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Default 5/30: Summer Schedule and A/C <3


As you know, things have slowed down around the site in the last few months due to a wave of inactivity that usually results when real life catches up to us all. The staff has discussed this and we feel that relaxing for a few months to let everyone catch their breath and work out their characters’ personal plots before we push onto the next big thing is perfect for moving into summer, when the beach and the great outdoors will inevitably draw us all away from our computers anyway.

Thus, we’ve decided to suspect A/C checks through the end of July.

This means that for May, June and July, the ONLY posting requirement for all players will be at least ONE post PER character EACH month that you intend to keep. This way we know you aren’t disappearing completely/dropping them as the summer months get busy. Starting August 1st, posting requirements will return to normal!

We will still tally posts for points and other things each month. While we STILL encourage you to meet regular posting requirements (15/PL, 10/BL, 5 for all others) we wanted to give a formal reprieve during this down time/as the summer progresses when everyone becomes very busy. We will be back full swing in August as we move plot forward. As always, contact us with any questions or concerns!

Enjoy your summer! <3
The staff
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