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Character Name: Tancen Alinar
Character Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): May 17, 209 AF
Current Location: Ernsaw, Arbrecht
House: Alinar
Banner Appearance:
House Description House Alinar's origins are that of a people swept in exile. They arrived in Arbrecht six hundred years ago after a bloody feud divided their people in half from their original homeland in the west. The cold north makes for hard people, and House Alinar does not truly see themselves as noble. They are the family that was elected by their fellow tribesmen of Ernsaw to rule to represent them. The Alinars hold a keep and have the smallest army in Arbrecht, as their fighters are merely a percentage of the population. A man can keep what he kills in Ernsaw, and even the lowliest man can achieve the highest glory. House Alinar is the only clan chieftain family to keep power for so long, following the custom of passing it from father to most powerful son. That being said not always does the eldest son inherit the house and there have been cases of second sons or even third killing their brothers to take power. However in recent times the house has been in disarray, as for the last fifteen years before its current Lord Tancen's rise to power, his mother, Aurelie Blanchard Alinar ruled in the name of her son, the first for any woman in Ernsaw. It's house words are “Blood and Fury.”

Player Base: Richard Armitage Jeffrey Pierce
Tancen takes after his Blanchard appearance more than his Alinar genes. He inherited the black hair and light eyes of his mother. He also has a considerably big nose which he doesn't like. His hands are calloused and rough. He also stands at a towering six foot three, as tall as his father is said to have stood. He is considerably lanky with only a bit of a muscle mass. He certainly does not appear a formidable man, merely just tall and slender.
Personality: Tancen is a man that has a clear disdain for nobility. He does not like the pompous arrogance that many nobles have. He does not like the lies, backstabbing and conniving. He does not like the fact that people will say one thing to his face and another behind his back. His disdain also extends to the social norms of the nobility. Being raised in Ernsaw and perhaps far more educated than his own lords, he sees some of their ways as backwards, as he thinks it perfect acceptable to take a woman's counsel. However lately he has started to become wary of letting women become too powerful as he has now had to seize power in Ernsaw away from his mother who has firmly gripped it for fourteen years during his regency until he came of age.

In truth Tancen is a recluse. He has a very pessimistic personality and is very cautious. He sees the world as a chess match and is always very careful when to make a move. He knows Ernsaw lacks military might and his main priority will always be to save his own neck. He will not lead his people to a bloodbath. Instead he is perfectly content to run off and bury his head in the snow. In fact, not many know much about the Lord of Ernsaw. Many speculate he is as savage as his people and practices some heinous evil religion. His appearance and dress seem to continue to lead to this reputation. He constantly wears all black- more so as a reminder of the dark path he lives and what he has suffered through. He does what needs to be done- including killing people of need be that have defied him.

He is icy and formal to anyone. Tancen does not like letting anyone close to him. He has only truly shown affection to his mother but he often sees it as a weakness. To his own daughter whom he fears has inherited her mother's madness he keeps locked away. He fears she will grow into a monster like her mother was and makes sure she is watched at all times and seldom seen in public. He has been wary to reconsider marriage after the death of his first wife. Many believe he even murdered the woman himself which is untrue. He may have been the one that found her body and it is a experience he does not wish to repeat.

Tancen is also stern. He tells things like they are. There is almost no warmth in this man. He has slowly learned over time to balance politics and ruling but truthfully he does not want to rule Ernsaw. It was something that was thrust upon him at a young age. He is a capable swordsman but an even better administrator. He has far more of a mind for books and numbers than for handling the politics of courtly intrigue. He is perfectly happy leaving his lands to his cousin, his current heir but with his mother pressuring him to remarry once more he tends to just ignore her. He knows he needs an heir but at this point can't be bothered with it. He's still young. There's time for children later.

History: Tancen's birth was a most welcome thing in Ernsaw. His mother, Aurelie Blanchard had never quite been in love with her husband or even held any sort of affection for him. Ernsaw was an isolated place, desolate and hard. Tancen's cries echoed throughout the halls of Ernsaw that spring day in May although not all of the snows had fully melted yet. Peregir didn't care for those words that were spoken to him- “You have a son my lord.” had made his far intolerable marriage tolerable. Yet Aurelie Blanchard Alinar had never cared for her husband. House Alinar had needed its alliance with the Blanchards at the time. They had brought a much needed loan to the house that had fallen on hard times. They could barely afford to feed their people. Yet Aurelie had always hated on being shipped off to the savage place, the most savage in all of Arbrecht. For much of Ernsaw was filled with the cold ghosts of the North- some of which never needed to be woken.

Yet Tancen never got the chance to know his father. Peregir was killed in a hunting party when his son was only two. When Aurelie received word, she did not cry or show any remorse. She was free of the prison of the savage man. Now she was intent on making sure her son took after his Blanchard blood. Aurelie sent word back to her father that her husband had fallen and now that her son was Lord of Ernsaw. As he was but a child, the lords of Ernsaw had wanted to let Peregir's brother become regent until his nephew came of age. But Aurelie fought back. Halbarad was the boy's uncle. She was his mother. Was she not capable of ruling? She was a Princess of Heldenbrecht. She was perfectly in her right to rule. Aurelie singlehandedly delivered a decisive speech to the lords of Ernsaw and from then on, they agreed. Aurelie became regent for her lord son until he came of age. It was a new thing for a woman to rule- it had defied tradition. But Aurelie was a Blanchard- a political creature just as much as her family name. And it was thus Tancen Alinar grew up under his mother's tutelage.

Instead of making Tancen as savage as his Alinar heritage, Aurelie sought to make him a refined politician. Her son would change things in Ernsaw. He would not be a savage. Tancen was raised by some of the finest tutors in Arbrecht on everything that could be possibly shoved down his throat. History, warfare, cultures. The young lordling could now claim now in his older years that he is probably one of the most educated men in Arbrecht, but Tancen of course never cared much for fighting or his lessons. He learned as was passable of him and as much as his mother tried, Aurelie never wished to have her son become a savage. He would be a refined Blanchard. Yet his uncle knew that raising the boy like a Blanchard would never win him the loyalty of the Ernsaw lords. For many years there was a persistent battle between his uncle and mother over his education. Halbarad constantly reminded the lady regent of Ernsaw that while she may have birthed its lord, he was still an Alinar. He had to learn their ways. He would learn their ways or the lords would turn against her.

So reluctantly Tancen was cultured more about his people. His uncle encouraged him to go out amongst them. At the age of ten he finally saw the life of the common folk and for once, the little boy hated the fact that he was so restricted to noble halls and walls. The people of Ernsaw were still savage. Most were all, if not divided up into clans. Thus the heads of those families made up the lords of Ernsaw. Still most were all seen as equal within the halls of Ernsaw, but outside of the city they House Alinar was the one that represented them all. The clans would never stand it if the one they had chosen to lead them had forgotten their ways.

So amongst the savagery Tancen grew up. His uncle later married and had children of his own and slowly he began to neglect his obligations as a lord. He had never wanted to rule. Besides, Ernsaw was doing just fine under his mother's rule- why should he even bother? Yet at seventeen his uncle pushed him to cast aside Aurelie. He was lord now. Her regency was over. But his mother would not give it up without a fight.

Wrenching control away from his mother was a particularly difficult thing for Tancen to do. He truly did not wish to rule the frozen wastes of the north. Ernsaw was the last thing he wanted. Yet when he took over lordship, he kept his mother on as an adviser. Of course many still whispered that it was Lady Aurelie that ruled Ernsaw still and much was true. For all his learning and training, Tancen was not prepared to rule and neither did he care. He spent his days locked away reading or doing whatever he could to sherk is duties. The clans of Ernsaw didn't approve of this. They would not allow themselves to be ruled by a woman for much longer. They had put up with it when Tancen was a child. If he did not want the title, then he should renounce it and give it up to a more suitable candidate- his uncle.

Tancen was not aware of the fact that his beloved Uncle was plotting behind his back to seize lordship over Ernsaw. It was only with his mother's help that it was uncovered and Halbarad and his wife were put to death. It was by his mother's urging that he beheaded his uncle himself and his mother pushed him to wed. Tancen did not want a wife or a child. But Aurelie knew that in order to secure her son's line and her own control over Ernsaw, she would need grandchildren. More and more she saw her son incapable of ruling. A child- one she could raise would prove much more easier to control. His cousins were sent to ward with his wife's family later on so that they would not plot treason like their parents had against him.

In order to regain favor with the clans and at his mother's urging, Tancen wed a daughter of one of the clan leaders of Ernsaw. Syrena Tintalle was a pretty little thing- but she was also violent. Tancen did not know what caused his wife's madness, only that she had to be held down when it came to conjugal relations. Some said the poor girl had been abused at the hands of her father as it was whispered the man had forced himself upon his daughter in the night awaking many to her screams. Why her father was so eager to wed her off Tancen did not know- but the Tintalles were one of the eldest families of Ernsaw. Insulting them now with the rejection of their daughter in marriage would cost him the allegiance of the clans.

So whenever it was the Lord of Ernsaw bed his wife she had to be tied down and it was a task Tancen loathed to do. He did not visit her bedchambers often and when he did, he returned with bite marks and scratches. A year later she finally conceived and Syrena gave birth to a daughter but it was not the son Aurelie or even Tancen wanted. His marriage was a waste. So scared were the servants that the mother would kill her child, little Gracelyn was taken from her the moment she was pulled out of her mother. Three months later Syrena was found dead in her rooms as she had hung herself. Many whispered that it was Tancen himself that had killed his wife- as it was he who had found the woman's body. However much he was relieved with Syrena dead, he feared his daughter suffered from the same madness as her mother. Gracelyn is carefully locked and hidden away and to this day few have seen the daughter of the Lord of Ernsaw.

The year his daughter was born, Tancen received word about a plague that begun to spread amongst one of the villages outside of Ernsaw. Many people began to die and slowly it spread across Forsilvra. Tancen ordered his family to stay away and outside of contact from anyone. Locking away his daughter was a precautionary measure against this, but also partly done because he feared she carried her mother's madness. It merely gave him an excuse to lock her away. By the time the plague was over, a quarter of Ernsaw's population was dead.

Yet the Fitzwulf's war against Heldenbrecht had caused much discord in Arbrecht including Ernsaw. The lords now saw Tancen's mother as useless. The Blanchards were thrown out of power yet at the murder of her family and captivity of them, Aurelie was certain that Ernsaw should stand against the Fitzwulfs for what they had done. Tancen, finally gripping control of Ernsaw from his mother knew that standing against the Fitzwulfs would mean death. He agreed to William Fitzwulf's creation of the league reluctantly, now acknowledging them as Lords over Arbrecht. His mother was furious, but not as much as Tancen was with her. He had blamed her for the failure of his marriage to the insane Syrena Tintalle. No more would he allow his mother to dominate his life and that of Ernsaw.

However with the death of Jon Fitzwulf, there is more discord in Arbrecht. What will happen now? Tancen wants nothing more than to keep Ernsaw out of it. He will protect his people at any cost. He bowed to the Fitzwulfs out of fear, but his first priority now is his people. Ernsaw will remain neutral for the time being, until a clear victor is seen as emerging from the ashes to take over Arbrecht. Although he has no qualms against a woman leading, he has become wary of them. But as it stands, Ernsaw is neutral and will not submit until a true leader emerges. Only then will its lord pledge his loyalty.

Writing Sample: Tancen looked across at his mother. He continued eating, ignoring her altogether. She had told him this a thousand times. “Send the girl to the Tintalles then if you are so concerned about her health.” Tancen hardly cared about Gracelyn. Aurelie eyed him again. He looked at his mother. He had allowed her far too much freedom. She had become powerful. “If you have nothing good to say then say nothing. You have no power here anymore woman. I am in charge, whether or not you like it. You do not move the girl from her tower unless I say it. She has the same bad blood as her mother. If we're lucky enough maybe she will throw herself from it and rid this house of her taint.”

Tancen took a sip of his spiced wine that had been heated. It was good against the cold of his family's keep. He eyed the letter that had just arrived. They were going to the capital? Bah. More pompous arrogance if you asked him. The capital was full of nothing but foppery lords that pretended they liked one another. He'd rather stay here, in the cold halls in his city. You could never count an Ernsaw man to lie. “We're going to the capital mother. I thought you'd be pleased. You get to be with your kind again.” Tancen chirped before he sat back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Now tell me why I should let you go?”

[Time Line Events]
Year 187: Peregir Alinar is born.
Year 191: Halbarad Alinar is born.
Year 196: Dione Alinar is born.
Year 208: Peregir Alinar weds Aurelie Blanchard.
Year 209: Tancen Alinar is born.
Year 210: Peregir Alinar is killed in a hunting accident outside of Ernsaw.
Tancen Alinar becomes Lord of Ernsaw.
Aurelie Alinar becomes regent of Ernsaw for her son until he comes of age.
Year 215: Halbarad Alinar weds Hapira Stonebrook.
Year 216: Balios Alinar is born.
Year 220: Aessa Alinar is born.
Year 226: Tancen Alinar reaches his adulthood and takes over ruling Ernsaw from his mother.
Year 231: Tancen Alinar weds Syrena Tintalle.
Halbarad Alinar and Hapira Alinar are executed for treason against House Alinar.
Balios and Aessa Alinar are warded to House Tintalle.
Year 232: Gracelyn Alinar is born.
A plague ravages Ernsaw, killing parts of its population and begins to spread.
Syrena Alinar is found hanging dead in her chambers- an apparent suicide.
Year 241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:
   -Eradan Alinar -- Melisende Blackglenn
     -Peregir Alinar -- Aurelie Blanchard
       -Tancen Alinar -- Syrena Tintalle
         -Gracelyn Alinar
     -Halbarad Alinar -- Haphira Stonebrook
       -Balios Alinar
       -Aessa Alinar
     -Dione Alinar Redwald
And I could tell you
His favorite color's green
He loves to argue
Born on the seventeenth
His sister's beautiful
He has his father's eyes
And if you ask me if I love him
I'd lie.

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