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Character Name: Drystan Morgandy
Character Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: March fifteenth, Year 225
Current Location: Enyon, Lacharn
House: Morgandy

Player Base: Kazuki Kato

Personality: Despite being a member of a noble family, Drystan behaves more like a knight than a noble. Having taken his childhood lessons to heart, in public he puts on the face of a happy, upbeat nineteen year old with a dash of chivalry thrown in. While some have and would scoff at such behavior, he is someone who would stop to help an old woman carrying a heavy load, or help a child retrive his lost toy. He does so with a smile, and more often than he cares to admit he has been referred to as 'a good boy' or 'nice young man.' With his family, he tends to be quieter but still positive, enjoying spending time with both his immediate and more distant family, assisting in matters when he can be of use.

In private, the mask comes off. The fact is that Drystan is a depressed, moody teenager, and this has only been accentuated by the death of so many of his family, in particular his sister's death, which he has taken personally on several levels. He still takes the time to study alone, which he finds to distract him from his thoughts, which have become increasingly darker in nature as time goes on.


Born to Vanora Morgandy and her husband, Drystan is the youngest of four children. Raised with little expectation of ever having to take much authourity for the family, he was mostly left to his own devices. From a very young age however, he determined that he wanted to be a warrior. For what reason or cause was irrelevant, the young boy took hold of stories and fables of gallant knights, warriors without peer, and simply ran with it into his teenage years.

Drystan was raised in an environment of caring and love, and knows how fortunate he is to have them all. He spent his formative years avoiding the tutors their parents hired, preferring instead to play with his siblings or, more often, the local children. His parents were not particularly pleased with this behavior, but allowed, if not for his safety then for the fact that every time they found a way to prevent his excursions to the nearby village he invariably found another way out.

He was eight years old when the plague struck, claiming both their father Vanora and cousin Sayer. The losses hit him, and despite his young age, Drystan quickly descended into the personality type that puberty would bring once more several years later. Within the space of several weeks, he went from active, upbeat, and positive to quiet, introverted, and solitary. He did, however, find a renewed focus, discarding the childish behavior that by normal standards he would still have and taking to his studies with a renewed determination.

The result, several years later, was a well rounded if slightly cold teenager. At the age of seventeen, he was doing well in his schooling and becoming known as something of a tournament star. While he lacked the age or experience to compete in championships and the like, it was known on family lands at least that Drystan was becoming quite the accomplished fighter. He was also starting to regain some of the humor of his youth, spending more time with his family than he had in previous years.

Everything changed when Brietta, his closest sibling in age, took her own life. Falling from the balcony of their home to the water below, Drystan happened to be watching from a window as his sister tumbled towards the cliffs. It took three of the family guards to keep the young man from jumping in after his sister, and a slap from his mother to bring him to his senses. Until that moment, he had fought with the determination that she must have been alive, and could be rescued if only he could save her.

After coming to his senses, it was believed that Drystan would fall back on his old ways, sinking into depression once more. Instead, to the surprise of many including himself, he became if anything more like the child he had once been, more active and adventurous. He took to spending more time with his family, immediate and extended, and decided that perhaps he would not sit back and be of no use to his family after all. And with it, a hint of regret followed him, guilt, thinking that perhaps if he had spent more time with her, such a tragedy could have been averted...

Writing Sample:

Drystan Morgandy sat with his legs dangling out into the abyss below, watching the sea sprawling out in front of him as he sat perched on the railing. The sky overhead was overcast, the grey clouds blanketing the air in all discernible directions seemed tempted to unleash a rain shower over the land, a fact that he took note of with a slightly bitter smile to himself. It always seemed to rain on this day, as if the sky itself wept on the year mark of his sister's death. As well it should, he thought.

The sea also seemed to mourn as well, the waves tossing against the cliff face below as if in anger, the rolling waves giving way to white surf as those same rocks that had no doubt claimed her life were washed clean by the salted water. He knew it wasn't really his fault of course, but that didn't prevent Drystan from coming back to this spot often. A small part of him, illogical, he knew, felt that perhaps he could show his support for his sister when he was here, wherever she may be. A larger part of him, still illogical, saw it as a form of penance. If he had spent more time with Brietta, perhaps she wouldn't , have had the turmoil that caused her to jump. Or, perhaps he could have dissuaded her from the act itself if he had been down here with her instead of in his room studying. An even larger part told him that he was looking back in time and that it helped nothing. He couldn't change what had happened, he knew, only how he dealt with it.

"I'm sorry Brietta," He spoke towards the waves below, as he always did when he came down here. "I'll come back later." Twisting on his perch, he threw one leg over the railing, turning to step onto the balcony once more. Casting one long look back at the sea, he strode back inside, leaving the small lotus blossom behind on the railing as he always did, waiting for a gust of wind to carry it away.

[Time Line Events]
Year 225: Drystan Morgandy is born.
Year 233: Vanora and Sayer Morgandy succumb to the plague. Tristen Morgandy becomes bannerlord.
Year 238: Tristen Morgandy dies. Cordelia Morgandy becomes bannerlord.
Year 239: Brietta Morgandy falls to her death.
Year 241: Game Start.

Family Genealogy:
-Erlina Morgandy -- Lacharn Husband
-Vanora Morgandy -- Husband
-Tristen Morgandy
-Cordelia Morgandy
-Reagan Morgandy
-Brietta Morgandy
-Drystan Morgandy
-Devin Morgandy -- Jacqueline Fontenot Morgandy
-Conall Morgandy
-Kegan Morgandy
-Emrys Morgandy -- Wife
-Lann Morgandy
-Sayer Morgandy
-Enid Morgandy
-Shayla Morgandy
-Raelin Morgandy Landalis -- Atticus Landalis
-Bryce Morgandy Prothero -- Blodwyn Prothero
-Saraid Morgandy -- Husband

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