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Kenneth Montrose


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Corey
RP Experience: 10+ years. Started on Avidgamers.
Your Character's Player Base: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Kenneth Montrose
Character Age: 24
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): December 25th, 217
Home Castle/City: Forsilvra/Forsilvra
House: Montrose



Honour. Duty. Loyalty. Kenneth puts these things above all else. To his King and royal family first, his family second, and all who seek aid third. He is staunch to the letter of the law, regardless of personal gain. It has been his lot in life to serve; as a squire, as a Horn, and as the Captain of the Five Horns. Servitude is etched deep into his being. Despite this, he is not shy to question an order if he perceives it to go against the common good, even if it's nothing more than a simple protestation before he leaves it be.

That isn't to say he is all business all the time. Kenneth in the public eye and Kenneth amongst friends, or even alone, are often two very different people. When duty doesn't hold him to rigidity, he becomes much more human. His stony face cracks into jovial laughter, and he is quick to make jests. Kenneth is very rarely prone to moodiness, but if something manages to sneak through his calmness he usually does his best to keep it hidden from the outside world. The exception is, of course, his twin sister. To her he is prepared to share everything. From highs to lows, they were ever there for each other, excepting that long eight-year period of distance and quiet.

To his superiors he shows intense respect. That list of peers is ever-dwindling, but notable inclusions are the King and all of the royal family, his father, and the lords of the realm. In the public face, if not behind closed doors, he treats these individuals with all the honour that their position affords them. He strives to put his friends and loved ones above himself whenever possible.

A downfall of his chivalrous bearing is that he is quick to trust when his own well-being is the only thing on the line. He is not particularly adept at court politics, preferring to leave such things to the men and women he has sworn to protect. As such, betraying him could potentially be quite a simple task, and one that he wouldn't necessarily see coming.

It should also be noted that Kenneth doesn't embrace typical Montrose customs. Being raised in the capital, far from his house's lands, he has had very little exposure to such things.

Finally, his discipline must be mentioned. One does not become a master of the sword and bow, as well as The Authority of Protection, without a substantial amount of self-discipline. Between self-improvement, training guards, and sparring with the King himself, Kenneth spends upwards of eight hours a day practicing swordplay. Despite his incredible martial skill, he is always seeking to improve. In certain things, Kenneth can most certainly be described as a perfectionist.



Born a second son to Duncan Montrose and Giverny Fleurant in the middle of a blizzard on December 25th, the year 217. The delivery took it's toll on his mother, however, and a few short days later she passed from complications, but not before making his father promise to name him and his twin sister for beauty. Thus did he acquire the name Kenneth, 'The Fair One'.

As a child he was bold, headstrong, and fiercely loyal (mostly to his twin sister). Between studies and swordplay he was often found hopping about high places or swimming into deep waters. It was rare to see him without his sister, Kenna. Outside of their seperate duties, they went and did everything together. If one was in trouble, the other was likely to be close by. From an early age he learned what it was to protect another human, always looking out for his sister like a guardian. She would be the first of many in his life that he would swear to protect from all harm.

Because of his father's duties to the realm, the twins were raised mostly by servants. Kenneth never held this against his father, but the lack of fatherly guidance was clearly a wound to him. He often tried to impress his father, though usually unsuccessfully.

Though he studied literature diligently, he never came into his own with it. He did, however, accel at his martial studies. He became adept at an early age with weapons of all sorts. His affinity lay mostly with the sword and bow, but he became quite proficient with all the other weapons of the Horns: spear, mace, and axe. As a result of this proficiency, and after repeatedly petitioning his father, he became squired to a man by the name of Arthur, from Arbrecht. After several years of squiring, Arthur recommended him to the then-Horn of the Flowing Sword, who was beginning the selection of his own squire.

It was during this time that a rift formed between he and his once-inseparable twin, Kenna. For reasons unknown to him, his sister broke off all communication with him. Where once they were as close as any two people can be, there was now nothing but a void. Kenneth tried on multiple occasions to find the source of this rift, but to no avail. His sister would go on to marry, and all the love that she once seemed to hold for Kenneth would be directed instead toward her new husband.

At seventeen Kenneth was knighted. Thus he began his tourney-circuit. With impressive wins in every sword event that he participated, he quickly gained notoriety, and even a small bit of fame. To this day, he has yet to lose an official match with the sword. During this period, he also picked up a few wins with lance and bow, though they were mostly overshadowed by his swordplay.

After distinguishing himself at these tournaments, he was invited to participate in Little Horn tournaments, tournaments established to weed out participants for selection as a Horn's apprentice. He was the overwhelming victor, winning two or even three events at each tournament. The Horn of the Flowing Sword took note, and brought Kenneth in as one of his five prospective apprentices, which would be eliminated over time until only one remained, to succeed the Horn's place when he was no longer fit for duty.

During his apprenticeship he formed a bond and eventual friendship with a boy named Everhart Brabant. Between them they shared a kind of rivalry with one another, though Kenneth was slower to pick up on it than Everhart.

Over time it came down to himself and another apprentice, a boy name Rob Trussel. Though the two were remarkably well-matched, Kenneth pulled ahead of the young Rob in time, eventually overshadowing him. Thus was Kenneth selected as the Horn's sole apprentice and squire, for as short a time as it would be. The Horn died during Kenneth's nineteenth year, and he took the mantle upon himself, one of the youngest Horns in history.

He set upon his new task with the diligence he had fostered his entire life. He took his place firmly at the King's side, doing his best to train him in swordplay as well as protect him from all who would mean him harm. During this time, he and his sister reconciled, and Kenneth finally found his lost half.

In the year 241, Kenneth's 24th year of life, the Lord Commander of the Horns, Geoffrey, was struck down in the defense of his King during an ambush on the royal caravan. So it was that the successor needed to be found. Custom dictated that all the Horns would gather for a tournament to decide who would rise. Kenneth, proving once again his martial skill with bow, spear, axe, and mace, won a fantastic victory and had yet another great duty thrust upon him: The Lord Captain of the Horns of the King, a King who twice has had attempts on his life.


[Writing Sample]

Kenneth sat with a stack of papers on the oaken desk in front of him. He'd been at it for hours, now. Ledgers, notices, personal correspondences. It seemed that he put as much time into putting quill to parchment as he did to putting sword to shield since he'd assumed the title Lord Captain of the Horns. There was ever something desiring his attention, and most of it dreary and tedious. Nevertheless, he had set about it diligently.

Pausing a moment to stretch his back, he glanced to his right, looking toward the sheathed sword propped up against the nearby wall. A weary smile came to his lips, and he stood up, pushing the heavy wooden chair backwards slightly to do so. His long legs carried him quickly to the wall, and soon the familiar heft of his long-sword was in his hands. His fingers wrapped around the leather-wrapped hilt and in a moment he was drawing the blade out slowly, the leather-lined interior of the sheathe offering little resistance.

He imagined that he looked quite silly standing there in his smallclothes, a longsword bared in one hand and an empty sheathe in the other, ink staining his fingers and a small spot on his cheek. The moon glared in at him through the window nearby as he thought of all the things he and the blade in his hand had been through; all the foes defeated. A few moments later he let out a deep sigh and sheathed the blade again, propping it back up against the stone wall.

No time for daydreaming now. Too much to do, and more every day. He walked back to the chair, setting it right and sitting down once more. Tonight, his parchments. Tomorrow, endless drills and long hours of watch. He had dreamed of this since he was a child, playing at battle with a wooden sword in the gardens. How he would have laughed if someone had told him that this job was more clerk than warrior.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 218: Kenneth and Kenna Montrose are born; Giverny dies.
Year 225: Gregor Montrose dies. Malcolm Montrose becomes Earl of Green.
Year 229: Cameron marries Ashleigh Harcourt.
Year 236: Kenna marries Nathaniel Merrick.
Year 237: Kenneth becomes Horn of Arbrecht
Year 241: Game begins.
-Kenneth and Kenna are reconciled.
-Kenneth becomes the Lord Protector, Commander of the Horns.

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I love it. It's how I see Kenneth so I approve.
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