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Default [04.3] Maldenham


City: Maldenham
Ruler: House Montrose
Current Lord: Malcolm Montrose
Date Founded: 400 BF
Motto: “Strength in Unity”
Vassal Houses:
  • McGrath
  • MacTavish
  • McBain
  • O'Riley


Maldenham is not an easy place to live, nor is it particularly hospitable to outsiders who don't know her lands. The Keep stands tall and firm, and even though it's seated firmly in the North. Perhaps it's the White Flow that comes from the north and feeds into the soil, or perhaps its just the tenacity of those hardened men that work the soil but even at its seat in the North, Maldenham is lush and capable of feeding its people and then some. Wheat, Corn, Potatos, and live stock make its stores of food grow in abundance, surrounded by a valley on one side and a river on the other, its natural defenses are a struggle in and of themselves making the people of Maldenham who live outside her walls relatively safe, and prosperous from the trade that comes down the nearby river.

The Castle of Maldenham, Lionskeep is a proud keep within itself with strong, resolute walls that go along the far outside of it. While it might not be the towering castle of some of the Provinces, it's more like a walled town with a large, impetuous manor house near the far end. It's solid, defensible, and a proud sight to stare upon. It's no wonder that its lasted all these years, under the command of the Montrose House.

The Vassel Houses:
  • House Valdez of Beauciel
  • House Toussaint of Vale de Lys


Social Customs:

Fierce, loyal to their roots, and somewhat more welcoming of outside society, particularly traders. The men of Maldenham, a good majority of them, have been mercenaries and men at arms and are worldly in and of their own rights despite having a slight rash of xenophobia in recent years due to the plague. They're highland families of fighters, archers, and farmers. They have yearly archery tournaments and several bowyers who compete for business here since Maldenham has the finest archers in all of Arbrecht, it's of little wonder that it's such a large portion of their culture as it's an artistry there. They're a warlike people who've converted their violent energy into relatively "safe" pass times.



Military & Weaponry:

Recent History
Trade has only recently re opened due to Maldenham closing its borders because of the plague that ravaged the kingdom as well as Arbrecht, and because of that, there's been a recent economic boom because of the amount of food that's been kept in storage rather than sold to passing traders, along with a renewal of ideas and scientific advance that's come from travelers and traders alike passing through her borders.

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  • Gregor Montrose (79)-- Juliette Colbert (78)
    • Malcolm Montrose (56) -- Eilidh Tavish (57)
      • Iona Montrose Harcourt (38)
      • Aelish Montrose MacLeod (37) -- Callum MacLeod
        -- Arianne Fontenot (43)
      • Catriona Montrose (25)
      • Bruce Montrose (24) -- Mairwen Kyffin (20)
    • Duncan Montrose (51) -- Giverny Fleurant Montrose (52)
      • Cameron Montrose (30) -- Ashleigh Harcourt Montrose (29)
        • Douglas Montrose (27)
      • Kenneth Montrose(twin) (24)
      • Kenna Montrose Merrick (twin) (24)
    • Edme Montrose Phillipe Fitzwulf (44)
    • Craig Montrose (41) -- Eona MacGrath
      • Nessa Montrose (24)
      • David Montrose (22)
      • Morna Montrose (21)
      • Arran Montrose (20)
        -- Gilleanne Deverre
      • Heather Montrose (17)
      • Ailie Montrose (15)

Craig's bastard children:
  • Blair Montrose
  • Keith Montrose

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450 BF - Monroe The Bold is born
430 BF - Monroe becomes the scourge of Green
425 BF - Monroe defeated by Jerrold and becomes his companion
360 BF - Monroe descends to the Underworld (dies)
277 BF - The Heather and Lyon War begins (McGrath vs. Montrose)
274 BF - The Standing Battle (draw)
245 BF - Battle of the Paw (Montrose victory)
243 BF - Angus Montrose becomes Earl of Green, The Heather and Lyon War ends


Year 186 - Malcolm Montrose is born
Year 190 - Duncan Montrose is born
Year 194 - Edme Montrose is born
Year 200 - Craig Montrose is born
Year 202 - Malcolm Montrose marries Eilidh Tavish
Year 203 - Iona Montrose is born
Year 204 - Aelish Montrose is born
Year 205 - Eilidh Tavish dies
Year 206 - Gregor Montrose becomes Earl of Green; Duncan defeats the Bodie Clan (Lyon's Fury)
Year 210 - Tanistry revised into primogeniture; Duncan Montrose becomes Authority of Castle Matters
Year 211 - Duncan Montrose marries Giverny Fleurant; Cameron Montrose is born
Year 215 - Malcolm Montrose marries Arianne Fontenot
Year 216 - Catriona Montrose is born
Year 217 - Nessa Montrose is born
Year 218 - Bruce Montrose is born; Kenneth and Kenna Montrose are born; Giverny Fleurant Montrose dies
Year 219 - David Montrose is born
Year 220 - Morna Montrose is born; Iona Montrose marries Ian Harcourt
Year 221 - Neil Montrose is born
Year 223 - Eona Montrose dies in accident
Year 224 - Heather Montrose is born; Craig Montrose marries Gilleanne
Year 225 - Blair Montrose born; Gregor Montrose dies; Malcolm Montrose becomes the Earl of Green
Year 226 - Ailie Montrose is born
Year 229 - Cameron Montrose marries Ashleigh Harcourt
Year 230 - Keith Montrose born
Year 232 - Plague has struck Maldenham, plague victims are swifty rounded up, killed, and burned. Trade shuts off in Maldenham until the entirety of the thing is resolved. Gilleanne Montrose and Aelish Montrose die of plague
Year 236 - Morna Montrose dies of plague, Kenna Montrose marries Nathaniel Merrick
Year 237 - Kenneth Montrose becomes Horn of Arbrecht
Year 238 - Kenna Montrose gives birth to twin boys, Maddox and Tyler Merrick.
Year 239 - Trade opens back up now that the plague had died down in Arbrecht. Trade blossoms and the economy booms more than a little bit.

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