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Default Touch the Sky

Create your own stories in our unique and
open supernatural world.

Shifters have ruled the territory of Vancouver since
the 1950's, when the war between Supernaturals and
Humans was decided. Under Queen Penelope Strand's
rule, the city has grown into a metropolitan paradise.
Technology, industry and culture thrives, guided by
Shifter Houses and a trusted allied Vampire Clan.

While the supernaturals are distracted by power
struggles and corporate affairs, the humans of the world
have been reduced to useful chattel. If they keep their
noses clean, they can survive but not all of them are
happy to be kept in their place.

What stories will you tell? Will you explore the treacherous
higher class or struggle at the bottom. That is up to you...


TtS is an 18+, no word count, original urban fantasy rpg. You
can play shifters, vampires, witches, djinn, mermaids and valkyries.

Touch the Sky
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