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Default Abrielle Laroche

Abrielle Laroche


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Kiera
RP Experience: 13 Years
Your Character's Player Base: Jessica Alba


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Abrielle Laroche
Character Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 21, 225
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Home Castle/City: Nabaris
House: Laroche by birth, SanJar by Marriage


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: Upon a dark green background sits a golden gecko and their banner is lined with the same golden trim.
House Words: Growth through Trade
Castle Name: Name of Castle
Original Castle Name:

House Description:



Height: 5'7"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown but she's fond of staining it with a golden hue
Approximate Weight: 127 lbs



Playful and fun loving, Abrielle had always tossed caution to the wind, and always ignored her responsibilities. Her mother always scolded her and told her she was too smart for her own good but it was always after she got yelled at for skipping lessons. It was true, Abrielle knew how to be a proper Lady, she knew the religion she should follow, she knew how to be polite, how to knit, how to sew, she would even hop into the kitchens and watch the servants cook from time to time. It was also true that she knew her lessons would teach her how to be a lady of a house someday, but until that day, she wouldn't waste time to care.

Abrielle loves fine clothing and jewelery and she has a large collection of both. You'll never find her wearing the same outfit more then once a month! She's even been known to purchase outlandish fabrics so she could make blankets for her horse that match her riding outfits.

She loves to paint, draw, sing, dance, and do everything like the other young ladies her age. The one thing that sets her apart is her pet gecko, Alrik-Auron or Aluron in short. He is always seen on her shoulder unless it is time to eat, sleep, or entertain extremely important guests.



Abrielle was born as the first daughter to Jacques and Reia Laroche. She was spoiled from day one and given everything she could have dreamed of and that also included the attention of both her mother and father whenever she wanted it. She never knew her grandmother but when she was two her grandfather passed away, taking away her time with her father as well, but she didn't seem to be discouraged by it. Instead her mother took over her care and her father did try to spend as much time as he could with his family.

It became worse around the time Abrielle turned four. Her father had become busy with trying to heal the city and her mother had fallen ill during her pregnancy and deliver the child early. It left Abrielle to a nurse who felt she needed to start her lessons before her teachers were even hired, but Abby didn't seem to suffer, in fact she excelled and her mother was proud. A month went by after Abrielle's sister was delivered and she had become really sick, dying from the same illness that was killing the townspeople, and it broke her mother's heart. Abby and her mother would never be the same again.

As time went on, Abby saw less of her parents, and more of her teachers. When she skipped out on her etiquette teacher, her mother would get the most angry, but it didn't stop her from doing it on a regular basis. Though, she noticed whenever her mother got mad at her, that she would cough a lot. At the time Abby didn't think twice, but a few years later her mother's health started to decline drastically, and then she did have second thoughts about upsetting her mom. She started making sure she went to class and did well, always telling her mom so that she had the chance to be proud, but it didn't seem like her mother was getting any better. Then it happened, her mother passed away, and it was her father's turn to have a broken heart.

Abrielle continued to go to class each day, sitting quietly and doing what she was asked, making sure to be the perfect young lady she was supposed to be. One day she went up to her room and her father had left her a gift. A two-bodied gecko, joined at the hip, just sitting on her writing desk. She fell in love with him, and named him accordingly. After that day, even to the disgust of her teachers, Aluron never left her side.

It wasn't until her father died that Abrielle actually noticed the emptiness she felt in the pit of her stomach. With only Aluron by her side, she met with the Reagent of her house, and was then told that she would be warded with her mother's family in House Linnet. She packed her things and started on the journey, unsure of where she was headed or what she would do, but she knew it would change her life.


[Writing Sample]

It was a quiet day in the market, strange really, the men and women shouting seemed busy everywhere. Well that was the sign that her father's city was prosperous and no one could complain about that.

Abrielle had wandered over to a woman who had necklaces draped across a beautiful silk cloth and started looking over her wears. Aluron on her shoulder she picked up bracelets and rings, trying everything on, and finally purchasing a few items.

While the saleswoman was wrapping up her jewelery she looked up, and questioned the gecko, asking Abby if he was for sale.

"Oh no." Abby politely replied. "He was a gift from my father and he's my best friend." The woman gave her an odd look and Abrielle took her purchases, laid them in her basket, and walked away.

"Alright, Aluron, time to buy some fabric! Would you like it if I made you a sweater?" Somewhere in Abby's head, that gecko asked her if she was crazy, and she answered him. "Yep!"


[Timeline of Events]


Year 204: Jacques Laroche was born.
Year 224: Jacques Laroche weds Reia Linnet.
Year 225: Abrielle Laroche was born.
Year 227:
  • Tihir Laroche dies of old age.
  • Jacques Laroche becomes Lord of Nabaris.
Year 229: illness spreads through the cities and Jacques Laroche works to fix the problems.
Year 229: Alima Laroche is born.
Year 230: Alima Laroche dies of illness.
Year 235: Waste management systems are finally perfected.
Year 236: Reia Laroche dies of illness.
Year 241:
  • Jacques Laroche passes away.
  • House Linnet assigns a Reagent to manage House Laroche.
  • Abrielle Laroche becomes a ward of House Linnet.
  • Game start.
  • May, 6 - Abrielle Laroche accepts her mother's request for her to marry Etienne Fleurant.
  • May, 26 - Abrielle Laroche joins Keyna Prothero's retinue.
  • August, 15 - Abrielle Laroche is kidnapped by Saladin SanJar at the request of Cyrus SanJar.
  • September, 21 - Abrielle Laroche is attacked by Hakim Linnet. As a result he was slain by Saladin SanJar.
  • September, 30 - Abrielle Laroche is wed to Darion SanJar.


  • Tihir Laroche -- Parisa SanJar
    • Yasmine Laroche Naderi
    • Helard Laroche -- Lydia Naderi
      • Jacques Laroche -- Reia Linnet
        • Stillborn girl
        • Abrielle Laroche -- Darion SanJar-Laroche
        • Alima Laroche
      • Laurent Laroche
      • Milik Laroche
      • Mirah Laroche
        • Stillborn girl

With Ages

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