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Character Name: Jean Fitzwulf
Character Age: 46
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 1st 195, Scorpio, Born on the Day of Onslaught
Current Location: Westerland, Arbrecht
House: Fitzwulf
Banner Appearance:

House Description The Fitzwulf Family came from The Vandermark and deposed the rulers of Westerland in a violent and savage coup, and immediately set about turning the region into a powerhouse. These days, the Fitzwulf Family is the most powerful in The League of Arbrecht. Their traits are golden hair, high degrees of military training, rash decisions and a subtle ruthlessness that rarely shines through, until the last moment... The Patriarch, William Fitzwulf, died two years ago - having conquered Westerland's greatest rival and brought together Arbrecht into a semi-united League. The Family reputation is one of brutality and savagery, but upfront honesty. If a Fitzwulf has a bone to pick with you, you'll be the first to know. Its coffers are moderate; the war with Heldenbrecht cost them dearly, but the acquisition and sale of many fine treasures and artifacts from the conquered lands were well-placed to buoy this up, erasing the war debt. It's colors are black and gold, it's sigil is the golden wolf rampant, and it's motto is 'By Sword and Strife', but a more widely known saying is 'A Fitzwulf gives but one chance', referencing the House policy of offering a defeated foe peace before crushing them utterly.

Player Base: Kevin Spacey

Jean isn't exactly mindful of his health, he's not aged nearly as gracefully as his cousins but it doesn't diminish the fact that he's a dangerous man upon the battlefront.

Don’t let his charm fool you. Like Thomas, Jean is a wolf of a specific breed and similar level of blood on his hands. He’s the one they call when people need to permanently disappear. Nicknamed the Ice Wolf in tandem to his Iron cousin, Jean is the type to slay a man with a smile on his face and performs it with aplomb to levels that could give anyone the shivers. The façade of his exterior charisma is practically an art form, for his heart is as cold as the namesake he endeavors. Jean chooses power over money and victory over glory any damn day. Bleeding hearts are for simpletons, and mercy is for the weak of heart.

But these thoughts are kept well secured behind the fluid graces of his seemingly loving nature. Even his own son can’t seem to tell too much of a difference between real affection and facetious disappointment. It is not a common thing to see the jovial eyes grow cold and reflect their true nature, but lately it has become a more frequent occurrence ever since Elanor has taken the lead of things. Nevertheless, Jean weathers the herald of the Fitzwulf family name with as much steeled determination as Thomas and the others.

For him peace is boring and useless. Things only get interesting for him when wars are sanctioned or politics takes a deadly turn. For fun he likes to stack his chips and watch others tumble just to see what will happen. But many don’t tend realize this side of his nature until it’s too late. Externally he is charming, amiable, and full of all the love and concern that any decent or honorable knight in service to his house lord can be. He likes playing the part simply for the look of surprise he receives later on, and has no moral qualms to do what is necessary in order to accomplish a specific end result. The ends justify the means in every way.

There’s really not much to say in regards to childhoods and happy beginnings. Jean was born a Fitzwulf, and as such all of the expectations came into play during his years growing up. As a child he was aggressive, bossy, and quite the bully to some degree. He didn’t feel rules applied to him much and so he really didn’t follow them. Mischief was often the name of the game, and his brother Robert was right behind him to join in the merriment of being rascals. They knew their father considered this both a weakness and a strength. Following rules never made any marks in history, and a death in complete obscurity was not a path worth taking.

His sister, Alice, was born way later down the road and it caused their mother’s demise in childbirth as a result of it all. The odd thing was that Jean never really minded that his mother died, nor did he really much care of the fact that he now had a baby sister to look after. Jean really wasn’t the nurturing type especially when it came to girls. With his brother, Robert, the two were more like best friends since they had similar ideas about what kind of heinous things they could accomplish to piss off the servants or harass their cousins. William “The Insane”, as they liked to call him, was particularly fun to spark the ire and fantastic rage of a guy not all right in the head. He couldn’t really count how many times his body took reception of a lashing that would have instilled the fear of thousands with one encounter; Jean had taken many with Robert right beside him. As they got older they joined their cousins in the more militant lifestyle that would cut them as part of the Fitzwulf cloth along with Thomas and Odo.

When his father died, Jean was twenty-two by then. Alice stayed with their uncle Robert while he and his brother went about their own business. Jean never really had much of a relationship with his sister to start with, and after his father died it had become relatively non-existent. Naturally he played a smile and a cordial demeanor around her. She too had a bit of spark, but that all seemed to go away the second William cut some comments her way and after that Jean figured her cowardly in the long run. When she was married off to a Prothero as an act of friendship he never paid her any mind afterwards.

Marriage, for Jean, wasn’t a necessary evil it was a non-issue as far as he was concerned. He had no intent on taking a wife or having a legacy in the form of spouting out children. Instead he preferred to eventually write his legacy on the pages of history. Sex was for sport and for pleasure, nothing more. But that all drastically changed when Whitney Brentwood came into his life. Unlike William, Jean didn’t believe in acknowledging bastards and accidents. Whores were typically good about keeping their discretions at bay and dealing with any ramifications along the way. Whatever the crazed reason that made him go for Lady Brentwood still eludes him to this day.

She was a daughter of a very small noble house and as the Fitzwulfs were chewing through their roads to glory it seemed the father saw something in the wolf pack that could be an opportunity for his daughter. Whitney also seemed quite taken with Jean’s natural charm and ability as both a soldier and a man. Looking back on things, Jean could see that it was an obsession for her. For she specifically courted him and no other, promising things that would make any lady of noble blood blush at the thought and knew how to taunt the wolf to her chambers. After a brief courtship he wanted to discard her before things got out of hand, but it was too late. Already her father came calling to the Fitzwulf doors demanding that Jean taker her honorably as a husband since she was already with his child. Since Jean was already twenty-six and the Brentwood family had a decent enough dowry to make it worth their while, they forced his hand of it all. Five months later Leofric Fitzwulf was born.

At least it was a boy. A son was useful, a daughter was not. Not to mention the fact that Whitney was about as sharp of mind as he was. She was capable of blackmailing him into a variety of things, from acting like the consummate husband to being a decently affectionate father. The two of them were, from an outsider’s point of view, a typically normal couple. But behind the scenes was a whole different matter. In time, however, Jean just kind of accepted it and let it become a part of his façade to which he went through the motions and delivered the lines. Eventually a second child was born because, well…once you get screwed over the first time around, your wife usually knows you well enough to try it again. But a year later it appeared that his trouble with Whitney would soon be over. The poor woman appeared to have slipped and was tragically taken before her time. It was a terrible affair, and Jean did his part in looking a bit choked up by the whole thing. Because Elizabeth was still so young and Jean lacked that natural parenting instinct without Whitney at the helm, the task of rearing the two was often placed on the nannies and servants or other members of the Fitzwulf household.

When the War of Heldenbrecht came into play, Jean was on board with many of the endeavors that William put to the table. While others thought him mad, Jean saw the desire for victory. In fact, the way Jean handled himself with most of the commands made some folks thinks that he had a part to play in William’s ideas and strategies. Naturally Jean takes a modest stance on any hint or notion in that direction. For the most part he lets Thomas take all the glory of rumors and whispers with Jean only adding further to the speculation in pointing fingers or staking glories elsewhere. Sometimes the best kind of power is the kind that people don’t believe you actually wield.

The tossing of plague bodies was a pragmatic play as far as he was concerned, and had taken place after his brother Robert fell in battle. The Harcourts outnumbered their forces at the time; so what their army lacked in numbers they would have to make up for in speed and creativity. It wasn’t hard to predict what would happen, and Jean doesn’t regret or find it an atrocious thing to do in time of war. The plague was simply a catalyst to bring a victory to the Fitzwulf table, and it would have been folly if William didn’t seize that opportunity. He watched in amused awe as the Harcourt army balked and faltered, careening back towards home in horror that such an act of tyranny could be done. Jean took to the sidelines in observation while William took the victory and Thomas the speculation of origination. In due time Heldenbrecht fell and the Blanchard family was torn asunder by either death or other forced means. The icy smile of Jean Fitzwulf came to play, and the Blanchard men got to see the real core of his real persona. Some say that this was a time for Jean to take out the loss of his brother on others; the prison cells echoed screams of terror down the halls as the Ice Wolf gorged himself on sadistic bemusement.

The acquisition of the province leadership was well worth the sacrifice. Now the Fitzwulf name could be heralded in Arbrecht for years to come, each of the men solidifying their legacies in their various accomplishments while the Harcourts went to lick their wounds and the Blanchards faded into dust. It was a victory well earned, but a shame that William only had two years to indulge in it before he passed and left the mantle to one of his sons, Jon. Unfortunately the fire and voracity, often heralded as madness, that resided in William did not pass to his children. Although Jon seemed to lead a respectable countenance in reconstructing a new era of rule over his newly acquired province, it wasn’t enough to save him from the lash of treachery a year later. As the banner now falls into the hands of Elanor, a woman, and a pacifist of all things, Jean is starting to believe less and less that the Fitzwulfs are going to hold their leadership unless something drastic becomes of their upstart rivals and allies. To make matters worse, dealing with a son who is about as useful to him as his mother before has become a growing thorn in his patience that is often treated with negligence at best.

Writing Sample:
Heldenbrecht had finally fallen, razed to the earth to be put to rest within the hardened dirt of scorched ground. Very little was left preserved, but what they had plucked from the remains of the Blanchard home was nothing more but charred emblems as tokens of victory and a few extra special guests. Most of them would likely fall to weakness or illness in due time, they were mostly past their prime save one in particular. This was the one he was here to see.

There was no particular reason why he felt compelled to torment the young man, call it a sense of indulgence. Soon the lands would fall back into place with peaceful resolve now that William would be lording over it with an iron fist and sharp bite. The Storms chose well when they sided with them, and while the cost was high the prize was worth its price.

Jean confidently sauntered his way through the prison cells, each guard given a warm smile and a casual greeting along the way. The warden was equally applauded despite the reality of the fact that the man’s only usefulness would forever be in the depths of these dungeons and never more. To host a prisoner of this caliber required a holding of the deepest depths, and the jaunt built up a sense of excitement the closer he got to the cell. When finally reaching his destination, he looked through the bars and observed the young man carefully. A rose was only worthwhile if one took the time to admire its beauty. It was an appropriate banner for house so delicate. With a gracious smile and satin-like tone of voice, Jean greeted the Fitzwulf’s most prized possession.

“Today is an auspicious day, My Lord.” He started as he looked over at a series of tool that were set aside for his personal use, “Today you get to show me your thorns, and I get to clip them.”

[Time Line Events]
Year 195: Jean Fitzwulf is born.
Year 198: Robert Fitzwulf is born.
Year 206: Alice Fitzwulf is born, Lenore Fleurant dies giving birth.
Year 217: Edward Fitzwulf dies.
Year 221: Jean marries Whitney Brentwood, Leofric Fitzwulf is born.
Year 224: Elizabeth Fitzwulf is born, Alice Fitzwulf weds Cadfael Prothero.
Year 225: Whitney Brentwood Fitzwulf dies .
Year 232: Elizabeth dies of plague.
Year 234-238: The War of Heldenbrecht, Robert Fitzwulf dies in battle.
Year 240: Death of King William Fitzwulf, Jon is crowned King.
Year 241: Jon Fitzwulf is murdered and Elanor is crowned Province Lady of Arbrecht, game starts.

Family Genealogy:

  • William Fitzwulf -/- Mary Belberry

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What a scary addition to the Fitzwulf family. Love it!

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