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Default Corbin Blanchard



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Jenn
RP Experience: 14 years
Your Character's Player Base: Tyler Hoachin


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Corbin Blanchard
Character Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): May 3rd, 218
Home Castle/City: Mier/Mountain Castle
House: Blanchard


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: A beautiful rose on a red field with a white border
House Words: Ever Bright
Castle Name: Rose Vine of Heldenbrecht, now ruins
Original Castle Name: N/A

House Description:

The former royal house of Heldenbrecht, the Blanchards were once the most powerful family in Arbrecht. When the plain tribes split, the Blanchards were the original ruling family, and at one point claimed ownership of three major cities; Landerfell, now Westerland, Heldenbrecht, now a torn-down ruin, and Kelailles, an independent city state. Known as a charming, but devious, House, the Blanchards were reputed for both their sophistication and their arrogance. Centuries ago, they sent the largest contingent to help fight the invaders, and in turn lost Landerfell to the Fitzwulf family for this deed. Ever since, the Blanchards have hated the Fitzwulf Family, fiercely.

Their House Motto is 'Ever Bright, Ever Noble'. Perhaps one of the most educated and cunning ruling family, they relied on spies and assassins for many diplomatic interactions, and could call up the largest army in Arbrecht – relying mostly on the Feudal system of Knights and Levies. They were steadfast allies with the Harcourts of Frysbruck and interrmaried with them frequently. However, William Fitzwulf smashed this army by successfully bribing their Chief Spymaster, so that his Fyrd Milice could fall upon the unready Heldenbrecht Army outside their Capital. After four pitched battles, in which the Fyrd Milice hounded and battered the flailing Blanchard Army, the Royal Family was captured by Elrik Kingbreaker. The King of Heldenbrecht signed over all his land and possessions to the Fitzwulf Family; in return, his kin were treated fairly and well, and his eldest daughter was betrothed to Jon Fitzwulf. No male sires of Heldenbrecht live.



Dark and haunted, Corbin often looks older than his 23 years. Most of the time he is sporting the five o clock shadow or worse, left from a late night of drinking and sleeping in. He has worked for the last five years to strength his body through swordplay, but his muscles compete with the battle he fights against the drink.

On his back are long scars from the whips and other implements that Jean Fitzwulf used while torturing him in the dungeons. He keeps these hidden from everyone and only a few people know they exist.



Because he was born with the silver spoon in his mouth, Corbin grew up soft, friendly, and cheerful. He was a friend to everyone and tended to see the good in people. But that part of his personality has been suppressed by hardship, and Corbin rarely even smiles anymore. Everyone is seen as an enemy until they have proven themselves as friends, and even then Corbin might decide he doesn’t trust you.

He has become a harder man over the years, as a life of fairy-tales has become a life of horror. The torture he endured in the prisons of Westerland while he was teenager has scarred him, and Corbin has the ability to do some unspeakable things if he believes the measures are warranted. After all, if someone could hurt him, why can’t he hurt others?

He has retained all of the teachings he learned as a boy however - the courtly manners, the etiquette, the rank and file of the nobility, and he knows how to speak to both those above him and below him. He also knows how to act the part of both peasant and knight, two roles he’s taken on in the last five years to keep himself alive.

He loves and misses his sisters dearly. To him, they are the only family he truly has, although he also trusts and in a way loves his cousins in House Vulferam as well. Conor has been the ever gracious host, and over the last four years the two have become close friends and kin. He knows he would be nothing without them, and when he comes into his throne, he will repay them. He has made this a vow, and if there is one thing about Conor, he does not break vows. He’s also vowed to destroy House Fitzwulf and kill every single last one of the wolves who thought to pollute his homeland. He prides himself in being a man of his word, and Corbin detests lies.

He’s been driven to drink to try to forget the horrors of his past. He rarely opens up to anyone about his deeper self, and he has never spoken about what happened. It haunts him and often keeps him from getting intimate. If he does have relations with a woman, it is, for the most part, purely to sate the physical desires within him.



Originally Posted by Deek
Corbin was born in May, the first Blanchard child to Cesaire and Rohine Blanchard. It was an easy birth, and a blessing for them, to be born with a boy right away. Cesaire had his rightful province heir, and as such, Corbin was groomed to take over the province from the day he was born until the day the Fitzwulfs invaded.

Growing up, Corbin was a highly relaxed, friendly young boy. He was open and curious and would often make conversation with anyone who walked by. All in all, he was rather sweet. Lessons were not a problem; he just seemed to go along with him without much fuss, which for him seemed easier than rebelling. Though he paid attention in all of his lessons, the military ones were his least favorite, and he had a hard time understanding the hate with the Fitzwulfs. It seemed a foreign concept to him.

All of this changed when the war with the Fitzwulfs first began. Suddenly, at the age of 16, the Blanchard rule was in threat. Corbin began to scramble, trying to remember any knowledge taught to him in his military lessons. Of course he was not active in the fighting, as the Blanchards needed to hold onto their heir, but he did his best to help. He would listen in on meetings, look over the battle plans. Corbin did anything to absorb knowledge of military strategy, as he felt it was the only thing he could do. When he wasn’t doing that he was trying to watch over his sisters and his parents, hoping that they would be alright.

Unfortunately Corbin and the rest of the Blanchard family, the war did not go so well. In 237, there was a huge turning point, with the capture of the Blanchard family by Elrik Kingbreaker. Though his sisters were not sent to the prisons, Corbin was. Their father during this time refused to admit surrender, and so the war dragged on with the Blanchards being captured. Corbin was imprisoned for about a year, which was a miserable experience for him. Though he was not in the worst cells of Forsilvra, he was not treated greatly either. The food was barely edible, and the guards treated him poorly.

In 238, however, Cesaire Blanchard died, finally ending the war. It was right before this time that Corbin managed to escape, bribing several of the guards to get free. It was a hairy escape, but in the end Corbin he managed to make it with the combination of bribes, dumb luck, and the aid of the Vulferam family. Unfortunately, there was no time to rescue his sisters who were being kept separately. The Fitzwulfs played it off to the general public that he died, so as not to cause conflict for them. In reality, Corbin had been hiding in Mier since 238.

Since being in prison, Corbin’s demeanor has changed greatly. He is no longer the innocent little boy that couldn’t understand all of the political tension. Instead, he is bitter, angry that he has had to go into hiding. The fact that his sister was forced to marry a Fitzwulf scum was another insult. As a result, Corbin has become obsessed with plotting the demise of the Fitzwulf family. There wasn’t much else to do, trapped and in hiding, anyway.

It took a month or two for Corbin to recover from the conditions of being imprisoned. Afterwards, however, he began his plans. Soon after his arrival in Mier, Corbin began and to plot and plan. Being restricted in where he could go, Corbin spent much of his time with the Vulferam family, growing close to Conor and Aibihilin as well as the rest of the siblings. Corbin was indebted to them for rescuing him, and this is something he has never forgotten.

For the past several years, Corbin has focused his efforts on how he can destroy House Fitzwulf. It has been a slow process, gathering the resources and planning, but Corbin Blanchard is almost ready for his comeback.
Written by Deek

However, the plans came to fruition during the melee, when his agent was able to assassinate Jon Fitzwulf. While the word spread that it was an accident, Corbin knows there are many, including Elanor, who suspect that Jon was murdered. It makes no difference to him. They don’t yet know he is alive and Corbin’s plans with Harcourt, Vulferam and Montrose are close to coming to war. The troops are moving into place, and all that is left is for the young king to exit the province.

For the moment, Conor goes by the name of Bran, a knight in the service of house Vulferam. Given that no one has seen him in years, and his appearance has continued to become sloppier, he doesn’t expect that anyone would recognize him, thus, he even took risk to come with the Vulferams to the capital to watch the death of the Fitzwulf bastard.


[Writing Sample]

Corbin stood at the window of the room he’d been given in The Mountain Castle. The world around him was in motion, as the winds blew down off the mountain tops and rustled the leaves of every tree on the slopes. Blossoms and nuts, leaves, and even fruit seemed to swirled from top to bottom and bottom to top before settling in piles on the ground. Even in the summer, it seemed, the winds made it look like fall.

He lifted the bottle in his hand, some whiskey or bourbon, and took a long swig. He’d woken that morning from another of his nightmares, the sound of the whip still echoing in his ears. The scars tingled on his back. Corbin shuddered. He would give anything to erase the memories, the scars, to have his old life back.

But there was only one way. He was going to destroy those Fitzwulf traitors and reclaim what was his. Heldenbrecht was gone, destroyed, but he would take up seat in The Wolf’s Keep and give it a proper name. He would erase all traces of those Fitzwulfs. He would get his sister’s back.

And he would be king of the north again, like he always should have been.

He lifted the bottle again. Another swig. Another memory hazy. The sun had only just crested the horizon but already he could feel the liquor burning.

He’d have to stop soon. He’d have to let the pain and the memories fill him with hate and anger when he took the battlefield. But today, for now, he could drown them away. Drown them with another few swigs. And then maybe he could sleep again, without the nightmares haunting like ghosts of his dead family.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 218: Corbin Blanchard is born.
Year 221: Alaine Blanchard is born.
Year 224: Madelaine Blanchard is born.
Year 234-238: The Fitzwulfs overthrow the Blanchards. Alaine Blanchard is betrothed to Jon Fitzwulf.
Year 236: Queen Blanchard dies from the plague.
Year 237: Blanchards captured by the Fitzwulfs.
Year 238: Cesaire Blanchard dies. Corbin Blanchard goes missing and is presumed dead.
Year 240: Alaine Blanchard weds Jon Fitzwulf.
Year 241: Game start.


  • Marianna Blanchard Storm
  • Aurianna Blanchard Fontenot
  • Andrien Blanchard -- Papirine DeLauncey
  • Aurelie Blanchard Alinar
  • Sepphora Blanchard Vulferam
  • Ranourd Blanchard
  • Edouard Blanchard -- Eleanore Fitzwulf
    • Edgard Blanchard -- Sophie Brabant
    • Alexandrine Blanchard Fleurant
  • Doriane Blanchard Harcourt

[With Ages]


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