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Character Name: Godric Grant
Character Age: 76
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): March 15, 165 AF
Current Location: Tyrlinghe (or Caerthynas)
House: Grant

Banner Appearance: A black ship of death sailing on a sea of blood beneath the eternal flame and its righteous wrath.

House Words: "Never Forget, Never Forgive"

House Description

The Grants descend from one of the more prominent tribes in the early history of Great Caelain. They held territory on Western Caelain, and finally integrated with the Caelish tribe forming a strong military alliance. The Grants married into the Faeral lines in those early days, and helped the Faeralds unite Caelain. They were granted lands in the northwest and pronounced the Lords of Tyrlinghe.

House Grant has since been notable for producing some of the finest warriors in Caelain, trained soldiers that specialize in infantry-based tactics. Infantry was always the base of the Grant military might, the house forces never getting into elite ranger specialization or cavalry. Instead, they combined their innovation in siege engineering and weaponry to compliment their infantry based warfare styles. The house forces are not only capable of infantry formations on an open battlefield, their greatest strengths are in the skill of siege warfare - whether attacking or defending.

Military prowess aside, Tyrlinghe has always had a steady and regulated economy under Grant rule. The Grants have always been careful to take steps to harvest the timber from their forests in a moderate and sustainable manner. The family has long been in the process of logging, and selling timber, but they also have always seeded and re-planted trees in areas that have been clear-cut for the wood. Additionally, the Grants are involved in a lucrative stone-mining industry that has made Tyrlinghe a famous destination for stonemasons and their apprentices. Tyrlinghe stone and masons are in high demand, for the stone is among the best for castles, walls, and various fortifications. The most desired tradesmen in Tyrlinghe happen to be the architects and engineers, whom together are renown as the best designers of fortifications and keeps in all of Caelain.

The Grants were present standing behind the Faerald King Artur II the Conqueror as the expanded the Caelish foothold in Cemria. It was their stonemasons, architects, and engineers and soldiers that helped build and man a number of the coastal keeps back in the early days. As such, House Grant has always played an active support role in Caelish affairs and culture. They have always been ready to provide assistance and help when needed. Despite their reliable willingness to help out, the family has always been interested in expanding its prominence and standing.

Castle: Stonegard

Player Base: David Bradley



Lord Grant is a seasoned veteran of the Caelish Court, unfortunately always underestimated and disregarded as an old man waiting to bite the dust. He might be long in the tooth, but his teeth are razor sharp and full of venom. Always a dutiful banner lord, he maintains a steady, although not necessarily stellar, image yet has a dark side that is as cunning and shrewd as they come. He is a bitter and proud man, quick to rebuke others with a bold composure assured from his experienced longevity.

He desires to spread his family’s influence, and make sure members of the Grant household are provided with strategic marriages that will help put the family in better standing. Despite his selfish ways, there is an obligation to the legacy of his house and striving to be a good lord by the standards of his forebears.


Year 165: Godric Grant is born to Godwyn Grant, Lord of Tyrlinghe, and Rosewynn Yates. After many attempts Godric was their firstborn son. There was only one sibling five years older than him, Mildred Grant.

Year 170: Godric’s parents have a second son that they choose to name Egbert Grant.

Year 176: His parents a have a third son, named Esmund Grant.

Years 177 - 183: Godric squires and trains in Caerthynas with rangers, and spends the final year and a half training in Demere with cavalry to expand military knowledge.

Year 183: Returns home in time to marry Ariel Hughes

Year 184: Ariel gives birth to Cerdic Grant, Godric’s first-born son.

Year 185: Late in the year Ariel gives birth to Godiva Grant. Godiva is Godric's first daughter.

Year 188: His younger brother, Egbert, is murdered by his angry father when Egbert attempts to stop Godwyn from raping his older sister Mildred. Unfortunately, Godwyn killed Egbert, and raped Mildred.

Year 189: Godric avenges by Egbert, by slaying his father. Godric is proclaimed the Lord of Tyrlinghe. Later in the year Ariel gives birth to Cenric Grant, Godric’s second son.

Year 192: Ariel gives birth to triplet sons; Alfric Grant, Aldric Grant, and Adelric Grant. They are his third, fourth, and fifth sons respectively.

Year 195: Ariel Hughes dies of health complications.

Year 196: Godric marries the daughter of one his vassal lords, one Eirwen Maddox. Eirwen gives birth to Gladwyn Grant, Godric’s sixth son.

Year 198: Eirwen gives birth to Leowyn Grant, Godric’s seventh son.

Year 202: Eirwen gives birth to Oswyn Grant, Godric’s eighth son.

Year 203: Godric, as Lord of Tyrlinghe, travels to Caerthynas to gift Lord Faerald and Lady Faerald with a wooden harp for the birth of their first born son, Tysilio Faerald.

Year 205: Eirwen gives birth to Wilfretta Grant, Godric’s second daughter.

Year 207: Accompanies his liege lord, High Lord Maereus Faerald, to Cemria to assist with putting some of the unruly tribes back in line.

Year 208: Godric’s eldest son, Cerdic Grant, is slain during a skirmish between Grant forces and local tribes in Cemria.

Year 210: His second son, Cenric, is married.

Year 211: Eirwen Maddox is found dead after hanging herself. His third son, Alfric, is married.

Year 212: Godric’s fifth son, Adelric, is married.

Year 213: Godric marries Gabrielle Toussaint, his third wife.

Year 215: Gabrielle gives birth to Alec Grant, Godric’s ninth son. Gladwyn Grant, Godric’s sixth son, dies from a fatal injury delivered as the result of a tournament accident.

Year 217: Gabrielle gives birth to Arlene Grant, Godric’s third daughter. Unfortunately, Gabrielle dies following the child’s birth. Leowyn Grant, Godric’s seventh son, is married.

Year 220: Godric marries Pavlavi Forthwind, since the Forthwind family offered a large dowry likely to get rid of her. She wasn’t the prettiest of women for certain. Oswyn Grant, Godric’s eighth son, is married.

Year 222: After talks with Lord Faerald (Maereus), Godric decides to send his sons Alfric and Aldric to relocate to Cemria. Alfric brings his family, and Aldric marries a local Cemric woman not long after he arrives. Their duty is to patrol the areas, as well as keep that strategic supply route opened from that coastal fortress.

Year 224: Godric’s mother, Rosewynn, passes away in her sleep.

Year 233: His liege lord, High Lord Maereus Faerald, dies of the plague in the capital. Lord Grant arrives in Caerthynas for the funeral, and the coronation of High Lord Tysilio Faerald. He is present to pledge his loyalty and confirm his oaths.

Year 234: Prince Owyn of Dun Eamrath in Cemria reneges upon the peace that the Caeles and Cemrics had for a short while. Godric’s son, Lord Alfric, attempts to talk sense into Prince Owyn and end this nonsense. Unfortunately his diplomatic envoy is ambushed after leaving Dun Eamrath, and Owyn tortures Alfric before defiling and murdering him. The coastal fortress, which has been in disrepair, is breeched and Owyn massacres the inhabitants. Aldric died in the battle while attempting to defend the fort and his family.

Year 235: Lord Grant dispatches a significant military force to assist Tysilio with his campaign in Cemria. Some of his sons and other family attend this campaign, and all of them are furious that Tysilio let Prince Owyn go after making the man bend the knee.

Year 238: The plague claims the life of Pavlavi, Godric’s fourth wife.

Year 241: Lord Grant never attended the festivities in the capital, but he sent a delegation and a large fighting force to help in the defense of Weallan.

Writing Sample:

Lord Grant sat there nonchalantly reading the letter that his heir brought before him. As per custom, House Grant was invited to attend the year’s Harptide in Caerthynas. House Grant always had a presence at every Harptide in the capital of Caelain and it would not do to not make preparations for this year. “I can trust you to make the appropriate preparations?” The wizened Lord of Tyrlinghe asked of his son. Cenric nodded and gave a quick, “Yes father.” Godric shook his head in approval and tossed the invitation aside. He would be in Caerthynas. The hard part would be to find something fancy to wear, since the Grants were not particularly known for fancy dress. The often wore clothes that were not as clean, generally looser fitting if not in military gear, and looked like slobs.

“Get the kilts out, we will go in our finest,” he decided. House Grant was known for the colorful kilts its men wore. They were often pulled around faded, yellow-brown cotton tunics that oft looked worn out and old - as they damn sure were. Though they had finely cleaned linen tunics to use if they wanted to, but Grants often liked the feel and comfort of worn, age-stained clothing. They didn’t care what others thought, because they were mighty warriors that could hold their own on the battlefield. “I think I will attend myself, son,” Lord Grant boomed before his son left the room. It seemed to catch Cenric’s attention, as the man turned and looked with eyes wide-opened. “I am in the market for a new wife. Ever since Pavlavi died of the plague, I have been itchin’ for a new legitimate twat to dip my horny cock in. Do you know any good bitches available to marry?” His son chuckled and nodded, saying he will have a list prepared of eligible women for his father. “That a boy! I will give you more brothers and sisters yet!” Both the men chuckled in that sick-twisted way that only Grants could do so with each other. Sure, Lord Grant loved to pork his whores, but none of them were legitimate. He needed a nice fresh virgin noble girl to satisfy his needs now. But he could only do that through another marriage. Hopefully he would find a good girl to be his next wife at Harptide.

Family Genealogy:
  • <s>Godwyn Grant</s> -- <s>Rosewynn Yates</s>
    • Mildred Grant
    • Godric Grant -- <s>Ariel Hughes</s>
      • <s>Cerdic Grant</s>
      • Godiva Grant (Husband)
      • Cenric Grant -- Wife
        • Alfred Grant -- Wife
        • <s>Ladric Grant</s>
        • Cedric Grant (twin)
        • Eric Grant (twin)
        • Lynn Grant
      • <s>Alfric Grant</s> (triplet) -- <s>Wynndy Bane</s>
        • <s>Wynric Grant</s>
        • <s>Jahric Grant</s>
      • <s>Aldric Grant</s> (triplet) -- <s>Maerie Criochtun</s>
        • <s>Alderic Grant</s>
      • Adelric Grant (triplet) -- Wife
        • Alaric Grant
        • Alara Grant
        • Alana Grant
        • Ariana Grant
      -- <s>Eirwen Maddox</s>
      • <s>Gladwyn Grant</s>
      • Leowyn Grant -- <s>Wife</s>
        • Eadwyn Grant
        • Beowyn Grant
        • Earwyn Grant
        • Corwyn Grant
        • <s>Hermyn Grant</s>
      • Oswyn Grant -- Wife
        • Oscar Grant
        • <s>Osborn Grant</s>
        • Oswald Grant
      • Wilfretta Grant
      -- <s>Gabrielle Toussaint</s>
      • Alec Grant
      • Arlene Grant
      -- <s>Pavali Forthwind</s>
    • <s>Egbert Grant</s>
    • Esmund Grant -- Wife
      • <s>Eadgar Grant</s> -- <s>Wife</s>
        • Edmund Grant
        • Edyth Grant
        • <s>Gaeyna Grant</s>
      • Eadric Grant
      • Baldric Grant
  • <s>Winifred Grant</s>
  • <s>Leofric Grant</s>

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Sounds perfectly splendid to me. Approved.
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Absolutely approved.
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