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Default Sequin Fleurant Faerald

[Your Information]
Name: Rose
Contact: PM - I also have gchat and YIM

[Public Application]

Character Name: Sequin Faerald née Fleurant
Character Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): April 30, 217
Current Location: Caerthynas
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Born in Fleurant, married into Faerald

Player Base: Holliday Grainger

Sequin takes pride in her appearance not because she is vain for she rarely thinks of herself as naturally beautiful, but because she has been brought up to present herself appropriately as a lady. She takes advice from fashionable dressmakers and ladies of fashion and dresses accordingly.


Sequin was always considered a model daughter. Docile, obedient, and pleasant to others, it was easy for her parents and tutors to form her into an accomplished young woman who could make a good marriage, with enough knowledge to speak intelligently when required but modest enough not to put herself forward. She does not sparkle in conversation, but is quietly observant of personalities and has been taught well when to say something appropriate and when to hold her tongue.

Her feelings towards her family were always affectionate but rather lukewarm, a pattern of relating to people that she has carried over into her relationship with her husband. While she seemed to lack the haughtiness the Fleurants were famed for, she nevertheless had a kind of aloofness and did not seem to feel things very deeply. This marked a particular contrast with her younger sister whose temper and passion only increased as she got older. Sequin was content to be led by her and consequently the two were close; Sophie was brilliant and dominant, and Sequin smoothed her path competently and unquestioningly. Towards her brother Theoren she had a more equal relationship. He appreciated her artistic talents and she was always available on demand to be supportive of his more masculine interests.

Marriage and motherhood have fundamentally changed her, however, though she is only just starting to realise it. Instead of obeying what other people tell her and automatically assuming that what she is told to do is for her own good, she now has responsibility for herself and for others, helpless children. She has always had the understanding to be able to think for herself but only now is she finding that she might want to do so. Indeed, her independence has started to bring out a hitherto dormant sense of Fleurant pride and spirit. She is beginning to chafe at her self-imposed subordinate role to her sister and resent Sophie’s dependence on her especially as it is bringing her into surprising conflict with her easy-going husband. For the first time in her life, she is experiencing conflict and split-loyalties and she is not sure how to deal with them except that she must take control somehow and stand up for herself. Although she has so far been easily led, she has never disliked what she has been doing and at a subconscious level has always made the choice to do it, judging it to be the right thing to do. However, there is a limit to Sequin’s malleability but even she does not know what it is or how it might be reached.

She is starting to question how she has lived her life so far and what she wants from life in the future. These are issues inspired at least partly by seeing the ill-health her babies suffered at birth, a feeling of deep worry and sympathy towards them that she has never felt before for anyone. Though they are now much stronger, they still seem so weak and helpless, a terrifying responsibility and one which requires firm judgement and decisiveness from their mother. She is amazed by them and by her relationship to them and curious in her quiet way about them - really she loves them fiercely - but it is an unfamiliar emotion for her.

If anything, Sequin is beginning to undergo an emotional rebellion several years later than it might be expected to take place. She is like a beautiful doll gradually coming to life…


Sequin was born on April 30 in 217 to Corbeau and Elettra and is the elder of two daughters. It could be said that until the day of her marriage, Sequin’s life was extremely calm and unchanging. As a child she was docile and biddable and it became clear very early on that it was her sister who was the dominant personality of the two, despite being the younger, leaving Sequin somewhat in her shadow, a place she was mostly happy to occupy.

Sequin grew up in a secure family environment and gained a good education, as all Fleurant women do, becoming particularly accomplished at painting and singing. She also enjoyed reading stories about knights and ladies and about the history of her land. Without any kind of ostentation or fuss, she became educated.

Not even the advent of the plague could damage the serenity of Sequin’s existence. Her near family remained thankfully untouched and while she mourned the relations and friends she lost, she was not sufficiently close to any of them to feel any real, lasting grief. She approached the announcement of her marriage to Sir Calhad and her removal to Caerthynas with the equanimity born from always having known one day she would be married and probably to a foreigner. The man was of good family, was pleasant to look at, and seemed agreeable. She wanted nothing more. Admittedly the wedding was hardly ideal, a rushed affair in Caelain attended by only a few members of her family, but plague forces compromises, even for weddings. It was no great romance, and indeed the couple only met shortly before the ceremony, so it hardly mattered.

Sequin's sister Sophie accompanied the wedding party and when the rest left, she stayed, apparently with permission. Sequin was glad of the company because she did not know her husband and a part of her was afraid to leave the very secure nest in which she had been brought up and lived so comfortably. When she found out that Sophie had stayed behind in Caelain against her family's request, she was unhappy but there was very little she could do. She lacked confidence in her new life and she had never been very good at getting Sophie to do things she didn't want to anyway.

A year has now passed since her marriage, and Sequin's life has changed almost as much as it was serene beforehand. She not only married a stranger and moved across the world but also became the mother of two children. While Sophie continued to lead a self-absorbed and free life and expects her sister to prioritise her as much as she did when they were younger, Sequin is starting for the first time to relish her own independence and to want to lead her own life on her own terms. Her sister has just received a final ultimatum to return to Enos and Sequin is both dreading and looking forward to her departure.

Writing Sample: [Please include 2-3 paragraphs as a writing sample.

Sequin closed the door to her private apartments behind her quietly and was about to walk straight across to the nursery when she suddenly stopped in her tracks and instead stood quite still, almost but not quite leaning against the door. The hall was empty and she frowned into space.

It was no great matter, attending a party with Sophie. She had gone to many before since arriving in Caerthynas, most of them at her sister’s bidding, and surely this was no different? And yet to ask her to stay overnight, to leave her children, to leave her husband, just so that Sophie could stay longer at the house of a lady she had only met once… It seemed excessive somehow. She had an idea that Calhad would not like it. Or perhaps the truth was simply that she herself did not really want to go. Once, she might have done, for parties were often quite enjoyable, but she rarely wanted to spend more than a few hours there. She had the twins to play with, the dining room needed fresh flowers, there was the menu for the following week to choose and so on and so forth. Surely Sophie should realise this? And yet she did not.

Sequin sighed lightly and gave a mental shrug. No doubt it would turn out for the best somehow (it usually did) and perhaps by the time she next saw her sister she would have changed her mind about staying overnight and there would be no problem at all. She could not help wishing that she would change her mind. In the meantime, Florys had begun to cry in the nursery and she crossed the hall with a more purposeful step. She knew where she was needed most at that moment.

[Time Line Events]

217: Sequin Fleurant and Maurice Fleurant are born.
218: Narcisse Fleurant is born.
219: Sophie Fleurant is born.
221: Urbain Fleurant is born. Silvain Fleurant dies, Gaston becomes Lord of the House.
222: Leroix Fleurant is born.
224: Bayard Fleurant is born.
229: Renate is betrothed.
233: Renate returns to Enos.
234: The plague strikes.
235: Renate’s betrothed succumbs and passes.
236: Maurice and Bayard pass due to the plague.
237: Gaston, Lord of the House, passes due to the plague; Renate becomes Lord of Enos.
240: Sequin marries Sir Calhad Faerald and moves to Caerthynas.
241: Gives birth to twins, Florys and Darla

Family Genealogy:
  • Clovis Fleurant -- Treasa Onora Brigh Vulferam
    • Silvain Fleurant -- Adrienne Fontenot
      • Reynard Fleurant
      • Gaston Fleurant -- Adolie Alysworth
        • Renate Fleurant
        • Etienne Fleurant
        • Maurice Fleurant
        • Narcisse Fleurant
        • Ambroise Fleurant
        • Musetta Fleurant
        • Bayard Fleurant
        • Jolie Fleurant
        • Cecile Fleurant
        • Leon Fleurant
      • Rochelle Fleurant DeLauncey
      • Severine Fleurant -- Spouse
      • Elaine Fleurant Forthwind
      • Ludovic Fleurant -- Lisbette Fleurant
        • Bastien Fleurant
        • Leroix Fleurant
        • Miette Fleurant
        • Adelaide Fleurant
        • Olympe Fleurant
        • Pascal Fleurant
        • Aceline Fleurant
      • Solange Fleurant Harcourt
    • Giselle Fleurant Alysworth
    • Andre Fleurant -- Spouse
      • Jacques Fleurant
      • Michon Fleurant
      • Natalie Fleurant
      • Oceane Fleurant
    • Bernard Fleurant - Spouse
    • Bardot Fleurant Landalis
    • Josephine Fleurant Linnet
    • Coeur Fleurant -- Alexandrine Blanchard
    • Giverny Fleurant Montrose
    • Corbeau Fleurant - Elettra de Valle Fleurant
  • Lenore Fleurant Fitzwulf
  • Revanche Fleurant

[PMed Application]
Sending PM now!

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@Calhad Faerald @Renate Fleurant and then me or Jenn? Husband, head of fleurant house, admin. Don't forget to PM your secrets to me and Jenn!
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Works for me! Thanks Rose!
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I hope nobody minds my querying this here - and if so, I'm sorry - but I was talking to Sakka about how there is actually a problem with Sophie having come to Caerthynas with Sequin. I wanted to stick to keeping at least some of the history of the previous players so not too much would have to be retconned and obviously would not have posted a completed application if I'd thought there would be an issue here. However, if Sophie didn't come to Caerthynas that would involve a substantial re-writing of how I understand Sequin's character and her history to date and how I envisage her plots developing so... if I'm going to do that, could somebody please contact me directly and tell me what I need to change? Sakka and I were thinking that maybe Sophie could have accompanied Sequin for the wedding and stayed a while and then returned when the babies were born before going back; would that work? Then she'd still be with Sequin but she wouldn't actually be moving permanently. Thanks!
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Stepping in at special request,

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Friday and I have discussed and both approve. <3


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