-Valdez family union. Their fourth and last child was that of another boy Eduardo. The young boy had blond hair like his mother and a pale skin. Barely showing any traits of the Valdez family rumours began once more around him this time. Nataniel once more tried to end the rumours by openly declaring Eduardo his son of flesh and bone. While the rumours ended in open conversations, they still today are spoken of in whispers.

Amidst all of this, Julio was raised like any heir to the Valdez throne had been raised. From a young age he learned the family's history, how to read and write fluently, how to appear noble in front of others, how to handle a sword and more importantly how to handle the family business both in the seas and as miners. It was always the primary focus of a Valdez child to be raised to handle the business and the affairs of the city. With very few knowledge given about the rest of the world other than the bare minimum that was needed to do trades. From a young age, Julio showed great potential as a business-oriented person. Though, his undisputed potential and capacities to take over his father's role were not enough to keep certain parts of his family branch and the De La Cruz family from creating turmoil about his skin colour and who his mother was. Julio quickly learned the meaning of his family's motto: A mal tiempo, buena cara meaning "In bad times, a face held high".

Due to the exterior pressure from certain members of his family and from the De La Cruz, Julio grew up much closer to his mother then, he was to his father. While his father took care of him during the day teaching him everything there was to know about the area. At night, his mother would sit with him and read books about her home province of Arbrecht and other places around Forsilvra. As Julio got older, Elizabeth and he continued to grow closer as he helped her face the numerous attacks from his uncle Juan and the De La Cruz family.

In 239, Nataniel was working on a marriage agreement between the Beaumont family and them to marry one of their daughters to Julio. The arrangement was never concluded before his father died of the plague leaving Julio to take command of Beauciel and the Valdez business at the age of eighteen. The Beaumont family put on stall the marriage proposal upon Julio request for time to deal with his father’s death and his arrival to the throne of Beauciel. Elizabeth had hoped along with Julio that the hostility they faced from the De La Cruz family and his uncle Juan would cease upon him taking the throne. However, his rightful succession to the family throne was openly disputed by the De La Cruz family who questioned Julio’s father identity once more.

His first year of reign in Beauciel was a complicated one. He dealt with the false rumours to prove himself once more as the rightful eldest son of Nataniel Valdez. The Beamont family showed their loyalty to the new ruler as they openly called out the De La Cruz on bringing instability to their lands. The alliance between the Beaumonts and most of the Valdez family brought the De La Cruz family to take a step back. It was also brought to Julio’s attention by the Beaumonts that his uncle Juan Valdez had served as the one who had riled up the De La Cruz family once more.

By the start of his second year of reign, the Beaumont family brought to the table the agreement that they had been working on with Julio’s father before he died. Julio accepted the marriage when his future wife died due to the plague leaving the discussions of marriage between the two families on halt once more. The rest of his year had Julio focus on keeping the Beauciel stable economically and politically. He slowly expanded the Barco de piedra fleet and took on more men to work for their construction projects around the city and around the kingdom as a whole.

With the start of his third year coming up, Julio is still dealing with some instability due to his uncle Juan private dealings with the De La Cruz family. However, the banner lord is planning on finding suitable husbands for his sisters while also trying to find a wife of his own after the death of Marjorie. He's torn between his desires to find a wife and husbands for his sister from other cities nobles rather than Beauciel while also having to deal with the need to secure a restart of the friendship between the Valdez and De La Cruz. There also comes the question of the Beaumonts and the undeniable loyalty shown to Julio. How to repay their loyalty and ensure their happiness? Plenty of hard decisions are to come for the young disputed shark as he plans to take a more active approach to the politics outside Beauciel.


[Writing Sample]

The evening had crawled through the sky and established its dominance over the city of Beauciel and the Castillo en el Cielo. A few torches were lit inside the large castle that overlooked the whole region. A small window in the south tower of the castle was lit up as the young shark sat there his eyes focused on reading the book about Arbrecht history his mother had given him when he was younger. So much had changed yet so much had stayed the same since those early memories of his mother and him reading this book about her homeland.

The young shark was now in power over the city of Beauciel and the family of Valdez. He was no longer the heir that people disputed overdue to his paler skin color than those that his ancestors traditionally had. He had now become the leader of these people, these people that were divided into two groups because of him. It was his first task as the new ruler of the Valdez family and of Beauciel to bring back the peaceful stability that his ancestors had placed between the three families. A task that would be hard to accomplish, but it wasn't impossible.

Julio was taken away from his thoughts as someone knocked on his door. He closed the book before placing it down on his desk in front of him. The young boy stood up from his chair as he made his way towards the door. A few seconds passed before the door opened and Julio discovered the source of the knock.

"Come in mother." The young shark moved back opening the door wider for her to enter. He turned around as he made his way towards the desk he had been seated earlier. The desk used to belong to his father just like this whole room did. However, with his father's death Elizabeth had felt it best for her to move out and leave the room to her son the true ruler of the family even if he had offered her to keep it.
"How are you holding up?" Her voice echoed through the room.

"I'm good. I was just reading the book about your homeland again." Julio replied offering his mother a smile as she took a seat on the corner of his bed. Her blonde hair reflected the lights produced by the few torches that were lit up. The ruler's chambers at Castillo en el Cielo covered the two highest levels of floors in the southern tower. One could find the bed and all the necessary belongings of the ruling entity on the lower floor while the upper floor worked as a personal observatory for the whole region.

Good was the only word that his mother replied. Julio stared at her with his usual stare he had when he knew someone wasn't telling him everything. Part of him believed it was his father's death affecting her, but his mother was too strong to let that show. It had to be something else. She stared back at him before finally speaking again.

"You know the marriage proposal won't be put on halt forever?" Elizabeth said as she looked out the window in front of her. The Beamonts had been working on a marriage proposal between their eldest daughter Marjorie and Julio, however, the death of Julio's father had put the plans on halt.

"I know." The young shark replied as he shook his head.

"And the De La Cruz family needs to be appeased or dealt with."

"I know mother. I know." Julio said his temper taking the better of him as he stood up in a rush before walking to the other end of the chamber. He couldn't believe that people were still disputing the fact that Nataniel Valdez was his father.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 4: Adalberto Valdez founds Beauciel with the De La Cruz and Beaumont families.
Year 9: Leandro Valdez begins the construction of the Castillo en el Cielo.
Year 14: The first Barco de piedra was constructed marking the beginning of the new Valdez merchant fleet.
Year 19: The construction of the Castillo en el Cielo is completed.
Year 176: Roberto Valdez is born.
Year 193: Roberto Valdez and Anne Beaumont are married.
Year 195: Nataniel Valdez is born.
Year 198: Estavan Valdez is born.
Year 200: Juan Valdez is born.
Year 220: Nataniel Valdez and Elizabeth Lambert are married.
Year 221: Julio Valdez is born.
Year 222: Ysabel Valdez is born.
Year 222: Estavan Valdez and Genevieve Beaumont are married.
Year 223: Roberto Valdez dies. Nataniel Valdez becomes the banner lord of Beauciel. Rumours begin about Julio not being the son of Nataniel.
Year 224: Eliana Valdez is born.
Year 224: Juan Valdez and Agustina De la Cruz are married.
Year 225: Eduardo Valdez is born. Rumours begin about Eduardo not being the son of Nataniel.
Year 226: Anne Valdez dies.
Year 233: Plague hits Beauciel.
Year 236: Agustina Valdez dies of the plague.
Year 237: Bastian Lambert, Elizabeth mother along with the rest of the Lamberts in Rissenfel dies.
Year 239: Marriage is arranged between Marjorie Beaumont and Julio Valdez. Nataniel Valdez dies of the plague and the marriage proposal comes to an end. Julio Valdez becomes the banner lord of Beauciel. His right to the title is openly disputed by Edmundo De La Cruz. Edmundo dies a few months later of the plague.
Year 240: The Beaumont family with Julio Valdez discussed the possibility of Marjorie Beaumont becoming his wife. She died in July from the plague before the wedding occured. She was the last reported victim of the plague in Beauciel.
Year 241: Start of the game. Julio is visiting other provinces to secure new allies to face the future and any possible attack from his uncle or the De La Cruz family.





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You know I APPROVE this! Can't wait for Desmond and Julio antics together in rebuilding Rissenfel!
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