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Default Aron Dagos

Aron Dagos

Writer: Sam
Contact: PM

Name: Aron Dagos
Alias: The Viper
Gender: Male
Age: 30, on game start
Birthday: 28th April, 211
House: Dagos, by birth
Home Province: Ahestere

Played By: Bahram Radan

House Dagos
"Wounds That Fester"

House Dagos are informal bannermen, a military support to the Linnet lords of Ahestere. They occupy a great deal of settlements down the banks of the Ehsan Badieh River, between Enos and Nabaris. They are a relatively wide-spread house, living out in the open, they lead very rural and simplistic lives. They are known and held in fear [sometimes disdain], for their use of "tainted" weaponry. Their words are: "Wounds That Fester." But they often go by an unofficial motto: "We Sting!" as a way of mocking their vanquished enemies.



Improvise, adapt, overcome. Three simple words Aron uses, that can be used to describe his mentality, no mountain is too large in his mind. He is known as the Viper in Ahestere, a name that does not earn him love, only fear. It's both a blessing and a curse, on one hand it is in line with his loner-personality, but at the same time is furthers people's distance from him.

Aron is a silent, brooding individual. A man of few words he tends to keep to himself and has no close friends save one - Theoren Fleurant. Limiting himself in these ways makes it very difficult for him to broaden his circle. He loves his siblings dearly, but since his family started distancing themselves from him, he rarely gets to be with them in the same capacity he was used to.

He is a follower of Quintism, but he is not devout. He is capable of being called an agnostic, his beliefs can change in the moment. If something else makes sense he'll trust in that temporarily instead.

Aron's interests are very dark, he enjoys reading and study, furthering himself and his ability; but, he is a very war-like individual. He relishes fights and opportunities to put his most practiced aspect to use.

He is a very vengeful man, and will usually go out of his way to repay an insult. He has a short fuse and a teribble tempers lies under his cool exterior.


Aron Dagos was born in the spring of 211, second child to the southern lord-to-be Eksis Dagos and his wife Sessa. He was born and raised in the desert lands of Ahestere, along the southern bank of the Ehsan Badieh River. He spent much of his childhood around weaponry, particulary spears, he was tutored from a very young age by his father and grandfather. Both were great warriors in the south, his grandfather Tremu was fierce and had a feared reputation for his weaponcraft He once rode south to practice it was said, finding game in the form of immigrants crossing the southern mountains and making bandit tales of them.

His lessons with his grandfather didn't go on for too long however, since the aging lord began developing dementia, which only worsened as the years went by. Aron spend many months in Lismore, studying in the grand library of Ahestere, a lot of this study was in the realm of developing his craft as a warrior, other things just didn't seem to interest him as much, though he did dabble.

Aron led a simple life, he farmed on the family property, working here and there, never constant. And he of course practised his weapon art. He spent many months travelling around the province, most notabley he went to Enos, where he met a young and aspiring Theoren Fleurant. He also went back to Lismore many times over the course of his tennage years, always finding himself revisiting the library to study.

Aron was never a man of many words, silent and reserved it was hard for him to make friends. He held his family very dear, they didn't require talking to, they were always there for you was the way he saw it. He'd often travel alone, he was very much a loner, but perhaps it was that which made him stronger.

In 230, Aron's grandfather Tremu finally snapped in his dementia, at the age of seventy-seven, he forgot many a friend and much of his family, and many died as a result. This led to his son, Aron's father calling the spears. Despite his mental health Tremu was still a formidable warrior, one that had fiercely loyal warriors supporting him despite his fall from grace. Eksis Dagos led his sons Kirin and Aron, his leading retainers and a battalion against their father in what was to be a bloody battle. Eksis personally slew the mad warlord who was once his father, and claimed lordship over House Dagos.

Aron earned the name the Viper as of result of the events of the battle. The then-nineteen year old was said to have been seen killing six men personally; and he slashed his grandmother with a poisoned knife after Tremu's fall, which resulted in her death a few days later. He claimed he was just being thorough, but many didn't deem it a necessary action, just cold-blooded murder, since they were only doing it to remove Tremu.

Aron grew more distant from his family at this point, or rather they took a step back from him. There was always a taste of fear at the dinner table, almost like they didn't trust him. Nonetheless he stuck around much of the time, visiting Enos, Susa and Lismore again in the next few years. He managed to bond with Theoren Fleurant, the two trained together, bonding over weaponsplay, there was a sense of comradery there, but never friendship for Aron, he didn't know what that felt like to believe in it, but if he ever had a friend, it was Theoren.

When the plague reached Ahestere, Aron wasn't too concerned, it would be a sad irony he thought if his fmaily was infected, being that they were known for poisons and such other foul things. Still, one branch of the clan was wiped out, his uncle, Qvento's, a large branch at that, and another uncle Andir also was erased by it. He felt grief when his young brother died, but nothing substantial scarred him in the long term, he worked hard to shut up and cage his feelings.

When the plague finally passed, Aron wanted to go to Forsilvra, but he father forebade it, citing him as "dangerous", he didn't want him to do "anything rash." So Aron was left behind while the better part of his family went north to the capital. That left a bitter taste in his mouth, but he followed them anyway, he didn't need permission to go alone did he?

Wounds That Fester (Sample)

The fourth man fell to his side, another one who had thought him just a boy. A fifth unknowingly ran at him, but his spear point was still up from the last. He parried the man's own hurried thrust with a quick sideways whack, relieving the soldier of command over his spear point, as quick as that his neck was leaking. He drove his spear point up through the man's neck and into his head. A nasty upward spray followed the extraction as he fell backward attempting to find and futily plug the blood flow.

His spear shaft was so sticky, blood had managed to run down from the blade and wet his hands. He'd have to start holding it downward in the future. He took a moment to wipe his brow. His chest was heaving he realised, any longer and he'd be wanting to sit down. Training was tiring, but he'd always pictured warriors fighting for days on end in a battle, never tiring. Fool him.

His thoughts had distracted him another one of his grandfather's soldiers was upon him now, and he was quickly relieved of his trusty spear. Shit. It never occured to him to draw his sword in the panic of the moment. He ducked, swerved and jumped back, avoiding the armoured giant's blows. He'd made a good decision to avoid that kind of armour, leather and mail afforded him good maneuvering, and it was that which was keeping him alive right now. He dodged this way and that, until the spearman made a miscalculation in the strength behind one of his swings.

He jumped forward seizing the moment, he reached to his side and took hold on the hilt of his sword. Extracting it, it dripped a disgusting looking coating, it was sheathed in some vile thick liquid. He brought it around. Bringing to heel and then up violently, it took the strength out of his right arm, but his opponent's forearm fell to the ground, his spear arm. The man screamed in pain as his weapon fell to the ground, along with his favoured arm. He clutched at the lost limb helplessly, drawing back some of the dark goo-like substance. He squealed like a frightened pig. Aron would have left him there, but he was right there. He drew up his sword and slashed at the distressed soldier collar, opening his throat.

It was then he realised everything was gradually quieting down around him. Was it over? Had they won? His sword dripped an ugly red, purple and brown mix and he took back to his full height to observe.


211 AF: Aron is born.
220 AF: First visit to Lismore.
228 AF: Meets Theoren Fleurant in Enos.
230 AF: First battle.
230 AF: Lord Tremu is slain in battle by his son Eksis.
230 AF: Aron kills his grandmother Lady Nien with poison.
230 AF: Dubbed 'the Viper'.
236 AF: The plague reaches Ahestere.
237 AF: Izvir, dies from the plague.
238 AF: Qvento's branch of the clan is exterminated by the plague.
240 AF: Last documented case of the plague.
241 AF: Game start.

Family Genealogy

Italics indicate death via the plague.
  • Tremu Dagos -- Nien
    • Eksis Dagos -- Sessa
      • Kirin Dagos -- Agatha Hughes
        • Kilik Dagos
        • Laoina Dagos
      • Aron Dagos
      • Seline Dagos -- Husband
        • Bruin
      • Gerris Dagos
      • Asiana Dagos
      • Izvir Dagos
    • Qvento Dagos -- Svienne
      • Konor Dagos (Twin)
      • Pedui Dagos (Twin)
      • Sari Dagos
    • Mirran Dagos -- Husband
      • Children
    • Andir Dagos -- Ezene
      • Sessa Dagos

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