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Default Marisée Forthwind Esser



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Jenn
RP Experience: 14 years
Your Character's Player Base: Keira Knightly


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Marisée Forthwind
Character Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): September 8, 221
Home Castle/City: Demere
House: Forthwind


Marisée is sweet, kind and caring. She tends to be over giving at times, and often has a hard time saying no. In her family, she was usually the one her siblings turned to when they needed help. Marisée is neat and orderly. Everything has a place and there is a place for everything, and Marisée ensures her home - whether the Forthwind's castle or the Esser's - is kept spotless. She treats the servants and staff with a level of respect, and while she will lightly scold if she finds someone shirking their responsibilities, she often feels that improved training and gentle reminders go further than harsh words and punishments.

She also has a strong love of music. At an early age she began training on the harp, one of the lessons forced upon her by her family. Playing the harp was calming, and Marisée found she could lose herself for hours as her fingers caressed the strings of the instrument creating beautiful melodies. She was a natural at the instrument and still plays often in her adulthood. In addition, she has a lovely song voice, and often accompanies her harp music with her own vocals. She considers her music to be a reflection of the Enjiki, god of the moon and the seas upon which their home overlooks.

She has a fondness for those who need caring, and she took to the arts of healing at an early age. She finds plants and gardens calming - the smell of the flowers, the bursting colors, the brush of her fingers over soft petals or furry leaves. She could sit in a garden for hours relaxing alone or with others she loves. When she was a little girl, she would make floral crowns and necklaces for herself and Melari. Now she has interest in arrangements in vases and layouts of the gardens. She also dove into reading on healing and began as a young girl to recognize herbs with medicinal properties she’d seen in books. The arrival of the plague only spurred her to learn more, and the death of her mother convinced her that healing knowledge was vital.

Overall, she is a doting mother, a caring sister, and a fun person.



Marisée was born on a soft summer day, when clouds covered the sky and a strong breeze blew off the water and through the city. She was a delightful baby who rarely cried. Before long she was toddling after Liam, who sometimes loved having a baby sister and other times didn’t. A sister, Melari, came along shortly after and as soon as Melari could sit up, Marisée was by her side, showing off dolls and pretending to read and play pattycakes. The two became close quickly, finding ways to run off together to hide from their brother and play. Other times they included him to play castles and knights and princesses.

As Marisée grew older, she began to fall in love with the gardens. She would spend hours there, along or with her mother or siblings, walking among the flowers and trees. She dug through the library to find books on plants and herbs, taking them out to the gardens with her to find the real growth that matched the pictures drawn in the book. The House Scholar often chided her - books should stay in the library - but that never stopped her from doing it. She had a hunger to learn.

She would often take Melari with her. If Melari wasn’t interested in Marisée’s babble, she never told her. Or perhaps Melari just liked sitting with Marisée to make floral crowns and necklaces day in and out. Either way, their garden time only served to help them grow closer.

As her knowledge of plants and herbs grew, Marisée found herself tending to the scraps and cuts of her siblings, cousins, and the other castle children. Her mother would watch with pride, offering some words of wisdom here and there. Marisée found herself tagging along after the House Physician to ask questions.

Then at 15, tragedy struck the family. The plague, which has so far left the family untouched, found its way to their mother. She died within a week, her children forbidden to go near her for fear they too would catch the disease. Arlend, ever the loving father, did his best to shield his children, but the entire family wept. Lady Forthwind was well loved. Marisée stepped up immediately to fill the role of mother for her younger sister and cousin. Her brother, Liam, was too much the man to be coddled any longer.

From no where, Marisée found herself betrothed and then wed to Fredrick. At first she was wary of her new husband, and rightfully so. Fredrick was not a loving man, nor one who knew how to treat a highborn noble lady. He was less than gentle and somewhat verbally abusive. Marisée became pregnant quickly, and had a baby girl, named Tegan, on February 2, 241. A girl displeased Fredrick, who wanted boys.

In the joust of May 241, Fredrick was killed with a lance to his throat. Marisée took back her maiden name, moved home, and received permission of Bryn Kyffin to give her child her family name.


[Writing Sample]

Marisée reached out with her clippers and snipped the stem of the rose. Free of the plant, she pulled it away and placed it in her basket. She had chosen a selection of flowers - roses, lilies, and hydrangea - that she planned to make an arrangement out of for her mother’s room. Mother had come down with the plague seven days ago, the pox covering her body quickly. The children had all been banned from seeing her, but she hoped that the doctor would at least allow the flowers. Her mother had always enjoyed Marisée’s floral decor.

Satisfied she had enough, she removed her gloves and slipped them into the basket holding her flowers and her sheers. Marisée’s mind was already arranging them in the vase, thinking of the best place to display each bud so that her mother could watch them open up. She ignored the fact that her mother’s room was dark, curtains drawn and sunlight hidden, light her flowers would need. All she could think about was doing anything all to help her mother get better.

The sun was cresting the horizon as she pushed open the door to the castle’s west wing. The somber mood hit her like a thick fog, ominous and foreboding. She sensed immediately something was wrong. What that might be Marisée couldn’t say, but she knew it involved her mother. The clump of boots hard on stairs echoed through the hall as Marisée moved slowly toward the grand staircase. Her father was coming down slowly, his expression blank. Marisée dropped her basket.

“Father, father, what’s wrong?” she cried out, rushing to his side to take his hand.

He moved to brush her off, then changed his mind, pulling Marisée into a tightly hug. “Your mother,” he choked out, “Took a turn for the worse today. Bleeding. I’m not sure... not sure.. not sure she will make it.”

“She has to make it!” Marisée insisted. “She has to. She’s young and many young people survive it.” True many died, but more than half lived. More like two out of every three lived. Her mother had to live.

“Many do make it,” her father whispered. “But not when there is bleeding...”

Marisée hugged him again, but all she could think about was how Melari would take their mother’s death.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 221: Marisée is born
Year 236: Mother Forthwind dies of the plague
Year 239: Marisée weds Fredrick Esser
Year 241: Tegan Esser is born

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This has the Province Lord's stamp of approval.

I'm still debating on whether to ask Renna or Mango to give the second approval.
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Well, I have to approve it since I'm managing the house.

I love her. <3 Approved!
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Kyffin approval! Come to us, little acorn. Pending editing the mispelling of her name in the name section. ;D
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