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Default Osiris Linnet



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Kiera
RP Experience: 13 years
Your Character's Player Base: John Stamos


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Osiris Linnet
Character Age: 31
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 21, 210
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Home Castle/City: Forsilvran temple of Quintism
House: Linnet by birth.



Height: 5'11"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Approximate Weight: 165 lbs



Osiris can be described as mild mannered and soft spoken. He always thinks before he speaks and takes his time to make difficult decisions. He can be charming, masculine, even quite the lady's man but he also has a mean streak. If one doesn't know him very well he can be very hard to predict.

A quiet ride, horseback, through the fields are generally his only escape from the temples as he hates large crowds of people. He does enjoy fine foods but often sends one of his assistants out to get what he needs so he doesn't have to head into town. He doesn't like to shake hands usually, always walks with a cane to support himself, and stands at a distance when talking to most people.

His family are the only people that really know how to deal with him. He is closest to his brother, Aashiq, they've always been thick as thieves. His nieces are like his daughters and he spoils them rotten at any chance he gets. His love for his family pushes him to be the best man he can be and he'll always be there for them.



Osiris was born into a very happy family, surrounded by brothers and a sister, he was able to play and learn how to be free. He grew to become best friends with his brother Aashiq and their bonds only grew stronger over time. Through their lessons and playtime they developed a natural competitive relationship, but that was nothing odd between brothers, and they challenged each other to always practice and strive for improvement.

At the age of nine Osiris was involved in a terrible accident. When out on their regular morning ride, Aashiq and Osiris decided to take a new path, down towards a particular grove that they could see from their windows on the other side of the fields. Their horses were not as surefooted as they seemed and Osiris's horse slipped and tumbled down the hill. As he fell, he hit nearly every rock and tree in his path, finally hitting his head on a tree when he landed at the bottom. He can't remember a thing but the family still tells the tale of how Aashiq bravely saved his brother's life that day.

It was after several months of bed rest and confusing situations that Osiris was finally able to leave his room and head back to his studies but he'd never be the same again. He had constant headaches and mood swings, couldn't run as he needed a cane to walk, he was simply unable to control himself, but Aashiq stuck by his side and he'd never forget his brother's love. It was that love that seemed to quell his outbursts and after some time the headaches started to become fewer.

When he turned twelve he decided he could no longer control himself, as he'd told his family, and he must follow The Five and hope they would forgive him of his wrongdoings and allow him to live his life peacefully. Aashiq supported him and he was forever thankful, he'd never forget everything his brother did for him, and even sometimes he'd be ashamed for what he'd made his brother endure.

Starting out cleaning stables he found that he could control his temper best when he was quiet, calm, and keeping himself busy. It was another urge he could never control, he seemed to have a very hard time around women, regardless of age or station. This got him into a great deal of trouble but as the years passed he was praised on his progress.

He always felt a great weight had rested on his shoulders, and he made his way through Acolyte to Chosen within just a few years, trying to bury himself in his work and help others while begging the Gods for forgiveness. When he turned twenty he was sent to the island of Forsilvra to help the temple there, a reward for being so dedicated, his hard work would never go unnoticed. The Keeper took a great interest in the boy after reading his letter of recommendation from the Chosen where he'd grown to be a favorite in his temple. He kept Osiris close and made him a direct assistant, taking notice of his awkward mannerisms, he ignored them when they came up and simply gave him more work.

When The Keeper fell ill, he named his five successors from The Chosen of the temple, and wrote his reasons as a Keeper always did. It wasn't until the vote happened that Osiris knew he was being considered at all and then was accepted. It was another year that the Keeper stayed ill until he finally passed, the whole time Osiris was willing his health to improve, but his efforts were in vain.

At the age of Twenty-nine Osiris was named The Keeper and took his position on the King's council as well as in the eyes of the people.


[Writing Sample]

His robes were clean and hung neatly in the corner, swinging his feet out of bed, he could see that one of his assistants had already been in the room to light a fire. It was unseasonably cold, though what was more strange was the fact that he didn't hear anyone enter, he must have really needed the sleep.

He slowly found his flats and slipped his feet inside. He was sure the floor was cold and didn't want to prove his theory. Shuffling a cross the room he stood by the fire for a moment before a knock came at the door, a woman with breakfast, he thanked her and sent her away. He had to plan for the King's celebrations and that took all of his time and concentration.

"Everything must be perfect." He said to himself as he sat down and began to write.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 210: Osiris Linnet is born.
Year 219: Osiris sustains a life threatening injury while riding with his brother Aashiq.
Year 220: Osiris is finally well enough that he is able to go back to his studies.
Year 222: Osiris decides he will join Quintism and heads off to start life in a temple.
Year 230: Osiris travels to the island Forsilvra.
Year 239: Osiris is named The Keeper.
Year 241: Game Start.


  • Jabir Linnet -- Josephine Fleurant
  • Fahim Linnet -- Spouse
    • Dakel Linnet -- Marina Naderi
      • Malik Linnet
      • Astera Linnet
      • Ramin Linnet
  • Ardeshir Linnet -- Cateline Fortescue
    • Ebrahim Linnet
    • Parvana Linnet
    • Nasreen Linnet
    • Jessamyn Linnet
    • Ehsan Linnet
  • Akela Linnet Hazdurin


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