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Default Ezekiel Hughes



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Rob
RP Experience: Forever
Your Character's Player Base: Paul Walker


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Ezekiel Hughes
Character Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthday: 5/5/218
Home Castle/City: Abain
House: Hughes



Everyone and everything has its price. Raised in wealth and never knowing anything but, this is the primary lesson that Ezekiel Hughes has learned. He is charming when he needs to be, well aware that flattering words can be as effective as a bag of coins, but when he decides that he wants something he sets his mind to it, not letting anything get in his way.

Thus far at least, Ezekiel lacks the ambition of his father, perhaps a good thing given his standing as the youngest child. He knows that his elder siblings might stand to inherit more than him, but what he already has more than covers his needs and desires, so he sees no need to raise a fuss over it. Why ruin a good thing?

Though he appreciates and enjoys his money, Ezekiel makes sure not to squander it. His father taught him that lesson most severely growing up. Knowing where his wealth comes from, he carries out tasks for his father when asked, regardless of their seeming legitimacy. He has proven capable of using discretion with some of the more lurid assignments he has received, though he has not been given any truly dangerous ones.

One thing that has been on his mind of late is marriage. It had never seemed a pressing goal to him, given that his older sister is also unmarried and quite happy to stay that way, but having a woman of proper station at his side is a status symbol he has come to desire. With his father more occupied with dealing with the Cemric tribes and operating the bank (among other things), Ezekiel knows that it might fall to himself to take the initiative on this matter.



Ezekiel Hughes was born the third son and fifth child of Micah Hughes and Mairsil Ena. Micah was the heir to the throne of Alain, and became Lord of Alain when Ezekiel was only four years old. As such, he basically has no memory of his father being anything but a Bannerlord. As is often the case with the youngest child, his mother spoiled him something fierce, and he was quite close to her as a result.

Ezekiel received the best education that money could buy, as well as training in fencing, horsemanship and archery. He proved capable in those fields, though he did not truly excel in any of them. The biggest problem he was faced with was actually applying himself. As a teenager, his concerned father talked with him privately about what would be expected of him as an adult. The exact details of that discussion were only known to the two of them, but from that day forward Ezekiel took his duties more seriously.

The loss of his mother to the plague hit him hard, as did not being allowed to travel to Cemria with his father for her burial. He had been told it was too risky, and indeed, Micah had nearly been assassinated on the journey. Both his mother's death and his father's brush with it left Ezekiel more sobered, and he started to think more about his own future and what it might hold. Around this time, Micah started entrusting Ezekiel with organizing and supervising some of his 'trade' fleets. Ezekiel found that he felt equally at home on sea as on land, unknowingly taking after his father in that regard.

During the Cemric War, Ezekiel was sent with a small force to sail west around to Weallan, while his father and uncle led the main fleet to Dun Eamrath. Later regrouping with his family after the Battle at the Bridge, he joined in the reinforcements to relieve Weallan from Owyn's siege. It was here that he had his first true taste of battle, and he acquitted himself well.


[Writing Sample]

Ezekiel Hughes stood aboard the deck, looking to the approaching storm with a frown. His father had entrusted him with circling Caelain entirely to reach Weallan with this small detatchment of ships, but bad weather might ruin that plan. The thought that he might let his father down sent a chill through his heart. It was almost enough to make him give the order to sail straight through the storm, but he knew his father well, and the one thing he would be more angry at than a delay was having the entire fleet scuttled.

"Re-route to Caermon! We will wait out the storm there1" He had to yell to be heard over the rising wind, but the well-trained crew immediately went into action, changing course towards the port and relaying the signals to the other ships in the fleet. As it did so, Ezekiel began to pace on deck, clearly displeased with this turn of events. But what could any man do against a force of nature? Naught but fume powerlessly, which was what Ezekiel did. His fine clothes flapped in the winds, as he glowered at the dark clouds, at the storm that threatened to cut short this task he had been entrusted with.

Failure was not an option. He would find a way to reach Weallan in time, even with this storm's interruption.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 218: Ezekiel Hughes, third son of Micah and Mairsil Ena, is born to House Hughes.
Year 222: The Lord of Abain, Montgomery Hughes VI, dies.
Year 222: Micah Hughes proclaimed Lord of Abain.
Year 233: Lord Maereus Faerald dies.
Year 233: Tysilio Faerald proclaimed High Lord of Caelain.
Year 235: Isaiah Hughes dies of plague.
Year 237: Mairsil Ena dies of plague.
Year 241: House Hughes attends the capital for Royal Festivities.
Year 241/Month 6: Ezekiel Hughes is dispatched with a small navy to sail to Weallan during the Cemric War.

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Just make sure to get your playby photo up. I saw Abain as Alain sometimes, but spelling errors are no problem. I love the profile. Noah Hughes I think is more like a second cousin or something, as he is Micah's cousin. Also, Ezekiel has two older sisters and the oldest sister is married (she likely had autism too) and Micah was quick to marry her off to someone who would take her (and for a strategic reason too). But Jezebel remains unmarried.


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Still needs approval by @Jenn as I think the person who played Noah poofed...
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