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Character Name: Nerys Prothero Morgandy
Character Age: 42
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): October 15, 199
Current Location: Enyon, Lacharn
House: B: House Prothero, M: House Morgandy

Player Base: Alyssa Chia


Nerys is an attentive merchant. The lady has learned through her years that the best way to get someone to buy or sell a product for the right price or to accept a deal is when they feel they are listened to. However, she takes that lesson and applies it to every matter of hers. Nerys will always listen in a conversation; she'll also do small things when she knows it will either make her guest or entourage happier and more comfortable.

Like any excellent merchant, Nerys has a bright mind and isn't one to get caught by some foolish formula made by a charlatan. She knows when something makes sense and when something doesn't. She also has a basic knowledge on many subjects across the empire of Forsilvra due to her younger years travelling around the empire as a merchant. She can keep her own in most conversations without sounding like a fool or out of place.

Without much surprise to anyone, as much as Nerys is an attentive lady and a bright one, she's also careful in the things she says or does. Knowing that one bad word or action could make a profitable situation turn to disaster is enough for her to keep herself in check and making sure that she doesn't take any unneeded risks in life. If her younger days had allowed for a braver and wild side of hers, now that her career as a merchant is going well and that she has kids, being anything other than careful is unacceptable.

Being a mother and a well-known merchant has made her be in a position of responsibilities for other people and in situations where one must endure long waits before seeing the fruit for the efforts. She isn't alone in life and people expect things from her and Nerys always delivers or will at least do everything in her power to keep to her word and succeed in her tasks that were placed in her care. She's a dependable and patient woman who will wait or do whatever is acceptable and needed to succeed with the task given to her.

Her travels and readings have made Nerys an eloquent woman. She has studied over the years many different manners and ways of speaking that can surprise most who wouldn't expect to find such ways in her. Rarely will someone see her something in a rush or direct way. The woman loves synonyms and speaking in a way to make even her most mean comments seem nice. Her gestures only follow the example of her tongue, delicate and graceful.

History: [publicly known character history]

Nerys is the eldest daughter of Caradoc Prothero. Her childhood was spent being raised and she helped raise at the same time her younger siblings. Nerys was given a great education and by the time she had reached her teenage years, she was already showing a great sense for trading and being a merchant.

Her late teenage years saw her being married to Emrys Morgandy. While the marriage wasn't made out of love, she didn't take the event as a punishment. Not knowing who he was, she began to like him with time and before their first year of marriage was complete, Nerys had developed true feelings for her husband. Her marriage into the Morgandy family allowed her to leave on trading trips with her husband during the first two years of their marriage. On their third year of marriage, Nerys gave birth to their first daughter Raelyn. In the years to follow her birth, Nerys learned to become a good and loving mother to her daughter while also making a name for herself as a merchant across the province. When Raelyn was only two years old and Nerys was pregnant of their first son, she departed on a trip with her husband ship to Forsilvra where she traded and slowly established trading ties with a few of the key locations on the island.

With her son's birth, Nerys stayed in Enyon for a few years before finally setting sail for Caelain. She would spend the next few months travelling the western island of Caelain as she created ties with the locals just like she had done back in Forsilvra. Once back in Enyon, Nerys would give birth to her second and third daughter with only a year and a half separating their births. Nerys wouldn't set sail until her youngest daughter was two years old. She sailed back to Caelain bringing along with her all of her kids.

When the plague hits the world, Nerys stays in Enyon in an attempt to keep her family and her safe from the plague. However, a year after the start of the plague her only son succumbs to the plague. The death of her only son deeply marked her. She turned to her daughters to help change her thoughts about the death of her only son. Nerys rarely cried the death of her son in front of her daughters if they weren't crying themselves. During the plague, she also organized and participated on one trip to Caelain and one to Forsilvra with her eldest daughter to change her thoughts. Her husband was in Enyon with the two youngest daughters.

With the end of the plague, Nerys often departed on her ship to maintain her previous good ties with her contacts in Caelain and Forsilvra and make some new. She also began making new contacts in the Vandermarks. However, she has kept mainly to the southwestern islands. If not sailing around those three provinces or her own, she can be found in Enyon keeping an eye on all her relations and trades going from her home.

Writing Sample:

Nerys eyes watched out in the distance over the sea. She was standing still or as stiller as one could stand on a ship, with hopes of setting her eyes on some form of fish. Both of her arms were in front of her acting as her support against the wooden railing of the ship. Nerys loved being at sea, feeling the fresh air and wind touching her face as it passed by, the feeling of liberty that came when you couldn't see any form of land in the distance. One didn't taste true freedom until they were out at sea alone on their ship with a crew. So far, from any actual ruling power and authority, you were free to act as you wanted and as far as the rest of the crew tolerated it.

She looked down at the water below them as the ship's nose came crashing into the waves. She stared at her reflection until a figure appeared beside her; the figure was much smaller than she was. With her right hand, Nerys placed her arm around the waist of the young girl that was bent over the railing beside her. Her daughter Raelyn was only eight years old, but growing so fast. It wouldn't be too long before Nerys was going to have a girl transforming into a woman in front of her, but she didn't fear such a time.

"Do be careful my dear, one wouldn't want to frighten your mother with your fall." Nerys spoke in her gentle voice as she looked at her daughter. A small delicate smile was present on her face as she watched a girl who was a spitting image of her not so long ago. Raelyn was the pearl of her heart and the first true unforgettable moment in her life.

[Time Line Events]

Year 199: Nerys Prothero is born.
Year 216: Nerys Prothero marries Emrys Morgandy.
Year 218: Raelyn Morgandy is born.
Year 221: Sayer Morgandy is born.
Year 225: Enid Morgandy is born.
Year 226: Shayla Morgandy is born.
Year 233: The Plague hits.
Year 234: Sayer Morgandy dies of the plague.
Year 241: Start of the game.

Family Genealogy:

Morgandy Family Tree
  • Erlina Morgandy -- Spouse
    • Vanora Morgandy -- Kai Vaughan
    • Devin Morgandy -- Jacqueline Fontenot
    • Emrys Morgandy Nerys Prothero Morgandy
      • Raelyn Morgandy
      • Sayer Morgandy
      • Enid Morgandy
      • Shayla Morgandy
    • Raelin Morgandy
  • Bryce Morgandy Prothero -- Blodwyn Prothero
  • Saraid Morgandy -- Blaise Cairroch Morgandy
    • Abigail Morgandy Merrick
    • Evangeline Morgandy
    • Blaine Morgandy
    • Adrianne Morgandy
    • Everett Morgandy


Prothero Family Tree
  • Blodwyn Prothero -- Bryce Morgandy
  • Caradoc Prothero -- wife
    • Nerys Prothero -- Emrys Morgandy
    • Gwilym Prothero -- wife
      • Idris Prothero (twin)
      • Iefan Prothero (twin)
      • Rhianwen Prothero
      • Heulwen Prothero
      • Gwynhwyvar Prothero
    • Branwen Prothero -- husband
      • Ginevra Prothero
      • Eira Prothero
      • Glynn Prothero
      • Rhys Prothero
      • Lleulu Prothero
    • Lona Prothero
    • Fayne Prothero
    • Howell Prothero
    • Rhisart Prothero
  • Anwen Prothero Foutenot
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I read this last night, and I think it looks great! Approved on my end.
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you are perfect and adorable


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