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Default Elisabeth Fitzwulf Blanchard Alysworth

[Your Information]
Name: Tink
Contact: Fairy Dust

[Public Application]

Character Name: Elisabeth Fitzwulf Blanchard Alysworth
Character Age: 40
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): March 9, 201
Current Location: Porthaeron, Caelain
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Birth- Fitzwulf, Blanchard- First marriage, Alysworth- Second marriage
Banner Appearance:
House Description: Latara is writing this.....

Player Base: Lena Headey
Elisabeth stands at a height of five foot five, with blond hair that almost reaches the full length of her back. Her eyes are hazel in color- appearing more green than anything else. She wears a bracelet emblazoned with the stag of House Alysworth on it at all times- a gift from her husband when they first wed. She also tends to dress simply yet elegantly. She only wears ostentatious things when there is a courtly function. She normally likes to leave her hair down, but will put it up if the occasion calls for it. Her figure is no longer slender after frequent pregnancies and births but she has a healthy, womanly shape.

Personality: Elisabeth started out as a shy, timid girl. She did everything to please others, so much so that she was often looked over by others. Elisabeth did whatever was asked of her without complaint. She became educated as was acceptable, didn't talk back to any of her family, learned to sew, dance and remained humble. She made sure she was always presentable, kind and malleable. She was so timid she often let others express themselves over her. It was only by the coaxing of her mother and sister did she become more assertive. In fact much of her life she let her older brothers dictate what she would do. It was only however upon meeting her husband that she became more of an independent thinker of sorts. This isn't to say she drastically became outspoken, but over time she started to realize she should be the one to control her life, not others.

It started in her teenage years when she began to rebel, at least it didn't appear so outwardly. Elisabeth was still the girl that did as others bid her, but overtime as she started to fall in love she later realized the brevity of her situation. When her brother William rejected to break her betrothal, she snapped. From that day on she knew she would have control of her own life and fate- no one else ever would. With her first husband's death however she became scared and fled, coming to Caelain. It was the day she wed Lydon Alysworth she knew the true meaning of happiness and from then on, Elisabeth cared nothing more for her birth family. She blossomed into motherhood quickly, doting upon her children and allowing them the freedom she never had growing up. She coddled and pampered them and even let them run free but she made sure they were still punished whenever they required it.

Overtime Elisabeth has grown into a confident women. She is intelligent and carries herself well. She can hold her own in a discussion on politics and war but she makes sure not to overly state her opinions. She is a devoted wife and mother, but more so she is blatantly happy. She adores her family, her husband and all the good in her life. However she has been plagued over the years with the recurring nightmare of her first wedding. She has her doubts from time to time that she was the intended one that was to be killed. She is thankful she was spared, but sometimes wondered what if the would be assassins had gotten her?

She is a steadfast rock to her family, making sure her children are happy as well as her husband. She comforts them when they need it, kisses their bruises and provides her husband with all the support and love that she can. She knows it is rare as she does to have a loving marriage. Elisabeth would have no other man in her life except her husband (well including her sons, but that's different) and has never once even thought of straying from her marriage bed. She is devoted and loyal and above all else has been determined to make her twenty three year marriage still as strong as it was when she first wed.

Calm and collected, Elisabeth is a woman that in almost any situation does not show her true emotions if any strong ones were to overwhelm her. It is not that she isn't capable of anger, resentment, jealousy or bitterness, she just thrives on showing true courtly manners and giving respect to those even if they haven't earned it. Elisabeth is not quick to judge and chooses to see people for who they present themselves to be but she knows actions can speak louder than words. An intelligent woman, she is well read and articulate but would never stray so far to debate politics and share her opinions unless specifically asked of her. Of course she is more often honest with her husband, but around other men she makes sure to keep her intelligence in check so she does not overstep her boundaries. She presents herself as the calm, collected lady at most times with an occasional bout of sarcasm and hint of dry humor if the situation calls for it. However in privacy she can completely become a different woman- she is far more expressive in private than she is in public.

Elisabeth however is easily angered when a threat is made upon her family. She is fiercely protective of them and her personality can almost seemingly make a 180 degree turn from the pleasant, even tempered woman to one that is extremely vengeful and vindictive. Elisabeth is highly protective of her children and husband and would harm anyone no questions asked if they threatened her family. She can be known to throw caution and logic out the window when it comes to them, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

History: Born in Westerland, Elisabeth has what she calls the unfortunate circumstance of birth of being a Fitzwulf. She was a daughter of Robert Fitzwulf and Augustine DeLauncey Fitzwulf, the youngest to be exact of five children. She was a girl, but raised like all the other Fitzwulfs: she was proud. Elisabeth was closer to her sister Isabella, although the girl was a few years older than herself, but Elisabeth loved her siblings none the less, as much as she could anyways. Her life was utterly dominated by her older brother William.

Her father had been a man that teetered more on the crazier side- and from the moment she could learn to talk, crawl and walk Elisabeth's life and actions were dictated by her brother. He was twelve when she was born- by the time she was three he became the dominate force of the Fitzwulf family. She grew up in fear of William, the Fitzwulf's towering patriarch. She was not sure how she stood in his eyes, but Elisabeth made sure at first to never displease him. She took to her lessons, learned her courtesies, how to walk, talk and act like a lady. She did as her elder siblings bid her, never once testing her boundaries. Elisabeth was a respectable girl and lady- she was quiet, simple mannered- odd for a Fitzwulf. But the first years of her life she was not a typical wolf for a Fitzwulf- she was a quiet, malleable girl. Almost weak. It wasn't until much later in her life Elisabeth realized she had more strength than she could have ever known.

It started when she was nine, when a boy came to ward with the family. Lydon Alysworth. She at first accepted him without any question, playing with him like she would a brother and it ended up no differently than any other sibling type of relationship. They had their squabbles, fights and Elisabeth was even closer to the boy than she was her own siblings. Yet when she turned twelve she was betrothed- formally, to a Blanchard. A Prince of Heldenbrecht. Elisabeth accepted it when her brother William had told her- after all he was the Lord of their family. She had always done as William bid her too. There were no complaints, that was until a few years later- she found herself growing more fond of Lydon than as a brother. She found herself falling in love and her betrothal- it was in the way. It was at the ripe age of fifteen she went to her brother- begging him to break her betrothal. She wanted to marry the man she loved- not be forced to marry some stranger, particularly a Blanchard. The Blanchards were vile- awful. But William would not have it. Her marriage would end years of bloodshed, war- her marriage would bring them peace between the Fitzwulfs and the Blanchards.

Elisabeth hated him after that. If her brother was not going to help her- she would have to take care of herself.

When Lydon left the next year, Elisabeth felt her heart sink. She knew of her impending wedding and finally on her sevententh birthday she was shipped off to Heldenbrecht, a guard assigned to her. In two weeks she was to be wed and in this time she plotted. If she ever wanted to follow her heart- she would have to do the unthinkable. But did she have the courage? Finally on the eve of her wedding, there was talk of an assassination. Her guards remained extra careful after that- making sure she would be kept alive to wed the Blanchard prince. The next morning, tearful she said her vows to become Adelard Blanchard's wife. The feast was joyous, although Elisabeth felt all the stares and whispers on her. She was a Fitzwulf-she would never be welcomed here. Yet during the feast her husband had started to become ill- strangely so. Unable to consummate the marriage, she kept it a secret- vowing not to tell anyone that he was incapable of it, as Adelard had begged her when he had taken her to bed and much to his dismay was impotent, a strange sort of ailment quickly taking him. The next morning when she awoke, she found her husband dead. Elisabeth screamed, terror in her. It was uncovered later that an assassination attempt had been made – to kill her, missing instead and killing Adelard. In fear Elisabeth fled with the assisstance of a few local fishermen and a merchant, taking a boat to Caelain. She would be safe here- she had to be. It was in Porthaeron she brought herself to Lydon's doorstep, crying and in fear. She told him of what had happened and it was there, quietly they wed.

Elisabeth sent word back to her brother, and from then on, cared no more for her blood family.

From then on Elisabeth had nothing to do with her family anymore, her birth family that is. Lydon had married her and saved her life-she was safe on Caelain, she had the man she loved to protect her. All was fine, at least from the looks of things. Her husband was Lord of Porthaeron and not long after they were wed she gave birth to their first child, a son. Her following years were peaceful, loving and Elisabeth blossomed with motherhood and all her subsequent pregnancies. She knew she would not raise her children the way she had been- instead doting upon them, perhaps even spoiling them but making sure they at least stayed in line. When the plauge had arrived however, she learned just how precious life was- when surrounding family members had died. Elisabeth prayed it too didn't reach her children. When her last daughter Rosamund was born- she settled into raising her children, giving her husband comfort and guidance and occasionally ruling from time to time in his absence when the occasion called for it.

It was seven years after Rosamund's birth when quite another surprise came-while Elisabeth had been happy with her five children, she discovered she was with child again- and finally gave birth to a sixth child, a little boy named Garek. She perhaps dotes more on her youngest son as he is still young, yet Elisabeth loves all her children equally. With her daughter's betrothal and her children becoming older, she knows her son will have to become betrothed too at some point but Elisabeth knows her husband will pick a good candidate after all they have had a loving relationship their entire marriage. They'd at least allow their children some imput on their marriages. Elisabeth would never put her own children in the same situation she was- faced in a marriage with a man she did not love, even dreaded.

Still she keeps her secrets as any woman does and constantly wonders- what if she had been killed instead of Adelard? She keeps her husband close, her children closer and prays every night they stay safe and happy. Elisabeth will claim fully that she is an Alysworth now- the only family she has that has ever felt like her own.

Writing Sample:
Elisabeth remembered the smiles, the laughter that had followed her husband. “You will be happy here.” The looks they had all given her were cold stares. She was the daughter of their enemy, how could they love her? A symbol of the family that had plagued them for years, raided them, pillaged them. Grabbing her goblet of wine she took a sip. She was going mad. No, I am married to Lydon. Not him. Not him. She had repeated this to herself over and over, choking through the marriage ceremony. They would have to go consummate the marriage soon. Her stomach was ready to turn.

She turned to look at her husband- but the face was not his. No, it was Adelard's. It was then the blood seeped from his mouth and he grabbed at her. His hands were bloody. “You murdering bitch! You did this! You killed me. One day they will all see you for what you really are Elisabeth. A murderer.” She screamed then when his hands grabbed her throat and she couldn't breathe. He was choking her. She was going to die. She tried to scream at him, to tell him it wasn't her fault. She hadn't done anything. She was innocent. She had tried to get him off her and slowly her breathing had started to stop...

“Mother, mother wake up. Wake up.” The lightning had flashed outside again through her window. Elisabeth opened her eyes. Familiar eyes greeted her from her vision-Lydon’s eyes- no, Garek, her son. He had clutched a coverlet around him. “What is it sweetling?” She murmured quietly at her youngest child. He had always been scared of thunderstorms. "I can't sleep. The light is too bright. Can I sleep here?” Elisabeth could feel her heart beating fast within her chest. “Of course. Just don't wake up your father.” She turned for a moment to look at the sleeping form of her husband. It had only been a dream. A dream.

She shifted further down the bed, allowing more room for her son to climb in, letting him rest his head against her chest while she settled beside Lydon, her own head resting near his pillow. She fell asleep again listening to his breathing, telling herself the same thing over and over.

It was only just a dream.

[Time Line Events]
Year 201: Elisabeth Fitzwulf is born.
Year 209: Lydon Alysworth is warded to the Fitzwulfs.
Year 213: Elisabeth Fitzwulf is betrothed to Adelard Blanchard.
Year 217: Lydon Alysworth returns to Porthaeron, Caelain.
Year 218: Elisabeth Fitzwulf travels to Heldenbrect to wed Adelard Blanchard. Adelard Blanchard is poisoned on their wedding night. Elisabeth flees to Porthaeron, Caelain.. She promptly weds Lydon Alysworth quietly.
Year 219: Son Alysworth is born.
Year 223: Vesper Alysworth is born.
Year 224: Son Alysworth is born.
Year 225: Daughter Alysworth is born.
Year 227: Rosamund Alysworth is born.
Year 234: Garek Alysworth is born.

Family Genealogy:

  -Robert Fitzwulf -- Augustine DeLauncey
    - William Fitzwulf -- Cecilia Kellerman
      - Henry Fitzwulf
      - Jon Fitzwulf -- Alaine Blanchard
       &nbsp ;- Unborn Child
      - Matilda Fitzwulf
    - Odo Fitzwulf -- Alainna Strum
      - Lorelei Fitzwulf Linnet
    - Isabella Fitzwulf Fontenot
    - Thomas Fitzwulf -- Edme Montrose
      - Fitzwulf Son
    - Elisabeth Fitzwulf Blanchard Alysworth
  - Edward Fitzwulf -- Lenore Fleurant
    - Jean Fitzwulf -- Wife Fitzwulf
      - Leofric Fitzwulf
      - Elizabeth Fitzwulf
    - Robert Fitzwulf -- Wife Fitzwulf
      - Edward Fitzwulf
      - Robert Fitzwulf The Younger
      - Harold Fitzwulf
    - Alice Fitzwulf Prothero
  - Eleanore Fitzwulf Hallvador

    - William Fitzwulf -- Mary Belberry
      - Alan Hound

    - William Fitzwulf -- Henrietta Aetheling
      - Bolton Hound
      - Cedric Hound
      - Edgar Hound

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Very good. Approved. Now let's see... either Latara or Gent should approve. It's difficult to decide.

Let's go with your present House, and ask Latara.
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