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[Your Information]
Name: Tan

[Public Application]
Character Name: Maharaja Cit-Chac-Coh “Pranav” Chandaka
Personal name: Cit-Chac-Coh - spoken by only the priest and goddess of his religion
Public Name: Maharaja Pranav Chandaka or House Lord Pranav Chandaka
Character Age: 24
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): July 5, 217
Current Location: Basica
House: Chandaka
Banner Appearance:
House Description (In Ixchel’s bio)

Player Base: John Abraham
Pranav is a privileged male of the Chandaka line, which comes with some built-in assumptions. First, he is entirely self-centered. Having been coddled as a child and then raised to a god-like status in his teens, Pranav has no tolerance for any thoughts other than those that he thinks up himself (or that he is made to think was his idea in the first place). He is the keeper of the living goddess and therefore, there is none (not even the goddess) more important than he.
He is arrogant enough to believe that everything in his daily life must revolve around him and sees himself as a benevolent and tolerant ruler in his people’s eyes. In keeping tradition with his tribe, he does not believe that women are equals to men, does not listen to their advice, and sees them as second rate citizens to be ruled over by their husbands and fathers. The only woman who can counsel him is the goddess - and she can only do so through her ‘magic’.

Pranav firmly believes in his status as prophet and Ixchel’s status as goddess. He has no doubt that magic does exist and that his religion is the one, true religion. His desire to spread it throughout the known world is only matched with his desire for raising himself to a higher level of ruler than the world has ever seen. This does not mean that he’s a stupid man - he is not. And he is a great tactician. However, his ego gets in the way more often than not and his quick temper must be cooled by those around him.

The only people he listens to are his Dewan (his council) and the Priest of K’ai K’in, the Ah’k’in. All others are below him. Their opinions do not matter.

As for his relationships with those not of his religion, he has (what he would consider) a good tolerance for them. He knows that Basica offers a lot of trade items that the rest of the world can benefit from and they offer similar in turn. Therefore, he keeps relations positive in order to keep up the trade. He is especially tolerant of the SanJar as he can count them as part of his blood.

Pranav has a very thick veneer that he adapts for all public situations. His religion also dictates that he show a different side to outsiders than to other religious followers. Those unbelievers are not allowed to bask in the glory of the prophet, so they receive the Maharaja (or Lord Chandaka) instead.

In his most private life, he may let his defenses down slightly to his chief advisor, the Ah’k’in and to the goddess, herself.

It is good to also note that Pranav has a number of children through his consorts. He doesn’t refer to them as his own and his Dewan do not believe them to be legitimate. However, the Esha believe that they are blessed to have the children and treat them as golden children.

History: Cit-Chac-Coh “Pranav” Chandaka was the first son born to Chimalli and Aqlia SanJa Chandaka in an outlying tribal settlement south of Basica. Basica was ruled for over six hundred years by House Hazdurin, a high ranking noble family from Hazrim, who had been instrumental in taking the city during the war. However, as the years passed, House Hazdurin found their wealth in natural resources, including mines and quarries owned and run by sworn tribes. The fealty of these tribes was of the utmost importance to relations, and therefore the House allowed many freedoms in how these Tribes ruled themselves as long as they continued their trading with Hazdurin and offered their men if and when war were to arise. With most tribes, it was Hazdurin first, Tribe second.

However, further south of the city were settlements of vagabond tribes which wandered the land long enough to ignore most of the politics of the larger cities. Their size did not allow for attention to be drawn for too long to their existence. Only when one came across a patch of uninhabited land or took over land from another tribe and that land was fruitful would the Hazdurin turn their way. These tribes were ruled much like the others, but their fealty was in words first, actions second. And since there was no war, there was no need to call on these lesser tribes. And, in peace, both the tribes that aligned themselves with the Hazdurin and the tribes that kept their independence in the back of their minds lived in separate harmony, neither interfering with the other.

The settlements often policed themselves and hardly ever fought. They intermarried and would exchange children for different educational routes - some were tribes of hunting, some of creation (blacksmithing, leatherworking) and some catered to females rather than males. All shared a rather open relationship in harmony and peace.

House Chandaka grew up from the tribes that came over when the Hazir invaded six hundred years ago. Dominating the lands between Basica and Susa, Chandaka was the biggest of all the tribes. Their wealth and status grew over the years, until they controlled the flow of gold in and out of Basica, despite the fact that House Hazdurin, lords of the city since the time of the peace between Hazir and Ahesteri, often tried to wrest control away from the tribe. They warred with other tribes for control as well, which kept their fighting skills strong, and gained favor with House SanJar for helping to protect the mines of the south when the Maélazan raided. In time they owned large enough portions of the city that House Hazdurin began to interwed with them. So did the SanJars.

These men lived differently than the other tribes. Unlike their neighbors, this Tribe’s new religion held them above and apart from other men. The beliefs were more of a mystical nature, worshipping the fundamental forces of land and sky. Their main goddess was the moon goddess who was reborn again and again on land. This goddess was to be matched with the tribal leader who would represent the sun. The leader was picked from the most prosperous and/or the strongest family of the tribe and, after they were picked, they were groomed to become the Tribal leader, to go through a series of tests, and then to ascend to leadership with the moon goddess at their side.

So this was the world that Pranav grew up in. He was the firstborn son of a powerful family in the Chandaka tribe that had roots of their power in both minerals (gold) and good marriages - his grandmother was Hazdurin, which provided that a Chandaka could always be in line for the House Lordship if ever the Hazdurin line ended. They ran and lived off the land of many of the gold and gem mines and because of this, they had held the distinction of being the most powerful of the Chandaka for years. Their sons were leaders, their daughters were beauties that married well all throughout the families. Therefore, Pranav was destined for greatness. From the moment he was born, he was considered a golden child, the budding sun prophet, and was coddled by nannies. He didn’t have to do much for himself other than learn about the land’s history, the religion, and those around him and train to be a warrior.

Having the best teachers helped as well. Pranav was sent to the Lords around the region to be taught on other cultures and understandings, helping to round out his education, before he started to learn tactics and politics. As he neared the end of his education, he was taught about the weaknesses in other tribes and Houses and how to exploit them.

When Pranav was in his seventeenth year, he was pronounced as the heir to the sun god’s throne and sent on his trials. These were physical and mental trials set forth by the Priests to test his strength and devotion. The most important was finding and acquiring the moon goddess for worship. As per usual, the entire event was set up by the priests, the trials led Pranav to the goddess and to purchase her from her captors, and when he returned to the tribe with the goddess in chains, he was finally through with the tasks set forth and ready to ascend to the throne of the prophet.

There was, of course, a few problems with his ascent - at least, in Pranav’s mind. First, he did not rule nearly as much as he thought he was worthy of ruling. Tribes were good for mortal men. So were Houses. It was the land that he was after and Chandaka certainly did not have enough land for such a man to Lord over. However, his Dewan (council) advised against any such war-like movements against the SanJar. Their houses were intertwined already and there was more to gain from a friendly relationship than a warring one. Therefore, the first great house to conquer was House Hazdurin.

War for the Chandaka was not your typical task. First, there were prayers offered for the goddess to predetermine the outcome. If she found it favorable, rituals were enacted to bring luck and glory to anyone who was involved in the takeover. Meanwhile, the men would train and make greater weapons and the women would gather the tribal town and get ready for movement.

For the first time in tribal history, this time the goddess exclaimed that they could take over without the blood of the House on their fingers. She predicted that the leaders of the House would return to the land themselves without any spear or sword lifted by a Chandaka. And they did. Soon, the last of the Hazdurin died without the Chandaka stepping foot in the capital. It was when the last heir was dead that Chandaka took the capital in the least bloody manner possible. In fact, throughout their history of tribal warfare, it was the cleanest takeover ever. There was rejoicing throughout the tribe as no men from the Chandaka were lost and all Basica was gained.

The other tribes and homes around Basica fell swiftly into line. It was rather mystical - this new religion - and the change from House Hazdurin to Chandaka didn’t seem like anything that would affect those smaller families in the region. They took it as a change in regime and went on with their own lives, swearing fealty and going back to their daily lives.

It wouldn’t change. That is, until Pranav held the final of the rituals that were designed to make him the prophet-in-body. At that point, which was in the last few weeks, Pranav, his Dewar, his priest and his goddess have decided that in order for the world to be saved from any upcoming disaster, they need to be converted to K’ai K’in. His goal is now to visit the rest of the known world to spread through good works and words, business or warfare the religion of his fathers.

At present time, he and his wife prepare to travel to Lismore to swear their fealty to the province lord and be recognized as lord and lady of Basica.

Writing Sample:

He felt the wood beneath the gold facade start to chip as he curled his nails into the arm of his golden throne. “This will not do,” He has said twice under his breath and when his chief Dewan asked him to repeat himself, Pranav looked up and stared daggers into the other man. “This,” He said, a slight growl coloring the corners of his voice. “...Will Not Do.” If his own men couldn’t understand the living-god, how could those who didn’t speak the same language, or who didn’t follow the way of the K’ai K’in understand?

This angered the man thoroughly. Already he had been forced into a variety of meetings revolving around trade agreements and political niceties. They were things that the Dewan were created for - not for a prophet! Would man ask the Sun to shine where he pleased? No, of course not. And the Sun would not answer. Such was the way of the prophet and these ideas were all beneath him.

Pranav stood up and pushed back the heavy seat. It rocked and slid slightly, making a mark on the floor. Immediately, a house servant was at the chair, smoothing out any chips in the facade or on the ground under it. Behind the throne, seated on a red and gold reclining chair, was the goddess, herself, draped in white silk. The golden collar around her neck was attached to a gold chain that dripped down over the upholstery and ended around an iron outcrop from the wall.

“You are the keepers of trade,” Pranav yelled - raising his voice in such a way that his Dewan knew this should be taken as his word and direction. In fact, another servant, one sitting in the corner of the room with a blindfold over their eyes, was taking constant notes and took this down with an emphasis so that when the records were looked over later its importance would be underlined. “This is what you exist for, Dewan. Keep me out of such mundanities.”

There could have been protest from the other man if he didn’t first match gaze with Pranav. When he saw the look he was given, he simply bowed and stated, “As you wish, Maharaja.” Then, he backed out of the room, still in bowing form.

Immediately after he left, Pranav lifted a dish left on a table before him and tossed it hard enough against the wall that it shattered. The two servants, the note-taker and cleaner, both shuddered, staying still.

His rage not ebbed, Pranav shouted to the servant holding the quill - “Take this down - if that man comes to me again with such daily annoyances, let it be known that I will burn his soul and he will die a thousand deaths before he is allowed to rest.” It was a usual request - the note-taker often wrote of who would die with how many deaths before a final death. But, at the very least, she had never wrote of herself.

With his anger boiling in his chest, he stalked around the room for a moment before her heard the soft voice of his goddess dismissing the other servants in the room. Pranav looked up from between his black hair, wildly swinging in his eyes, and matched his gaze with hers. Immediately, he moved to the side of her reclining chair and dropped to his knees, wrapping his hands around her waist, feeling the cool silk under his fingertips.

“Forgive me, my love. The sun rages. His anger must be quelled somehow.” He pressed his forehead to her stomach, reveling in the coolness, the calm, he found there. “Council me?”

[Time Line Events]

Year 217: Pranav Chandaka is born in a tribal suburb of Basica
Year 219: Pranav is declared the prophet of the sun god and raised as such
Year 226: Pranav is taken in by various neighboring houses for education on history, trade, philosophy, warfare, and bureaucracy
Year 234: Ixchel is purchased by Pranav Chandaka, a vassal of House Hazdurin of Basica
Year 235: Lord Hazdurin’s wife dies from natural causes
Year 238: Ixchel and Pranav are wed in the ways of the tribe
Year 239: Both child heirs of House Hazdurin are killed under suspiscious circumstances
Year 240: Lord Hazdurin falls ill and lingers for three months before dying in 241.
Year 241: House Chandaka takes power after the last Hazdurin dies

Family Genealogy:
&nbsp;&nbsp;- <s>Acalan Chandaka</s> --Varina Hazdurin
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- <s>Chimalli Chandaka</s> -- Aqlia SanJa
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Pranav Chandaka -- Ixchel Chandaka
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- <s>Teyacapan Chandaka </s> (f)
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Yaotl Chandaka (m)
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Teuicui Chandaka (f)
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Anzala Chandaka [husband’s name]
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Pandree Chandaka -- Marzilla Jar’nin
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Coatl Chandaka (m)
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Tlalli Chandaka (f)

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