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Default Nye Merrick



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Adam Adam Adam Adam
RP Experience: SO MUCH LOLS
Your Character's Player Base: Lee Junho


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Nye Merrick
Character Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): May 30th, 224
Home Castle/City: Cat's Cradle, Dyos, Lacharn
House Merrick



Nye possesses a very circular babyface, rounded of with short black hair and brown eyes. He almost always carries with him a smile. He is very thin, making the muscules he does have very noticeable and is roughly average in height. He hasn't grown facial hair, at least not yet.



Nye achieves the requirement of being eccentric set forth by the terms of his heritage, and thus he is extremely hyperactive. His attention span is limited. His interests are what directs him through life; Oftentimes, Nye forgets he holds responsibilities and position in society. To Nye, his biggest fear is boredom; as a result, Nye runs off often in order to find adventures thus avoiding the plight of boredom.

Nye is incredibly kindhearted. As a result, he’s also very nave. Nye’s personality places himself at odds with the darkest side of politics; his personality prevents him from grasping the true ambitions and motivations of others. Nye just knows that life is wonderful, especially since he’s in the position to enjoy the best parts of world while also holding onto the dreams of a carefree existence. He’s the definition of the word, spontaneous. Sometimes this part of Nye’s nature causes his fantastic father a headache.

In regards to family, he’s willing to do anything for them. In his mind, he’s there to support his loved ones. This trait might be the only serious element of his character that is obviously apparent. For his sis, Arianell, he’s willing to die for. She might be the only person that he might listen to. In his eyes, he’s supposed to be her side kick; the friend that is there during the tough times to make laugh away the pain. Nye self-admittedly takes advantage of the kindness of his lord father by doing what he wishes (within reason), but Nye still does this slight injustice because he feels as if he restrains himself from living true to his nature, he would be committing a greater travesty than disobedience. His philosophy in life is that everyone should simply be themselves and enjoy what life has to offer.



Nye born into his family, and he’s happy he was born in Lacharn. Most other places would have immediately deemed him a future heir of the lordship, and Nye never wanted that. Instead, he was born second, and his elder sister got dumped with the position of much responsibility. Nye enjoyed a less strict life, warmth and love from his parents as he made his way through childhood. Nye always believed Aria will make a much better ruler than he could; she’s a little more responsible than he is.*

While happy memories made up most his childhood, the darkest must had arrived in the form the plague. Nevertheless, Nye never dwelt upon those sad times. In fact, Nye handled the deaths of his family members better than most. Instead of grieving, Nye tried to be the emotional support for his family even at the young age of ten. His attempt was to put a smile, make someone laugh, try to remind them that they’re still living. While sometimes his attempts were futile, he was always tenacious to provide a smile. Nye simply wanted to be there for the living, even if he missed the dead.

For the rest of his upbringing, Nye garnered a reputation for his lighthearted ways. Unlike his elder sister, Nye didn’t put effort towards his studies. Everyone realized Nye was naturally gifted with a certain degree of intelligence, as many things came quickly to him, but Nye lacked the dedication or focus as many of his other siblings did. Instead, Nye was always out finding adventure, occasionally slipping out of the Cat’s Cradle in order to check out the city of Dyos along with its incredible beaches. Through his teenage years, such behavior has become part of his reputation. While he’s much beloved by all, he’s also not taken very seriously. Nye prefers it that way.

In August 241, Nye had reportedly been seen spending a lot of times with Brangwen Vaughan and Erin Harcourt, spawning several small rumors of his involvement with either one. In September, he embarked on official business with his father Alistair and Nia Vaughan as part of a investigative inquiry behind recent attacks upon House Prothero.


[Writing Sample]

Nye watched the cat dashed across the stone floor of the great kitchen, chasing after a mouse. Nye darted quickly in between two servants, almost knocking into them and causing a great ruckus along with a fine mess. Nye waved them off with a quick apology as he followed the mouse out from the kitchen into corridor. Nye leaped right next to the grey mass of fur, and perched on his heels in a swatted position. Nye crooked his head and looked at the mouse that the cat caught. The cat, in return, turned its head towards Nye, wondering what this human doing was. Upon eye contact, Nye jolted his head forward towards the cat. Cat backed up, arched its back in a natural reaction. Before the cat knew, its prey was stolen right from its grasp. Nye laughed as he ran down the hallway, holding the tail of the mouse in his hand.*

“Sorry, kitty! I promise I’ll make it up to you!” Nye said he rounded the corner. In his wake, many of the servants went about their business, used to this kind of behavior from Nye. Despite his age, he still had the spirit of a child within him.

Nye didn’t stop until he reached the outer gates of Cat’s Cradle. Nye knelt down and carefully placed the mouse down upon the exit and gave it a slight push. The posted guards didn’t react. They too were used to the oddity that was Nye Merrick. Nye waved the mouse off, shouting “Better get out of it before that cat catches up to you!”

At this point of time, a cute servant girl hurried by on some sort of errand. Instantly forgetting his heroic rescue of a mouse, Nye hurried after the servant girl. Perhaps she was engaging in something of interest. Didn’t matter, as long as Nye could get a decent conversation out of her he would be entertained for a least another five minutes.*

“Hold up, wait!” Nye called after the girl.*


[Timeline of Events]


Year 224: Nye Merrick born
Year 241:
- August, Nye is reported spending large amounts of time with Bran Vaughan and Erin Harcourt.
- September, Nye departs Lacharn to Ahestere with his father on part of a investigation inquiry,

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