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Default [02.0] Character Creation Process

Character creation

Character creation in Forsilvra is not as cut and dry as other role playing games. The characters here are entwined through family and marriage, and are parentage, siblings, children, etc. In order to create your character, you will likely need to speak with the creators of characters whose history may affect your own. Follow these steps, and you'll be fine.

  • Read up on the History, and the Timeline to see what's happened so far in the game. Province Summary might also be a good idea.
  • Select a character who catches your imagination.
    • View the House Information to see who is open, who is adoptable. Remember to be sure your character’s name matches the format used for the house. Look at the Player Bases of the character in play to be sure your PB looks as though he/she would be born in the same house.
    • Look at the Major Character Requests post if you want more specific ideas.
    • Look at the previous profile if you're interested in an adoptable canon character (or a noncanon, though those are more flexible)
  • Look at the profile of the lord of that house, if you are interested in a house that is already in play. Otherwise, look up your Province Lord and then PM them to discuss making a new banner house. Note: New players cannot make a new banner house for their first character.
  • Read the profiles of other linked characters in the genealogy. Check out the library information for the house.
  • Place a Hold on the character if they're already listed in the genealogy, and the pb you want to have. For a list of taken and unavailable PB's, look here. Yes, you have to have an avatar, and your PB must be a real person- no drawings or artwork.
  • Write your profile, giving consideration to the guidelines listed below this list, and using the Application Template, and post it in the Profile Applications Forum.
  • Set up your account using the Account Set Up Information
  • Wait for approval by the Province Lord, another kingdom member of the PLs choosing, and your admin. You will get a minimum of 3 approval stamps total. The final stamp will be from one of the admins with our approval template.
  • PLAY!!

[Character Considerations]

  • What is your character's family like? How do they act toward one another?
  • What is your character's place within their family? Are they the heir? Are they a daughter? A third-born? A cousin to the lord? What rights and responsibilities (or insecurities) come with this situation?
  • Is your character a bannerlord for a greater noble? Who is their liege lord? What is their liege lord's current position within the court? In favor? Obscurity?
  • What is your character's relationship with their liege lord? Do they get along or is it a distant, stiff formality? Is your character truly loyal or do they secretly plot the downfall of those in power?
  • Who is your character likely to know at court? Surely they will know their neighboring bannerlords, but will they know absolutely everyone in their province by sight? Have they made an unlikely friend or enemy somewhere? Do they truly know one else, having mostly remained within their own lands?
  • What are your character's goals? Do they want power and glory, or peace and quiet? Freedom, or the security of belonging? What are they willing to do to achieve it? What have they already done?
  • Keep in mind the different provinces have different religions. For more on the specific religions, check out the Religion section of the library.
  • How did The Plague impact this character? Was anyone they were close to taken?
  • Check out the Monthly news for the most recent events that may have impacted your character.

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