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Default [05.1] The Plague - Turpis Morbi

Turpis Morbi, or more commonly known as "the plague," started in the city of Ernsaw in 231. It's origins prior to this are unknown. Ernsaw ports were put on lockdown after the initial months of the plague outbreak, in an attempt to quell whatever foreign vector it was created by, but the plague had already started taking hold of the League of Arbrecht.

The incubation period of Turpis Morbi is anywhere from 12 to 20 days. There are two possible strains: one that causes the pox of the skin, most commonly found in patches on the face, thighs and armpits, often called "the scales"; and one that takes hold of the upper respiratory system, often called "black lung." "Black lung" provides a quicker, more abrupt death, some recorded cases resulting in death a mere three days after initial symptoms. The victim may not present with outward pox but is gripped with a racking cough, producing a black, bile-type substance. "The scales" is a more prolonged death, where the pox would begin to appear on the victim's skin within seven to ten days of intial infection, and death most often occurring within a week of the first skin outbreak. The pox can even spread to the inside of one's mouth and throat, leaving the victim in excruciating pain in the duration of the illness. There are virtually no recorded cases of a person surviving contracting the "black lung," however, one out of four people who contracted "the scales" managed to survive, albeit with physical scars.

Turpis Morbi is thought to have spread through several vectors, the most common being vermin, and the proximity to those who contract the illness. Each province has tried in it's own ways to deal with the illness, each with varying remedies and wards against disease. The most common practice has been the unfortunate burning of bodies in the North, under the assumption the infected corpses were contaminating the soil.

Timeline of the Plague:
231 AF: Plague starts in the north, in the city of Ernsaw. Named Turpis Morbi for the the tiny bumps that occured on the skin.
232 AF: Plague covers much of the Arbrecht and the Vandermark. Initially named "The Ernsaw Plague" because of the starting location.
233 AF: Plague hits Belleile, Queen Corenna Faerald Fontenot dies.
234 AF: King Joseph Fontenot dies of plague. Adrien Fontenot becomes King at the age of eight. His uncle Stephane steps up as Regent.
235 AF: Plague sweeps through Lacharn and Caelain, the death toll mounting.
236 AF: Plague reaches Ahestere.
240 AF: Last documented case of the plague.
241 AF: Game start.

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