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Default Theoren Fleurant



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Aaron
RP Experience: Over ten years.
Your Character's Player Base: Charlie Hunnam


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Theoren Fleurant
Character Age: 26
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): August 6, 216
Home Castle/City: Enos, Ahestere
House: Fleurant



Standing at 6’6, taller than both his brother Pepin and cousin Renate, Theoren is very much a Fleurant with his long blonde hair, and muscular build and stature, primarily due to focusing on more martial aspects. He bears an almost similar resemblance to his elder brother Pepin.



Theoren is an open and collected individual. He’ll talk to anyone who is willing to listen, which one would think could be overbearing, though he keeps these discussions calm and relaxing; using rational thoughts and logic. Because of this nature, Theoren is very analytical. He looks at situations, and is capable at analyzing how they might turn out, usually in a number of different ways depending on the variables.

He has a strong love for his entire family, and would defend their honour to the death. He is quite close to his elder brother, and thinks the world of him. Although like most younger brothers, there was always a feeling of competitiveness, at least on Theoren’s part. To his mind, this is purely for the purpose of bettering himself.

He is rather arrogant however. Not out of any sort of malice on his part, but simply because people who are not better than him have obviously not even tried to strive for anything. Ability and social standing is to be respected of course, for usually one does not come without the other. To him, if you are high in the social order it’s because you are able. If you’re not able, then someone you’re related to is, and so he’ll respect you for their sake.

Growing up in the Fleurant household has given him an appreciation of art in all of its forms, though he is only average at it himself. His singing voice is neutral, neither pleasant nor grating on the ears. He can paint, but his pictures lack beauty; they’re stiff and rigid things. However he does have a talent for architectural and mechanical drawings, which is perhaps one of the best things to have for an average hand. They are clean, concise, and get the point across. They’re not meant to be viewed for any sort of beauty. Because of this, he can usually be found drafting things in his spare time. Siege engine designs, buildings, boats, tools and weapons. Anything that serves a function he enjoys planning and designing.

He is perhaps different from most of his family in that Theoren absolutely enjoys martial pursuits. He always would stay around the barracks watching the soldiers train, and from there began his own venture into weaponry. His primary focus is that of a single handed sword, although the grip is slightly longer to allow occasional two handed use. He generally pairs this with a shield. He’s been trained with a lance on horseback and shorter spears on foot. All around you could say he has the makings of a fine man-at-arms.



Theoren is the second son of his family, with four other siblings who got along well enough in their childhood. Being the second son, he was free from a lot of responsibilities that his elder brother had, and he passed through his early years with relative ease.

His schooling went fairly well, learning how to read and write, understanding arithmetic, as well as being given basic instructions in horsemanship. Because he was not expected to be the heir, his studies were all around, and giving him a vast array of experiences so that he could choose to go in any direction that he wished once he got older. As it so happens, he had a fondness for weaponry, and decided to go the more martial route in his education. He was especially attracted to swordsmanship, and from there he learned to become an exceptional fencer. His skills were quite refined, but it also has a rough and ready approach to it. If it didn’t work, he didn’t use it, no matter how “graceful” it might appear to be.

He spent most of his time with his younger siblings, given that Pepin had gravitated to his cousin Renate most of the time. The two of them always were close, and Theoren respected that.

Then as he got into his teenage years, a debilitating plague swept across the land fairly quickly. Ahestere was fortunate that they were able to stave it off for some time, but eventually those lands could not be kept away from it. Theoren was not surprised. He realized that the spread of something like that could not really be contained if nobody worked together. Entire communities would have had to be either isolated or exterminated, and such a thing was not very feasible. He lost quite a number of family members to it. Thankfully it did not last very long in Ahestere, but the damage it caused was devastating to all. Thankfully Theoren was able to maintain his composure through it, and he was not afflicted by it physically or emotionally.

Now that the spread has been stopped, Theoren feels that it’s time for the natural order of things to progress as they were once more. Families will grow, alliances will be forged, and he hopes to take part in all that he can.


[Writing Sample]

“Are you ready?” the master at arms had said. Theoren indicated with a nod of his head, and the drawing of his sword from its scabbard finalized it. He took up a fighting stance, his round shield in his left hand, his sword in his right, held parallel together. The master, holding a polearm closed his visor and without any hesitation, swung from above threatening to cleave Theoren’s skull in twain. Reacting to the attack, Theoren rushed in, raising his shield high, caught the haft of the weapon on the rim of his shield.
The master did not keep his weapon on it like an amateur though. He quickly pulled it off, allowing no time for Theoren to get the advantage in the bind. For that to happen, it would be Theoren who would need to go on the attack, and make the master defend. But the reach of that polearm would be difficult for him to get past.

Each time he threatened to get closer, the master would strike at his shield with his weapon. Thankfully it was not one of those foolish shields that one strapped to the arm; otherwise his wrist would be broken. Rather, it was a nimble centre-grip shield. All of these actions continued, and Theoren knew that it was just going to be a lesson in futility if he tried it anymore. He had to press forward, and he had to do so aggressively. Quickly, he stepped into the master, driving the edge of his shield onto the left side of the polearm, with the intent to trap it against his opponent’s body. At the same time as doing that, he thrust with his sword towards the master at arms’ stomach. The master attempted to bring up the haft to knock Theoren’s sword thrust away, but the action was too quick, and Theoren’s strength on the shield prevailed. The rounded point of the rebated practice sword pressed hard onto his stomach. The fight was over, and the master called out “Good!”

He turned towards the young squires watching the demonstration, and then looked to Theoren, indicating that he should speak. Theoren then said, “Do you understand the nature of this demonstration? He had the advantage with his reach, and if I kept trying to press him in slowly, he would have hammered away at my shield, eventually leaving it in splinters. When you fight with an opponent with a long weapon, you cannot be afraid of the length. Just like in sparring using swords, you have to follow the tempo. You cannot make an opening with your shield, and then attack with your sword. You’re too slow otherwise. You must make both motions at the same time. The opening and exploitation are always done together, whether it is a thrust or a cut. Do you all understand?” The squires nodded and did not look confused, so Theoren continued, “Now all of you are to practice. Get your sparring partner, and both of you try to replicate what happened. The ones using the polearm should attempt to get around the shield, and the ones using the sword and shield are to attempt to open and exploit the reach of the polearm. We will observe your progress.”

The squires then quickly got into order practicing, excited as they always were when they were allowed to spar with one another. The master at arms turned to Theoren, and said, “We will forge these pups into fine knights. I’m glad you’ve taken to fighting so well my lord. It inspires confidence in the men.” Theoren placed his hand on his chin, pulling at his beard and replied, “Confidence, yes. That is a good thing for an army to have.”


[Timeline of Events]


Year 214: Renate Fleurant is born.
Year 214: Pepin Fleurant is born.
Year 216: Theoren Fleurant is born.
Year 217: Sequin Fleurant is born.
Year 219: Sophie Fleurant is born.
Year 221: Urbain Fleurant is born.
Year 221: Silvain Fleurant dies.
Year 221: Gaston Fleurant assumes Lordship of House Fleurant.
Year 237: Gaston Fleurant and Adolie Alysworth Fleurant die to the plague.
Year 237: Renate Fleurant is named Lord of House Fleurant.
Year 241: Game Start

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