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Default Elanor Fitzwulf



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Renna
RP Experience: About 10 years
Your Character's Player Base: Emilia Clarke


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Elanor Fitzwulf (Fontenot)
Character Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): March 5, 224
Home Castle/City: Wolf's Keep, Westerland, Arbrecht
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: nee Fitzwulf; wedded, Fontenot



Serious and thoughtful, Elanor is the essence of refined. She stands in stark contrast to her merry-hearted brother, although Jon Fitzwulf was always the best at coaxing laughter out of his younger sister. She is more loose around immediate family and friends, and can at times be mischievous and even funny, but generally tends towards being solemn. It's not that she's unhappy, exactly...she is simply very introspective, and cares deeply about a few key things that take up most of her thoughts.

One of these things is her family. Elanor never approved of her father's violence, but she misses his strength. She misses her mother less as a person, since the lady died when she was so young, but more as a female guardian figure in her life that she is beginning to desperately need now that she is of age. Her elder brother Henry, too, is someone she wishes she could know better -- but she loves Jon dearly even if she worries for him. Despite their differences, they have always been close, and have in many ways balanced each other out. As a child Elanor was actually quite a tomboy (although whether this is due to real desire or simply wanting to be with her brothers is anyone's guess), and she begged to be taught the same things the boys were: swords, riding, archery. The martial training gave her a quiet strength and discipline that might never have shown up otherwise, and although she is no longer as eager to spend her time in such pursuits she is also not afraid of getting her hands dirty.

Another thing is Arbrecht. Elanor, while not a particularly bloody young lady, loves her country. She admires its resilience and courage, and dreams of it: big dreams, of a nation the rest of the realm no longer considers "backwards". She sees prosperity, and respect, and even glory...all of which tie into her third love.


Fitzwulf is perfectly aware that war is a key element of Arbrechtian history and culture, but she can't help wishing there was more. She is an incredibly intelligent individual and has devoted hours to her books; at this point in time she is particularly gifted in economics but shows great promise in other fields as well. She adores the arts. It frustrates her that Arbrecht lacks a refined culture to go with the warriors: the talent is there, the promise is there. Arbrecht already makes beautiful ships and perfect armor; in her eye it is only a step or two away from outshining the craftsmanship of the other provinces. All it needs is a taste for beauty and a little effort!--

Elanor is convinced that expanding the arts will be a key step in convincing the rest of Forsilvra that Arbrecht is worth paying mind to, and even further convinced that physical beauty will help lay a foundation for peace. She doesn't care if Arbrecht keeps a valiant, massive standing army in the case of outside threat. She doesn't care if followers of Gerald kill each other on a regular basis. But it would be wonderful if the five kingdoms could settle down, off each other's throats. To Elanor, this stability is something desperately needed in order to allow Arbrecht to grow to its full potential, but for the moment she's kept these thoughts to herself.

She is not exceptionally outgoing, although this is more due her serious nature than any real dislike of people. Elle is a steady companion to those who have won her loyalty, but she is careful about sharing her thoughts so that can be hard to manage. Nor is she talkative: Elanor says what she means and doesn't see the point of rambling on. Even when there is a lot she feels needs to be said, the pacing of her speech is even, tending toward slow, and she does not rush. She has no problem looking people in the eyes, although rather than aggressive her own expression is usually questioning. Elanor likes to wear pretty, well-made gowns in a practical, comfortable style that allows reasonable movement, and is rather proud of her hair. She never wears a lot of jewelry at once, but the pieces she owns are all miniature works of art and she adores having them on her person so she can admire them. She is fond of music and naturally keeps a fine collection of books. Jon's declaration that she would be his heir is easily the greatest honor she has yet been given, and one that she is extremely proud of. Truth be told, however, the girl would rather not wear the province crown. She thinks she could be a good Lord, if only she were a lord, but does not relish the prospect of trying to convince a nation of warlike men that a Lady works just as well. Elanor fears her own weakness if she is ever forced to fight such a battle, and hopes sincerely that she will never have to worry about it.



Elanor is the third legitimate child of William Fitzwulf, and his only daughter. Her mother, Cecelia Kellerman, died of plague when she was only six years old. Elanor, therefore, grew up surrounded by primarily male relatives; she tagged along with them as much as she could and begged them to teach her swordplay and all the other things little boys learned, mostly so that she would have someone to play with. She was an engaging child even then, and she was often indulged, so long as she didn’t neglect her own lessons. She has since shrugged off most of this apparent tomboyishness, distinguishing herself instead as a lady of the house; she takes much pride in ensuring household affairs run smoothly.

She has lived her whole life in Westerland among her family; she is deeply attached to them and takes a lot of pride in being a Fitzwulf. She has never had much of a desire to be somewhere other than Arbrecht despite her interest in the larger world, and indeed is not terribly close to many who don't carry the Fitzwulf name. Elanor is not quick to trust, and this combined with her more reserved nature means that her family is her world.

These days, she still spends much of her time in her studies, but also keeps more abreast of political affairs. She is not nearly so trusting as her brother Jon, and though she admires her brother she worries that he will not command the same respect as her father did, and that he will be taken advantage of. Although she supposes she'll marry in a manner that earns her family political clout, she worries about leaving home too soon – the household needs managing, after all, and Jon’s wife, while capable, does not appear to have settled in quite as well as everyone had hoped.

UPDATE: Please check timeline for prominent events of 242.


[Writing Sample]

Rain slanted against the windowpane, drumming a fast tattoo, and Elanor huddled deeper within the blanket around her shoulders. It wasn't that her room was cold; a fire was snapping in the corner and the tapestries and bedcurtains trapped some warmth. It was that the darkness and rain made her feel cold. The cold was one that settled over the heart, and naturally a blanket would do no good at all.

Still, in a way it was enjoyable. The contrast of the bright room and the way she felt, complemented by a honey-baked scone in one hand and a book in the other, was something delightful in its own bizarre way of doing so. Elanor took another bite of the scone and flipped the page, pulling her mind away from her inner self and back to Caelish legend. The Caeles had stories of war, too, but so many other stories to go with them -- beautiful stories, some of love and some of magic, and even a few where nobody died at all. That was a novelty. "I don't suppose this one has been written into a play?" she wondered aloud, then glanced to the boarhound who had lifted his head at the question. "Caelain likes its theater. It seems a good candidate."

She polished off the scone with another bite, then closed the book and put it aside. Something was making her restless tonight, and it wasn't the distant howling of the wind outside. It was just a feeling, one that was explained in only another moment when a knock sounded and her door swung quietly open.

Elanor did not startle. Aelf had earned a key; Aelf had been a second father ever since she was a tot of four. It was perfectly routine for Aelf to enter whenever he liked, and after so many years she recognized his footsteps before she even heard the knock coming. What was troubling now was the look on his face, and Elanor didn't even ask the question. She didn't need to: it showed in her eyes.

"Lady Alaine is with child."

The guard's rough voice was softened by something, an emotion Elanor couldn't pin, and she sat up a little straighter. "Jon has a baby."

Aelf nodded, the tiniest of smiles curving his mouth at the sudden, wondering light in his charge's eyes. "Aye."

There was a silence, the Fitzwulf daughter turning this over in her head, then after a minute or two came a soft "Imagine that. A Fitzwulf and Blanchard baby."

A moment later and she was standing, one hand wrapped lightly around the bedpost. "You must choose your finest war-friends. Alaine must be safe, always, starting now. And if you know anyone who can listen, we need eyes and ears trained on the men serving her. Nothing untoward must be allowed to get close. Not now, not ever -- Jon's babe will grow up strong."


[Timeline of Events]


Year 224: Elanor Fitzwulf born.
Year 231: Elanor's mother and brother die from the plague.
Year 234-238: The War of Heldenbrecht.
Year 240: Sudden death of King William Fitzwulf, Elanor's father, after erasing the family's war debt.
Year 240: Jon is coronated as king and marries Alaine Blanchard.
Year 242: Jon murdered while participating in melee of Grand Tourney celebrating end of plague.
Year 242: Elanor inherits her brother's position as Province Lord; is crowned Queen of Arbrecht.
Year 242: House Blanchard, Harcourt, Montrose, and Vulferam unite against House Fitzwulf.
Year 242: Elanor personally executes her cousin Jean after the murders of two Harcourt women in the Battle of Fyrsbruck.
Year 242: War of the Wolves ends in defeat for House Fitzwulf, with all survivors killed in battle excepting Edme Montrose Fitzwulf, spared for her heritage as a Montrose, and Elanor, captured alive and awaiting execution.
Year 242: Elanor is spared death at the last minute by arrival of King Adrien Fontenot and his forces.
Year 242: Elanor weds Adrien Fontenot on condition of banishment from Arbrecht.
Year 242: Elanor arrives in Forsilvra Island and begins her rule as Queen.


  • Robert Fitzwulf -- Augustine DeLauncey
    • William Fitzwulf -- Cecilia Kellerman
      • Henry Fitzwulf
      • Jon Fitzwulf -- Alaine Blanchard
      • Elanor Fitzwulf
    • Odo Fitzwulf -- Alainna Strum
      • Lorelei Fitzwulf Linnet
    • Thomas Fitzwulf -- Edme Montrose
      • Ryan Fitzwulf
    • Isabella Fitzwulf Fontenot
    • Elisabeth Fitzwulf Blanchard Alysworth
  • Edward Fitzwulf -- Lenore Fleurant
    • Jean Fitzwulf -- Whitney Brentwood
      • Leofric Fitzwulf
      • Elizabeth Fitzwulf
    • Robert Fitzwulf -- Wife Fitzwulf
      • Edward Fitzwulf
      • Robert Fitzwulf The Younger
      • Harold Fitzwulf
    • Alice Fitzwulf Prothero
  • Eleanore Fitzwulf Blanchard


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