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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Played by Latara
RP Experience: N/A
Your Character's Player Base: Gong Li


[Basic Information]

Character Name:*Rhiannon Prothero
Character Age: Passed Away at Age 38
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 13, 202
Home Castle/City: Llywarch, Lacharn
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Prothero



Rhiannon is thoughtful and careful. She takes her time in making decisions, especially with big decisions, and will rarely make smalltalk or fill up space with unnecessary words. She hates to make mistakes, and would much prefer to put off a decision if she thinks she can come up with a foolproof plan. Rhiannon has always been very studious, and a quick learner at her lessons as a child. She is very serious, to the point of being almost humorless, but can enjoy a joke every now and then. She is more a thinker than a doer, never excelling as much in her lessons of combat than others in her family. She finds her strengths more in strategy, and knows that’s where she would be useful should conflict ever come to Lacharn.

She is very controlled, somewhat closed off, and people rarely see all sides of her. Only a few ever have, and those are members of her own family. She has little patience for emotional outbursts out of others, and thus does not have them much herself. She prefers to get upset behind closed doors, alone, and then emerge once again put together. Because of this, she can seem cold to others, even those she’s close to. It took her some time to warm up to the idea of having a husband, and was quite distant from him in the first few months of their marriage. She prefers to work on most things alone, although she understands that as a Province leader that is not feasible to do all the time.*

She is loyal to her family and her province. While understanding the nature of Forsilvra as a united nation, she knows she is responsible for the safety and stability of Lacharn, and that she represents them. House Prothero also has stressed making decisions for the good of the family, and Rhiannon has taken this to heart. Rhiannon is also dutiful in her practice of Quintism, something that has been passed down in her family, especially since after the takeover.*

In the past ten years when plague ravaged the country, Rhiannon has darkened. The death of her father, infant niece, and especially her brother, has left her with even fewer close family members, and trying to protect her Province has left her worn down. While she knows it eventually was in every Province, her failure to keep the plague out of Lacharn stings as her most significant failure, and a failure that led to deaths in her own family. She is more prone to getting upset now, although still prefers to deal with it on her own time rather than having outbursts.

Credit: Latara



Rhiannon was born the first born child of Blodwyn Prothero and her husband, Bryce Prothero nee Morgandy. Because she was the first born, she was trained from birth to eventually hold the Province seat of Lacharn. She was a very serious child, always paying attention to her lessons and giving the utmost gravity to every situation. She was always close with her siblings, but her closest friend was her brother Cadfael, four years her junior. He had a more easy going personality than Rhiannon did, and they had always balanced each other out well. Her sister Rhosyn and she had a more antagonistic, competitive relationship, but they still are both devoted to the family fiercely.

When she was very young, her parents arranged her a marriage with the Merrick family, in their son Balthasar. She did not think much about this, as it would not happen until they were both of age, and she was told repeatedly that it was a good marriage for the future of the house. They married quickly after they were both of age. It took Rhiannon some time to get used to having a partner in things, as her responsibilities grew due to being of age. She quickly got pregnant, and there was much celebration in the city when the heir was born, a son. She was pregnant again nearly as soon as her first, and a daughter was born in 223.

Soon after the birth of their son, Rhiannon took Balthasar down to the docks with her to view the food coming in for the castle. A merchant from another country brought in some fruit, a variety Rhiannon had never seen before. To her, they looked normal enough, but Balthasar seemed suspicious of the merchant. He had brought his pet monkey with him, and quickly fed one of the fruits to it, as the merchant looked, trying to keep a blank face. Rhiannon had begun speaking to one of the other merchants as the monkey took ill, falling off of Balthasar’s shoulder. The fruit had been poisoned, and the merchant was taken into custody. It was at this point that Rhiannon began to trust more in Balthasar, and respect his contributions more.*

Her mother died suddenly of a short illness in 224. Rhiannon was shocked, and was suddenly thrust into the position of ruling the Province. It was earlier than most had expected, as her mother had been in good health for most of her life. Rhiannon was prepared, though, and she was able to work through her grief. There was a lot of work to be done in the Province, still, and she was able to move forward. In the first few years of her reign, she spent much of her time pregnant, but luckily they were easy pregnancies and she was able to proceed unabated.*

The plague started being spotted about five years into Rhiannon’s reign. It was the first crisis she faced, and it ended up being bigger than anything her parents faced, and anything she could imagine. Like all the other provinces south of the Arbrecht, she tried everything she could to curb the spread of plague, but it proved to be impossible for everyone. It hit Lacharn near to the same time it hit the capital, and once the first case was reported it spread. The first death in the family was Rhiannon’s father, the former Lord Consort of the province. The news spread fast, and this death in the ruling family left everyone wary.

Rhiannon’s niece was the next to die in the family, leaving her sister Rhosyn a wreck. Just when it seemed like the plague might be letting up, Cadfael took ill, and had to be quarantined with plague. It hurt Rhiannon that she could not see her brother during his illness, but there was nothing she could do. The physicians tended to him day and night, but he died soon after getting the plague. This death was the hardest on Rhiannon, her brother was her closest sibling, and had a wife and young children. Since that time, she has made sure that Alice and the children were kept comfortable, and had everything they needed.

Credit: Latara
In the summer of 241 AF, her daughter, Ceiwen, was poisoned upon her wedding night. After, the rest of the summer was invested in bringing those responsible to justice. In August 241, which would become her last month alive, she made strides towards that goal. However, unbeknownst to the public, upon discovery of Bianca's role in the attack against her house, Bianca Vaughan assassinated Rhiannon Prothero. Her death remains a mystery to all those around her. Her eldest son, Maldwyn, succeeded her as ruler of Lacharn and lord of Llywarch.

Link to Obituary


[Writing Sample]

Rhiannon sat looking over the trade numbers from the previous month. They were starting to pick up, finally, most assuming the plague had passed them by. It had been months since any cases had been spotted, and so life seemed to return to normal. Rhiannon wasn’t sure it would ever be anything considered normal for quite some time, with so many dead and so much uncertainty. How could something that caused so much destruction just... pass?

A servant ran in with a letter. “From a Royal Bird, My Lady.”*

She took the letter from the man. It indeed had the royal seal on it, and so she opened it immediately. A Ball. It seemed rather quaint, but she knew there was much more to it than that. The plague had left them troubled, fractured. It would not do. They needed to unite once more, or else they would not survive.*

“Thank you,” she said, “and now I must write to the banners regarding this.” The servant took that as his cue to leave, and Rhiannon sat again, and began to compose the letters. She much preferred to communicate with her banners herself, rather than have the House Scholar write to them, as some might.

Credit: Latara


[Timeline of Events]


Year 202: Rhiannon Prothero born
Year 220: Rhiannon Prothero weds Balthasar Merrick
Year 241: Assassinated in a mysterious fashion (ultimately by the hands of Bianca Vaughan)

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Approved!! <3 Hello fellow Province Lady...or Lord. ;D
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oh hey girllllll i love it.

"In the first few years of her pregnancy, she spent much of her time pregnant, but luckily they were easy pregnancies and she was able to proceed unabated." This sentence is confusing (I think you mean to say "first few years of her regency"?")

besides that APPROVED!
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Forsilvra <3

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In 213 BF, the nation they had all left some 800 years before came back to retake what they thought was theirs, and Prothero fell.

The Nation they left was Pelasus (however you spelled it) and the nation that came to take them was the Linchao Republic (of which Pelasus is now part of... kinda like Lacharn is now part of Forsilvra) Sound good?

Otherwise I also APPROVE! <3
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