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[Your Information]
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[Public Application]

Character Name: Gaius Versalius Artcurius DeLauncey
Character Age: 50
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): 23rd November, 190
Current Location: Forsilvra Island
House: DeLauncey by birth

Player Base: Sean Bean

Six foot two inches, built with plenty of muscle. Perhaps two hundred and fifty pounds in weight.
Personality: Gaius is very, very good at what he does. He is a man who can sit in a stifling hot room with hundreds of reports and write a hundred letters, calculate a thousand averages to pinpoint accuracy, and make precise decisions on grain quotas, how to encourage livestock herding, push for certain types of crop in certain areas. Where other men would find the constant stream of fisheries, forges, farms, workshops, breeding kennels, and other producers, boring to the point of insanity, Gaius seems able to go over every report and make a concise and logical decision. It's like his mind hasn't got the ability to be bored with things that are conventionally boring. Because of him, the Authority of Welfare is considered one of the easiest jobs in the Capital; but those in the know accept that it is probably the most difficult. He does not at all care for the welfare of the common man, but sees it as a source of pride to reduce death rates, increase productivity, etc.
He's been doing it for fifteen odd years, and his personality has suffered.

Where he once had a reputation for brawling and drinking, he is now regarded as thoroughly boring, never getting into illicit fights, drinking only at dinner and rarely to excess. Often silent, Gaius rarely joins in conversation, prefering to sit back and listen while others talk, and this is simply because he cares very little for the gossip and titter-tatter of the Court. When he does open his mouth, Gaius is the very epitomy of dry, cutting wit - he once came across a young woman with startlingly multi-coloured hair. The woman eventually challenged his staring, and he responded 'Fucked a parrot once. Might you be my daughter?'. Sometimes, this can be drawn out in harsh tirades, analysing the cut and walk of a man or woman with an analytical, clear mind, and is often known as harrowing. Perhaps most powerful of this is his tone; he seems thoroughly bored whenever he does this, as if addressing something even more tedious than his grain reports.

The man is widely known amongst his family for having a hair-trigger temper. Usually, his placid self is virtually unmovable to emotion. But mention the fact that his wife is of higher birth than him in a mocking sense, and he will physically assault you, shouting curses and horrific threats all the while. It is a sudden explosion from the calm, contemptful administrator to a six foot two adult male with a fierce reputation. For the reason Gaius hasn't gone to waste is he is perhaps one of the best duellists in the world; practising, without any interruption since he was ten, four hours a day, every day. His hands are steady as grounded boulders, his footwork is simply unbelievable, and his facial expression never changes, the whole while. And his all that is holy, his aim! The man never misses a mark in the ring, and this has meant his foes rarely die in the duel; a touch to the sword hand and they simply can no longer fight.

But not all of the DeLauncey's interactions are with other men, papers or swords. His Wife utterly dominates him, both socially and sexually, and he tends to react to this with a bored smile and a wink. Truthfully, he is immensely attracted to his wife, even in her waning years, and has fallen head over heels in love during his time. Though they are often apart, he welcomes every second he spends with his family, and is ruthlessly protective of them. His hair trigger temper extends to rumours on his wife's fidelity - anyone making improper claims swiftly find a duel being proposed if they're lucky, the nearest heavy object to their jaw if they're not.
The rest of his family tire him. Only once has he dulled a fellow DeLauncey, his brother Marcus, in which Gaius simply tripped the man up and pointed a long steel at his throat, before the fight had properly started. The matter was forgotten - Marcus never insulted Alvea again. This is an example of an overriding tolerance of fellow DeLaunceys that Gaius exhibits. He'll put up with them to a point, but if they cross the line, he'll be far gentler on them than if they were outside the family. For their part, Gaius is seen as a boring, old bastard with no fire to him except when you step on a 'tripwire'. The outbursts are refered to as a 'Welfare Dispute' by some.

Towards his children, Gaius is sullen, but relentlessly indulgent - they struggle to get a life lesson out of him, or a pat on the shoulder, but anything they desire he will give, and Gaius sits straight in the definition of Papa Wolf. Make his kid cry, he'll break a leg. Make his kid bleed, and he'll veeeery slowly torture you to death. Seriously. Do not fuck with Gaius's kids. Insulting his wife, implying he's a cuckold and so much as giving his children a dirty look are his tripwires. You can do anything else to the man, but these things will set him off like a lit match to nitroglycerin.
Gaius is rather sullen and angry towards other Councillors and the King in particular, though it was his Uncle who decreed that his children could not stay on Forsilvra Island.

Gaius was the second son and the third child, and he was given the lovely duty of being ignored, mostly. His tutors liked him from an early age, but Gaius was mostly dragged in to just be a spare body in countless plays, lessons, games, even dances. Of it all, his father and mother seemed hardly to care, much doting on Marcus and Araline, while Gaius just faded into the background. He was always considered the boring, uninteresting one, even in comparison to Julius. Often told so, the young man slowly became more and more reclusive in his childhood years, until, by the age of ten, he had few friends and rarely ever conversed with his family.

Instead, Gaius took to fencing and economics. In his spare time, he would fence until his muscles ached and his feet felt like lead, in his lessons he learned only of mathematics and the economy; industry, agriculture, how things were made, the skills required to run a farm - the young man wrote his father a letter asking for this, and it was granted. He was just the spare, after all. As long as he learned SOMETHING, it was acceptable, right?
Well, firstly, Gaius's economics teacher was a foreign man called Albert Reinhardt, and he was perhaps the most sharp-tongued, sarcastic and snide man who ever lived. His ability to snark and insult was equalled only by his clear, analytical insight and his talent for instilling that same mind in his student. As ever, Gaius hated the man, but was fascinated, and Albert became Gaius's personal attendant. Most often, they traded barbs and theory, Gaius eschewing all other activites completely, in favour of study and fencing.

As Gaius grew, he was cruelly encouraged to publish his papers on crop rotation and fencing techniques to the scholars of The Vandermark, via Albert's ruthless declarations that the blockheads who formed the intellectual community would be utterly bemused. Gaius eventually published a paper on the benefits of heating steel in a gradual and slow manner during forging in his fifteenth year, and was astonished to find the piece lauded and well published. Soon, Vandermark Steel was well sought after far and wide due to it's razor edge and ease of use.

In time, the young man became one of the foremost scholars on production in the land due to Reinhardt's teachings, and by the time of twenty-five was acting as an administrator most of the DeLauncey lands, having been an aide to his Uncle who originally held the position. Of course, Gaius married Isabelle Fontenot around his twentieth year, but they spent the first ten years of their marriage in The Vandermark, before Gaius was appointed as Authority of Welfare to the entirety of the Kingdom. This shocked him, but pleased him; until he realised just how much work the Authority required.
It took Gaius a year to properly acclimatise to the job, and it turned him quiet, sharp and very smart. His love for his wife blossomed everyday he came home and engaged in ordered, intelligent debate with her, before making love before the fire.

His defense of his children dealt a blow to this relationship, and the family as a whole, when a young boy attacked and insulted Josephine. Gaius beat the boy so hard the lad would never walk again, his rage said to be horrific to behold. In the following duel with the boy's father, Gaius displayed to all how deadly he could be with a blade; he teased the man out, second by second, before lancing his blade through the man's throat. For this scandal, Gaius would not apologise, so Stephane Fontenot sent the DeLauncey children home, with the Council's agreement, and Gaius was put on metaphorical probation for the rest of his life.

This strained his relationship with his Wife, but they eventually reconciled. Because of this, though he loves his daughters and spils them, he is frightfully cold with them at times, and sometimes disproves of how DeLauncey they are.

In his capacity as Authority of Welfare, Gaius was forced to deal with the plague, and though it barely harmed him directly, his stressful nights as grain production and general welfare fell caused the man to search desperately for a cure, or a preventative measure. With nothing truly effective to be found, quarantines were ordered across the Kingdom for severely ill victims, but this was too little too late.
In the time since the plague's disappearance, Gaius has thrown himself even more so into his work, diverting and directing funds and supplies from well-off regions to heavily struck ones, and issuing basic commands to aid production. So far, these measures are working.

Writing Sample:

A flick of the wrist. A touch of the fingers. Gaius DeLauncey in a duel was death's best friend, and a man's worst enemy. Ever movement he made had to be watched, even in his old years, where he wasn't as quick, not as savage, less inclined to risks. But he was wiser...he was harder to beat because his balance wasn't there - he was always in control of where every inch of him went, no matter the situation. And Sir Baertand was trying to beat him; foolishly.
The red-haired knight wore a bruise on his right eye with shame, but carried his thick sword with pride. A Caelish man, Sir Baertand had been stupid enough to make a quip about Isabelle DeLauncey as Gaius was passing; culminating in a welfare dispute, aka, Gaius beating the man unconscious while SCREAMING to be informed of what the man had said.

A week later, and Gaius had no wish to kill the man. He was young, foolish, a slip of the tongue. Noone would be tempting fate around the Authority of Welfare again for sometime.

So Gaius let the young man go for him. A clumsy thrust, a slow hack, the strikes of a man who knew nothing about duelling. Poke, and Gaius had speared the swordhand. Poke, and the Caelish man had lost the use of his right arm up to the elbow, mainly because Gaius's thin rapier had lanced through it. But then the memory of what he had said sparked into Gaius's mind, and with a flick of the wrist and a touch of his fingers, the DeLauncey plucked out Sir Baertand's eye as if spearing an olive with a knife.

Screaming and gore covered the duelling ring.
"I guess that..." Gaius smirked "...he didn't have an eye for detail."

[Time Line Events]

Year 190: Born.
Year 210: Marries Isabelle Fontenot.
Year 210: Demetrius DeLauncey is born.
Year 215: Kid DeLauncey is born.
Year 216: Kid DeLauncey is born.
Year 217: Warrine DeLauncey is born.
Year 220: Gaius appointed Authority of Welfare.
Year 224: Marcheline and Josephine DeLauncey born.
Year 230: DeLauncey children return to The Hollows.
Year 241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:

Marcus DeLauncey twin - Wife
--Rufus Addam DeLauncey
--Cassius Theodore "Teddy" DeLauncey - Fiancee
--Tiberius Lexington DeLauncy
--Thelonius Larson DeLauncey
--Lucius DeLauncey 22
--Eveline DeLauncey 19
Araline Lady twin -- husband
Gaius DeLauncey 50 - Isabelle Fontenot DeLauncey 52
-- Demetrius DeLauncey -- Wife
-- Warrine DeLauncey
-- Josephine DeLauncey twin to Marcheline, 16
-- Marcheline DeLauncey twin to Jospehine, 16
-- Feronius DeLauncey
Julius DeLauncey -- Old Lady
-- Augustine DeLauncey -- Husband
-- Alexandrine DeLauncey - Fiance
-- Arius DeLauncey
Marcellus DeLauncey -- Old Man
-- Rufus DeLauncey - Fiancee
-- Ervine DeLauncey
Ammeline DeLauncey 30 - Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI
-----child, 1 year old

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