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[Your Information]
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Contact: horn of Gondor

[Public Application]

Character Name: Reagan Morgandy
Character Age: 22
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): September 17th, 219
Current Location: Enyon, Lacharn
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Morgandy
Banner Appearance:

House Description:

The Morgandys were enstated as bannerlords in recognition of their aid in reclaiming Lacharn from invaders more than two hundred years ago. Courageous and loyal, their prowess impressed the Prothero family, to the point where they were awarded the city of Enyon. They have remained dedicated to their lands and people since, and beneath their leadership Enyon has bloomed into a place of laughter, dance and song. The performing arts intermesh with their culture, but they are also known for their trade, among other things, in herbs and tea.

They have a particular affinity for the sea and sailing, most Morgandys and their people being every bit as comfortable on water as they are on land. Such is reflected in their banner- a combination of sea creature, and horse. Many own their own boats, which are as precious to them as family. Morgandys are known for being likeable, and for their immense hospitality towards visitors, but also for their bravery in the face of enmity. Their motto is "Courage Without Fear."
Credit: Collette.

Player Base: Jamie Chung
Appearance: Height: 5'8" Eyes: Grey Hair: Black

Personality: If it were not for their similar familial features, it would be hard for an outsider to guess that Reagan Morgandy was related to her sister Cordelia. Cordelia is a gracious, humble leader of the people of Enyon, whom adore their gregarious and generous leader. Reagan Morgandy also possesses the love of their people - but certainly for entirely different reasons. Spirited, opinionated and impetuous, Reagan is her sister's staunchest supporter and fiercest advocate. Often nicknamed to be the "shark" of the Morgandy family, Reagan's charismatic personality more often than not comes across as confrontational, especially when it comes to those questioning her family or her own policy, and actions. She can be vicious, and uncompromising, as her sister's heir and second in command. Reagan is bold, more prone to run her mouth rather than sit back and listen. A daredevil, Reagan often dismisses risks before she takes them, but this is not to say she is careless. In fact, Reagan is wise to assess her actions before making them, but her headstrong nature makes it difficult for Reagan to back down from any challenge. She has an affinity for leadership, enjoying the feel of control, which at times can make Reagan a difficult person to deal with.


Reagan was born the second daughter and third child to Vanora Morgandy, and as such, was immediately initiated into the warm and loving arms of her generous family. From the moment her life began, Reagan had virtually no responsibilities; her brother would inherit and her sister would make the important political match. Reagan was free, and even at a young age, she knew it. Vanora did little to discourage her third child's rambunctious spirit, already stretched thin raising her family and leading her city. As such, Reagan ran generally amok for the first few years of her life, being indulged in whatever childish pursuits her heart was given to taking.

As soon as she could walk, Reagan toddled after her older brother and sister, trying to keep up. She was their devoted follower. And like any Morgandy child, Reagan was taught early to love and respect the sea for what it was; a source of freedom, of happiness, but a deadly force to be reckoned with. The great expanse was not to be feared, but respected. Reagan saw it as a frontier to be conquered, to take command of - a challenge. She was a veritable fish in water, having accustomed sea-legs from her childhood, possessing an affinity for swimming and sailing. It was from Cordelia that Reagan was taught how to sail, and they spent much of their childhood together out on the waves. The birth of their youngest sister Brietta and brother Drystan was welcomed by Reagan, who had no prior notions of being an only child - rather, their company was appreciated and Reagan kept Brietta close to her, hoping to provide the same guidance that Cordelia had shown her. It was in these years that Reagan's true personality began to show, and her greatest strengths and weaknesses made themselves evident. Never one to back down, Reagan has accumulated a myriad of various scars on her otherwise porcelain skin, from such altercations as being dared by Tristen to dive off the first-floor balcony. Vanora often chided her third child for viewing everything in life as a competition, but it was clear from the start that Reagan danced to her own tune.

Reagan was fourteen when Vanora fell ill with the plague and died, and the loss of her mother hit Reagan hard, as it did all of Lady Morgandy's children. Reagan was still growing out of her childish ways, and the unexpected and crippling loss of her mother made Reagan become even more attached to Cordelia's side, looking to her sister for guidance as the mother-figure she lost. The seat of Enyon had passed to Reagan's eldest brother, Tristen, and for five years, her brother ruled well. He had the support of his family, and with their strength, tried to carry on the legacy that his mother left him. Reagan was critical of her brother's performance; still grieving the loss of her mother, Reagan found it difficult to support the decisions Tristen made, under the guise that Vanora Morgandy was the true leader. But tragedy was no stranger to the Morgandy family and in 238, Tristen perished at sea. Reagan was nineteen at the time, but his death hit her as keenly as the passing of their mother, especially considering their strained relationship over the past few years. Reagan has yet to forgive herself for their personal rift, and as yet another family member disappeared from view, Reagan began to gather her remaining siblings closer to her with more fervor. As was befitting the line of inheritance, Cordelia became Banner Lady, and Reagan immediately took to her place as heir to the seat of Enyon. In this position, Reagan thrived, lapsing out of her childish behavior, taking on the role eagerly and with purpose.

However, Brietta's suicide served as almost crippling the family. Although they all knew that their youngest sister had become more reclusive and depressed, the Morgandys believed Brietta would prevail until the day she cast herself out over the bluffs. Cordelia withdrew from the public eye and even her family's support for almost a month, retreating within herself with grief. For that brief time, Reagan rallied Cordelia's advisers and tried to shoulder the burden of her absent sister as best she could, keeping up appearances for the position while Cordelia seemed to wither. Reagan feared for her sister, and would wait outside her sister's rooms for hours, trying to help draw her sister out of her malaise. Cordelia's sudden lapse in strength seemed to draw the opposite response from Reagan - the remaining sister began to assert herself, assuming the leadership responsibilities while her sister grieved. It was a long, arduous month, but something stirred in Cordelia, and with overwhelming happiness Reagan saw her sister return - perhaps not to her old self, but as the self-assured leader of Enyon.

Present day finds the Morgandy family thriving, despite their successive losses. Reagan draws strength from her remaining siblings, and has become more involved in supporting her sister's position as Banner Lady. Reagan is a proud creature and preens at the chance to represent her family's strong name, and as such has made her presence known among the nobility of Lacharn. However, Cordelia's recent engagement to Cadwallader Prothero has put Reagan on edge - she is ever fearful of an interloper and is concerned how this marriage will change things for the Morgandy family.

Writing Sample:

The sun was just beginning to set, sending cascading colors of burnt orange and pinkish hues across the rippling waves. Their greedy tongues lapped against the thick columns of the pier and Reagan stood at the very edge, her bare toes almost tipping over the side as she watched the skyline, her filmy silken gown being tugged all about her in the wind. She took a deep breath, drinking in the evening breeze. Her grey eyes glanced down below, to where the dark water churned, and for a moment, Reagan cringed, hesitating.

... But not tonight. Tonight, she was to sit down with Cordelia and map out her sister's plan for travelling to the Capital. There was no time for games, for a late-night swim. There was work to be done.

[Time Line Events]

Year 217: Cordelia Morgandy is born.
Year 219: Reagan Morgandy is born.
Year 223: Brietta Morgandy is born.
Year 225: Drysten Morgandy is born.
Year 233: Vanora and Sayer Morgandy succumb to the plague. Tristen Morgandy becomes bannerlord.
Year 238: Tristen Morgandy dies. Cordelia Morgandy becomes bannerlord.
Year 239: Brietta Morgandy takes her own life.
Year 241: Game Start.

Family Genealogy:

-Erlina Morgandy -- Lacharn Husband
-Vanora Morgandy -- Husband
-Tristen Morgandy
-Cordelia Morgandy
-Reagan Morgandy
-Brietta Morgandy
-Drystan Morgandy
-Devin Morgandy -- Jacqueline Fontenot Morgandy
-Conall Morgandy
-Kegan Morgandy
-Raelin Morgandy -- Husband
-Lann Morgandy
-Sayer Morgandy
-Enid Morgandy
-Shayla Morgandy
-Bryce Morgandy Prothero -- Blodwyn Prothero
-Saraid Morgandy -- Husband

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