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Default Gwendoline Morgandy



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Jennifer
RP Experience: 14+
Your Character's Player Base: Kristen Kreuk


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Gwendoline Morgandy
Character Age: 17
Gender: female
Birthday (including year): July 24, 233
Home Castle/City: Enyon
House: Morgandy



She is lithe and small, with olive skin, dark brown hair and hazel eyes, a mix of her mother and father’s features.



Gwendoline a mostly balanced child, pushed by her mother to excel in the arts of being a woman, and her father to study and learn, because in Lacharn, woman are as important as men in position. And although she was of second line and likely would wed to support either her family or another, he believed in education so that she and her husband could be productive members of the family. Gwendoline loved learning of the histories of her people, the culture, the economics. She also loves the sea and water, the same as all members of her family. While some women find themselves drawn to the ways of knighthood, Gwendoline found no attraction to sword or lance. She was content to watch her brother and cousins as they danced around the yard to the music of clashing steel.

Her cousin Brietta was her best friend growing up. They were both adventurous children, and Gwendoline loved the land of make believe. Brietta liked the idea of being a knight, and often in their play, Brietta was the knight or the lord or the commoner and she was the maiden.

Since the death of her cousin, however, Gwen has been withdrawn. None can bring her out of the self imposed silence she lives in. She stays away from the water. She now hates ships, and has to forced upon them. Ships took her cousin, and her cousin’s death took Brietta.



Gwendoline was born the eldest of the second child of Erlina Morgandy. Her father, Devin had been lucky in his match, and had wed Jacqueline Fontenot, daughter of Prince Jacques Fontenot. Thus, Gwendoline was born with royal blood in her veins, and her mother never ceased to remind her. She was constantly being trained to sit proper and hold her head right, and work hard at her needlework and pouring tea, because she was a lady and someday she would be a wife.

And Gwendoline wanted to please her mother, the princess. And she wanted to make her father proud. And more than anything, she wanted to make her Aunt, ruler of Enyon proud. So she did as she was told and what was expected of her. She often toddled around, and then later followed, her elder cousins Reagan and Brietta. For reasons she still can’t explain today, Cordelia scared her. But Brietta was only a few years older than she was, and the two clicked well. So often they could be found together, giggling as young girls did and sharing secrets. When they could, they would sneak off to waters to swim, the one love that Gwendoline did not share with her mother. For Jacqueline could not swim, and she didn’t think it proper for her daughter to do so, but water was too important to the Morgandy family for the young mother to object.

Then plague came to the island and hit them hard, taking away Gwen’s beloved aunt. The family mourned, including Gwendoline, who was only nine at the time. Still, she and Brietta would manage the loss by disappearing, much to her mother’s dismay, off into the lands around their castle, or the gardens, or down to the sea. The world became their place of imaginary adventure, a way for them to try to cope with the death around them.

But Brietta was handling it much worse than Gwendoline, and at night the two would curl up as bedmates while Brietta cried. Nothing Gwen could do would make her stop, and Gwen often spent her nights awake holding her cousin. She told no one of this, even though Brietta seemed to slip further into despair as the plague raged on. When their cousin, Sayer, caught the plague and died it became even worse. Gwen did everything she could for her cousin, but when Tristen drowned at sea, it was too much. Brietta’s body washed up on the shore, dead after she’d committed suicide and Gwen was crushed.

What if she’d said something to someone? What if she’d tried harder? What if she’d done more to keep Brietta from losing herself to Amelie. How could she have let this happen?

The young girl blamed herself for the death of her cousin and best friend and slipped into her own state of despair. She stopped speaking entirely. For two years, Gwen has said almost nothing, her voice almost forgotten in her silence. She does her duties and acts the daughter of a princess and a noble lady when she has to, but otherwise she often retreats to the places she and Brietta had once played. At night, now alone, she often cries as her cousin did, remembering what it was like to hold her and wishing that Brietta was with her now, to hold her in her grief. Sometimes she’d rise and go down to the balcony where her family believed that Brietta had thrown herself into the water, to watch the waves and think she might catch a glimpse of the girl’s spirit.

She is finally beginning to speak again, slowly, and not often. She still appears in public, smiles, and pretends as though everything is alright within her, but she is simply not all that vocal.


[Writing Sample]

Gwendoline stood on the balcony and stared out over the sea. She could almost picture her cousin simply swimming, the way they had together for years and years. The sea was a deep green, as the last rays of the dying sun glinted off the sparkling surface. Perfect in beauty, but to Gwen it would always be the tomb of her beloved cousin.

She sighed softly, recalling the last time they’d gone swimming. It was just before Tristan had died. Just before they’d received the word that he had joined Amelie in her halls well beneath the waves. They had raced from the coast to where the buoys marked the waters too shallow for deep ships and back, with Brietta beating her by seconds. So perfectly matched. They were the same height, although Brietta’s features were deep Lacharn, while Gwen’s were a mix, with her Fontenot mother’s coloring lightening her eyes and hair. Both were graced with olive complexion and flawless skin.

After they had slipped into the woods, spending the evening alone. She’d been yelled at by her mother again, but Gwen ignored her. Brietta needed her in ways she could explain to her mother. Jacqueline had never shown any signs of the troubles that Brietta did. Maybe she just hid it better, but Jacqueline seemed to be able to cope with anything that happened to them. Gwen wished sometimes she could be as strong as her mother.

“Lady Gwen.” Gwen turned to see the Anwen behind her. The maid reached forward and stroked her hair. “Why don’t you let me braid your hair.”

Gwen only nodded and let Anwen take her by the hand and lead her back into the castle


[Timeline of Events]


Year 217: Cordelia Morgandy is born.
Year 219: Reagan Morgandy is born.
Year 221: Brietta Morgandy is born
Year 222: Drysten Morgandy is born.
Year 223: Gwendoline Morgandy is born
Year 233: Vanora and Sayer Morgandy succumb to the plague. Tristen Morgandy becomes bannerlord.
Year 238: Tristen Morgandy dies. Cordelia Morgandy becomes bannerlord.
Year 239: Brietta Morgandy takes her own life.
Year 241: Game Start.

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