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Hold: Caerthynas
Province: Great-Caelain
Capital: Caerthynas
Founded: Around 1000 BF
Government: High Lord of Great-Caelain, assisted with small council, Lords Mayor and local lords
Religion: Quintism

House Faerald

A proud and ancient house boasting its descent from the mythical Bard-King Faeral, House Faerald ruled as Kings of Great-Caelain from their ancient seat of Caerthynas before relinguishing that crown to rule as lords under the Fontenot Kings, once their most trusted bannermen. Their centuries-old rule over the Caelish Isles started when Brennan Faerald united the Island of Caelain under his rule, becoming the first King. Under the rule of various other kings, most notably Artur Faerald the Conqueror, who first landed on the isle of Cemria in 580 BF, conquering its coastline and enclosing it in castles, the kingdom gradually expanded to cover the whole of the Caelish Isles.

As rulers of a kingdom consisting of three isles, the Faeralds are skilled at keeping their lords together. They accomplish this through a mix of strength and political skill, and they have a reputation for being especially skilled at politics. They also have a reputation for being true to their word. In addition, they are very committed to family values, and loyal to the Fontenots, with whom they have a familial bond that goes back ages, most recently to the King's mother, Corenna Faerald Fontenot.

Faeralds are fair-skinned and brown-haired, with green or brown eyes. The House words are Our Words Resound.

Banner Lords

Vassal Houses

To be created.


About Caerthynas

According to legend, the city of Caerthynas, a name that means "my city and castle" (or, less romantically, might also be construed to mean "walled town") was founded by the legendary Bard-King Faeral at the spot where a dove and an eagle under the spell of his harp finally rested. This being the Middle Ages, that account is unquestioned, and Bard-King Faeral is seen as the Founder of Caerthynas. For sure, the site of the city, which lies at the mouth of a river on the cliffy Eastern Coast of Caelain, has been inhabited ever since the Faeraldic era. The descendants of the Bard-King, House Faerald, have ruled the City since Faeral's death, ruling from the Keep of the Harp, which towers over the city in its many-coloured stone and with its many adorned towers, combining expressions of strength and splendour that speak to the power, wealth and cultural engagement of the ruling family.

The city of Caerthynas proper is, as its name suggests, a walled town, consisting of an inner and an outer city. The inner city is the oldest part of Caerthynas, with at its heart the Harpskeep. Originally walled at the time of Brennan I, the walls remain to this day, although the gates are always open. The outer city, encircled by a second set of walls dating from the time of King Brennan II the Defender, when the conquest of Cemria by his grandfather, Arthur II was bringing increasing wealth and prestige to Caelain that attracted more citizens to Caerthynas, who, for their relative wealth, had to be protected. Brennan's walls remain the outer bound of the city proper, although the original walls have since been renovated and sections rebuilt by subsequent Faerald Kings and Lords. Later Kings divided the outer city into wards under the administration of a Lord Mayor - a position that elevated some of the Caelish gentry to the aristocracy, some of which went on to gain lands - and a Council of Aldermen.

Outside the city proper, the countryside, which is known as the Caelshire, starts. Relatively peaceful under the protection of the Faeralds and their vassals, the rolling hills are home to peaceful villages and minor cities.


Social Customs

Caerthynas is a splendid city, built mostly in stone, testifying to the cultured rule of the Faeralds. There isn't much to distinguish Caerthynas from the rest of Caelain (its cultural heritage having been exported throughout the Isles by trade and sometimes by conquest) in terms of culture, although the most famous contemporary Bards in the Islands do generally choose to perform in Caerthynas. Always the home of the older ways of Caelish culture in contrast to cities like Demere, under the rule of the current High Lord, Tysilio II, Caerthynas has developed into the home of traditional Caelish cultural pursuits, with many traditional festivals celebrating Caelish sports and music. The wealthy in Caerthynas, due to its climate, wear the latest fashion.

Harptide is Caelain's major festival. Held around the autumn equinox, the celebrations of Harptide at Caerthynas form a widely-famed focal point for similar celebrations of Caelish culture and heritage throughout the Province. Celebrating Faeral's finding of the Harp, Harptide can be said to celebrate the founding of the city. Although some kind of celebration seems to have been observed since time immemorial, it was Queen Deirdre Faerald who first instituted the festival in a form resembling its current form, holding the first poetic, bardic and musical contests that still form an important part of the celebration. During Harptide, especially as it reaches its climax later in the week, the common folk of the Caelshire and nobles from around the Province come to Caerthynas to take part in the celebrations. Traditionally, the annual meeting of the Grand Council, Caelain's Parliament, is summoned by the High Lord annually for a session starting the day after Harptide.


Though the main sanctuaries of Caelish Quintism are located in Valldeveles on the Isle of Caelain and Eglos in Ayron, the Quintist religion is important to Caerthynas and vice versa. Due to the patronage of the Kings and Lords of House Faerald, the Quintist Temple at Caerthynas is among the most splendid in Forsilvra. Many people of all social ranks worship at the Temple, practicing the mainstream form of Quintism prevalent throughout the Caelish Isles and Forsilvra-at-large.

The legend of Faeral is of central importance in the religious life of the people of Caerthynas and their ruling house in particular. According to this legend, connected to the founding of the city and the Kingdom itself, the mythical Bard-King was charged by the Gods themselves when he found a divinely-crafted Harp in the woods. King Artur I the Zealous built a shrine on the exact place where Faeral found his Harp; the custom, signifying the divine mission of House Faerald, for a newly-proclaimed King and High Lord to hold a vigil at the Shrine of the Harp the night before his coronation is still testament to the links between the Faeraldic Legend and Quintism. During Harptide, this link is most evident: the cultural festival first instituted by Queen Deirdre has many religious overtones connected to the Faeraldic legend.


To be filled in. Briefly speaking, the economy of the Caelshire is largely rural, while Caerthynas is a trading hub second only to Porthaeron. The city is famed for its craftsmanship, especially that of the Guild of Instrument-Makers, whose harps and lutes are among the finest in Forsilvra.


Like the rest of Caelain, the armies of the Caelshire consist largely of the feudal levies of the vassal lords of the area. It is a rare occurance for the banners of Caerthynas to be called exclusively, however: for small disturbances in the immediate lands surrounding the city, the Harpers are often sent to deal with the problems, while in larger conflicts the High Lord issues a general call-to-arms to the Lords Bannermen.

The military fame of the Yeomen Guards of the Harp, the Faerald household guard and elite companies of rangers, is another testament to the power and prestige of the Faeralds. Unique in Forsilvra, the Yeomen Harpers are yeomen - common folk - recruited from villages across Caelain and trained from early adolescence to serve as guards, scouts and elite archers to House Faerald. Being a Harper is prestiguous and, though not mandatorily for life, many grow old in the ranks of the Harpers, some even rising to the ranks of the knights as commanding officers. The Yeomen Harpers are commanded at the top by the Lord Commander - a position reserved to men of the Line of Faeral, House Faerald's main branch - and Knights Captain.
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