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Default Cuthbert Valentine, Sir



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Shelly
RP Experience: N/A
Your Character's Player Base: Ian McDiarmid


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Cuthbert Valentine
Character Age: 67
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): June 6, 177
Home Castle/City: Belleile
House: Valentine


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: A red medical cross on a white field with a red border
House Words: "All Hearts Bleed"

House Description:

House Valentine has been established on the Isle of Forsilvra ever since they emigrated from a distant land well over a century earlier, arriving in Belleile in the year of 116 AF. The story has always been that the Linchao Republic seized their homeland, but some suspected there was more than that assuming treachery on the part of then Lord Alois Valentine VI. The family has always been wealthy and particularly inclined towards academia. Many scholars in health, healing, and medicine have come from this family. The Valentine family used their wealth to start a small Academy of Medicine and Healing in Belleile the year of 142 AF. All members of House Valentine are well educated, and are often sought after for their particular expertise. House Valentine has stirred controversy at times by getting into arguments and disputes with various religious groups, and has been rumoured to harbour many dark secrets.



Cuthbert Valentine stands five feet, eleven inches in height. The man has aged much over the years looking tired with his wrinkled skin, the dark circles under his eyes, and the ancient looking grey and white crown of hair upon his head. Despite this he carries himself very regally, always walking upright and rather briskly for a man of his age. He happens to be in good health, and is still able to work out, perhaps secrets learned from his years of study on the topics of human anatomy, health, and the odd potions. The nobleman always is noted for his unique yet immaculate loose flowing robes he wears, which often have hidden pockets and items concealed beneath.



Cuthbert is a very knowledgeable man, he is an academic that is always asking questions and seeking to find answers. He doesn’t like to sit by idle and let things pass by, he would much rather dive into something and seek the truth. In a way, he likes looking at all information and viewing issues and cases from all perspectives. He comes from a family of achievers and polymaths, and so there has always been pressure to do his best. He is very motivated and inspired, the quest for knowledge being a driving force in his life. After all, to Cuthbert knowledge is power, and well power is the ultimate desire. Not that the man is power hungry, but there is a dark side for the physician hidden deep down in his heart and mind. The same could be said of every person. Nevertheless, the man is generally willing to talk to anyone wishing to meet with him and he will provide answers – whether they are the ones a person wishes to hear or not. He is pleasant in a formal way, but he is not friendly or cheerful. The man sometimes comes off as aloof, arrogant, and out of touch with others because of his emphasis of importance upon intelligence. He is well read on history, and knows his court politics well, and though he pretends to not be interested in politics it very much intrigues him.



Cuthbert Douglas Valentine was born the son of Lord Alois Valentine IX, a noble family with some property holdings in Belleile, but no domain of rule. The title is pretty much in name, but the family is wealthy and influential in Forsilvra, ever since they arrived over a century ago. The family has primarily been involved in medicine and healing, being a leading family in that particular field for a long time. The family has run an academy to train physicians and healers in the capital for almost a century. His father was a skilled scholar, and physician, and his grandfather was the Royal Physician. He started his education at the age of eight years and was trained in reading, writing, history, numeracy, and literature – the basics to being a respected noble. After that, his father started teaching him on anatomy, surgical procedures, how to make surgical tools, as well as in understanding potions like any apothecary.

By the age of sixteen, he started splitting his days between studying with his father and other tutors, and a knight he was assigned to squire under in the capital. He spent four years of rigorous training, in addition to the mentally exhausting work of studying with his father. It was during this time his grandfather passed away, and his father assumed the post as Royal Physician. After completion of his squiring, he was knighted as Sir Cuthbert Valentine. He was offered a five year commission in the Royal Guard, serving as a medic/physician for his fellow members of the Royal Guard should they require medical attention, as well as doing guard duties reporting to officers and the Horns. He stayed for six years, and then left one year after his first son was born to continue his training and practice as a physician under the tutelage of his father. Sir Cuthbert became the apprentice and assistant to the Royal Physician, despite there was others, his father was grooming him to take over his post. The Valentine family had often held the post as Royal Physician, though not always, since they founded their medical academy.

He was fortunate enough to have a second son, and he was there for his brother when he brought a nephew into the world for Cuthbert. Family was important, especially when family members had to travel around the Kingdom for medical reasons to perform services for wealthy clients needing medical and healing assistance. It was a sad day when his loving mother died, and further when his brother left the capital to travel to Arbrecht. James had gone north to study the unique vegetation and plants up there, experiment with potions and to conduct research. He often kept in contact with his brother through pigeon and raven, his brother deciding to settle in Ernsaw. His father soon retired, and Cuthbert was appointed as Royal Physician to House Fontenot.

A decade would go by, mostly without incident until news arrived of his brother’s death by a plague, a disease in Ernsaw. It worked its way south, and eventually hit the capital. The Queen was the first royal victim, and there was not much Cuthbert could do except to drug her and ease the pain. It was deemed the humane thing to do, but unfortunately such drugs were not widely available to help the common masses go through it without pain, and so Cuthbert started stockpiling and hording certain materials. The King shortly followed, and the same process repeated. Cuthbert had brought his father out of retirement to help with it, but it turned to be a bad move as his father contracted the plague. His father allowed him to experiment with certain materials, and while Cuthbert managed to prolong his father’s life the older man eventually succumbed to the disease at the age of eighty-two.

With his father’s passing, Sir Cuthbert Valentine did properly become Lord Valentine, one of many lords in the capital of Belleile primarily in title. Essentially, a lesser lord without any land, though he did own some family properties used for the academy, research, storing materials, and some for rental income. He sought leave from the Regent to travel north to settle some family estate issues. Cuthbert travelled to Ernsaw to settle his brother’s estate, as well as bring the research his brother had conducted back down to Belleile. One year later his wife was mysteriously murdered in cold blood in the streets of Belleile, and no one knew what it was over or for what the purpose was. Cuthbert didn’t wish to talk about the matter with many, appearing very emotional, upset, and bitter over the news. He spent his time conducting more experiments on people with the plague and testing theories, but nothing ever seemed to work. Cases started to drop naturally, but that didn’t stop it from taking the ruling regent, Stephane Fontenot, who died leaving Adrien to become King. Eventually the cases dwindled until the last documented one ran its course, and then there was nothing more. As Royal Physician, Cuthbert took no chances and was still vigilant about maintaining healthy diet, and trying to encourage basic cleanliness.


[Writing Sample]

The plague that had spread through the north had reached Belleile about a month ago, and despite all the measures enacted to keep the royal family away from the disease it seemed just to be in vain. The Queen had contracted the plague, and there was nothing that the Royal Physician could do. He spent hours up at night pouring over texts, and trying to work on cures in vain. Sir Cuthbert had even consulted his father, who was assisting on the side despite the former Royal Physician being in retirement.

The Queen had been quarantined from the rest of her family, well officially. That didn’t stop King Joseph from seeing her because he was the King, and well he loved his wife. Things were just getting worse, and he knew there wasn’t anything he could do to fix the situation. The King was always asking if there was anything he could do to help find a cure, but not even the divinely blessed Kings could stop an epidemic of this scope. This pestilence was here to scourge the land, perhaps it was a price for sins, or anger from the gods as some religious types liked to say. That always made it easier for lesser minds to try to cope and comprehend things that they otherwise would never be able to reasonably address.

Some of the nurses arrived, informing him of the Queen’s worsening health. He approved more narcotics to soothe her pain and help with making her passing as humane and pleasant as possible. Not that one could call death by plague a pleasant thing, but those with drugs to die in a more dignified manner were the lucky ones, and well any royalty would be afforded such. The King would not be ready, but eventually he would have to approve the further drugs. When he was ready, they could administer a larger quantity that would lead to a quicker death, hopefully less painful. It would be a decision of the King, and King only, but the fact was that the Queen was going to die.


[Timeline of Events]

Year 177: Cuthbert Douglas Valentine born to
Year 183: Brother, James Daniel Valentine, born
Year 185: Cuthbert begins basic education under father and tutors
Year 193: Concurrently begins training as squire
Year 195: Father, Alois Valentine IX, is promoted as Royal Physician
Year 197: Is Knighted as Sir Cuthbert Valentine
Year 197: Assumes commissioned office in Royal Guard as branch physician
Year 202: First son, Alois Valentine X, is born
Year 203: Finishes commission in Royal Guard, apprentices with his father for further education and practice
Year 207: Second son, Jonas Valentine, is born
Year 209: Nephew, Xavier Valentine, is born
Year 218: Mother dies at age 62
Year 220: Brother, James Valentine, travels to Arbrecht for research leaving his wife and child to live with Cuthbert's family
Year 221: Brother settles in Ernsaw
Year 222: Father, Alois Valentine IX, retires at Royal Physician; Cuthbert assumes position
Year 231: Brother dies of plague, at age 48, in Ernsaw
Year 233: Queen of Forsilvra dies of plague, Cuthbert eases pain
Year 234: King Joseph dies of plague
Year 234: Father contracts plague, Cuthbert uses experimental potions and antidotes to try and cure disease
Year 235: Father dies of plague, at age 82, yet experiments proved unsuccessful
Year 237: Cuthbert travels to Ernsaw to resolve his brother's estate, and collect the research James had worked upon
Year 238: His wife is murdered in streets of Belleile, at age 57, attacker never found
Year 240: The Regent, Stephane Fontenot, succumbs to plague, and cases of disease diminish until none remain
Year 241: Present.


  • William Valentine VII -- Morgana del Solar
    • Alois Valentine IX -- Spouse
      • Cuthbert Valentine -- Spouse
        • Alois Valentine -- Spouse
          • Jonas Valentine -- Spouse
        • James Valentine -- Spouse
          • Xavier Valentine -- Spouse

[With Ages]

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APPROVED, pending:

1) is Cuthbert -still- the Royal Family's physician?
2) please send me your secrets!
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And yes he should still be the Royal Physician!

I suppose that is up to the admins to decide now!
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I'm good with it. Approved <3
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