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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Friday
RP Experience: 8 years, dual galaxies
Your Character's Player Base: Jennifer Lawrence


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Tegan Kyffin
Character Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): November 21st, 219
Home Castle/City: Weallan
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Kyffin



Standing at 5'8", Tegan has the strong Kyffin features that run through their family. Although rarely trussed up, Tegan is a decidedly beautiful girl, beneath her rough exterior. Below the flour and dirt smudged features, Tegan has the blue-grey eyes of her brothers and thick, dirty blonde hair, with a laugh like a wind chime.



Strong and stable. The two words that would seldom describe Tegan in her youngest years are now perhaps her best qualifiers. Where once Tegan was ruled largely by her emotions, her new position as Lady of the House and a household to care for, she has tried her best to temper her often volatile humors. Even though she is forced to often times be the no-nonsense matriarch of her family, Tegan has be able to retain some of the light-hearted qualities of her youth -- however reserved she may keep them.

Tegan has a penchant for frankness that resembles her older brother Bryn; never one to mince words, Tegan is as honest as the day is long. She is a respectful daughter, but does not pander to flattery, given or received. Tegan's lifestyle has made her tough; but she still has the capacity to laugh and enjoy life. A prankster in her youth, Tegan still has an appreciation for humor that her brothers do not seem to possess. Highly intelligent, Tegan has a thirst for learning that is not safely quenched by all that she was taught in Weallan. Unlike other noble children, she was not provided a scholar to supervise her education; Tegan was brought up in the school of "hard-knocks," as they say, and although her mother and father did their best to make her as well-rounded as a Kyffin child could be, Tegan still has concerns that their personal lack of affluence has stunted her own mental capacities.

All Kyffin's are musical -- save for Tegan. She cannot play an instrument to save her life, but she has a beautiful singing voice, should one be allowed to hear it.



Born on a chilly November day in 219, Tegan was the first daughter and third child to be born to Rhyderrch and Adabel Kyffin. Tegan's birth was a decidedly joyous one -- it had been seven years since the Kyffin's last child was born, their son Bryn, and there were concerns that Adabel would bear no more children. But Tegan's birth heralded a new wave of Kyffin children, and she was quickly followed by her sister, Mairwen, then the twins, Morien and Faolen, and then Rhonwen and Aeronwy in quick succession.

Her childhood was simple, filled with trivial hardships and joys. She was raised like a proper daughter of Caelain: to love her family, and to be prepared for the unpredictable attacks by the Cemric raiders. Being a child of a Kyffin made Tegan a "noble;" however, being a child of a Kyffin also meant a drastically different upbringing than those of a similar station. Tegan didn't realize until she was fourteen that her title was "Lady," for she had spent those formative years learning the proper time to plant crops, how to till a field, and the correct technique to split wood. Abadel taught her eldest daughter to embroider and crochet in their spare time, but learning to properly mend clothes and how to fix a fence took precedence. This has never bothered Tegan; it was the only life she ever knew, and she's often said she'd prefer calloused hands to soft ones -- easier to hold the reigns of a young colt that way.

In her youth, Tegan was a wild child -- something about the eldest Kyffin daughter spoke to freedom, and she spent most of her time bucking her parent's authority. Always adventurous, Tegan took to the woods, exploring the far reaches of the tangled shrubbery and the rolling hills of Weallan. The twins, Morien and Faolen, quickly became her shadow as soon as they could walk, and more often than not it was this trio that was late for dinner, traipsing through the woods, exploring all the dark recesses their city had to offer. As she became older, while Bryn was sent away to squire with Tysilio Faerald and Rhys was under the tutelage of their father, Tegan did what all noble girls do: stayed at home and learned how to run a household under her mother. But Tegan counted herself lucky. Adabel was no wilting flower -- born and bred in Caelain, she knew the kind of skills her daughter would need to survive, and they had nothing to do with how to hold a proper tea. Tegan also helped in taking care of her several younger siblings, especially the youngest girls, Rhonwen and Aeronwy. But if Tegan were honest, she did not relish tedious housework and learning to make stews to feed a household from the meager remains of their storage; Tegan had a wild heart and it suffered inside the cold halls of Caerderwen.

As would become a reoccurring theme in the lives of Kyffins, any time of peace was quickly trampled by that of chaos. The Cemric raiders did not stay true to their treaty with the Faerald House, and in an attempt to ride out and deal with the matter once and for all in 238, their father was pierced with an arrow and returned to Weallan on a slab. During the same raid, her brother Morien was badly wounded, suffering injuries that would plague him the rest of his life. Their brother, Rhys, became banner lord, and Tegan tried her best to help her mother keep their family together. Tegan was nineteen when the plague hit Caelain, and in sweeping succession her brother Faolen died, quickly followed by not only her mother Adabel but their eldest brother and leader of the family, Rhys. She had tended to each of her family members as the plague swept through their family like a black curse; had labored to keep them alive. But they each fell quickly, the only saving grace that they did not linger in pain. Helpless, Tegan watched them slip through her fingers, unable to stop the torrent of death raining down upon the Kyffin family. For a brief time, Tegan was a panicked woman -- it seemed that no matter what she did they continued to die, and it even strained her relationship with Bryn, as she fought to remove their remaining sisters from the plague ridden city. In less than two years time, Tegan lost not only her parents but two of her brothers -- and by the winter of 239, the Kyffin family was in shambles. It was devastating -- and for a time, they floundered. But Tegan and Bryn became almost immediately co-dependent; thrust into the respective positions of Lady of the House and Banner Lord with a startling speed, Tegan and her eldest brother had to fight to keep their family afloat. Still, they prevailed, pulling themselves from the mire of circumstance.

They were Kyffins. They didn't know how to fail.

It was in this vulnerable time that their Uncle Rhisiart attempted to use his influence over the young Kyffins. Tegan did not and still does not approve of Mairwen's marriage to Bruce Montrose. Tegan never held much stock in the belief that Kyffin's should not marry outside of Caelain; but Tegan did not think it was the best match for her young sister, strictly speaking on amicable grounds. But a shameful, small part of her wonders why it was not she who was taken from Caelain. Despite her rough ways and less-than-delicate demeanor, and her own personal opposition to any foreign lord looking for a wife in her family, Tegan thought Bruce Montrose took a certain shine to her on his infrequent visits to the Kyffin land. It seemed that he was destined to be her betrothed, when it turned out to be Mairwen's hand he asked for. Tegan does not begrudge her sister her marriage, but she cannot help but wonder what hand her uncle might have had to play in it -- and more importantly, why.

Present day finds Tegan continuing to act as the matriarch of the Kyffin household, for better or worse. She supervises the education of her younger siblings, balances the family accounts, and helps in the daily operations of running Weallan. Although this position was entirely unwanted and thrust upon her regardless, Tegan has flourished -- simply because she had no other choice. Tegan is adept at survival, and this matter was no different. While Bryn represented their family at the royal gathering, Tegan remained behind with Morien to tend to Weallan. Prince Owyn of Dun Eamrath continues to threaten their existence, and Tegan could not leave Weallan behind to fall to ashes.


[Writing Sample]

The dead leaves crunched beneath her boots where she walked, off the beaten forest paths and up through the thick hills of Weallan. It was still fairly crisp for early spring, and Tegan's breath came out in small clouds, punctuating each step. She was headed up through the northern pass, taking an imaginary trail she had walked with the twins years before -- before everything got in the way. Overhead, a hawk cried out, screeching at her presence as his large wings beat the air.

She paused in her pursuit, one gloved hand resting against the worn trunk of an elm while the back of the other wiped the sweat from her forehead. Tegan removed the woolen cap from her head, shaking out her blonde locks as she shoved the cap into the deep pocket of her trousers.

It was so quiet, out here in this lonesome space.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 219: Tegan Kyffin is born.


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Approved by Bryn. So nice to finally have his ever important sister.
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