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Default Cry Wolf - AU Mercy Thompson/Urban Fantasy RP

A Mercy Thompson / Alpha and Omega Roleplay
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In a world where the fae have been out to the public since the '80s and the werewolves came out just a few years ago, you can expect a few things to be different here and there. Sure, you still have the fangirls squealing over the supposed sexy nature of werewolves and boys eager to get their hands on an honest-to-god fae lover but all in all life's as normal as it can get, right?

With the Marrok breathing down their necks the werewolves are on their best behavior. They're used to walking on glass, however, and they've taken precautions. Equipped with special Negotiators, three packs are trying their best to get along. Primarily because it's either behave, or be killed.

The vampires aren't out to the public and that's really for the best. When two new seethes move in to the previously untouched Pasco and Kennewick, tensions are mounting. Some vampires are approaching the werewolves for an alliance, while others seem intent to taking all the power for themselves. There's no telling how things will go when the undead are picking their battles carefully.

Something is up with the Grey Lords and the fae aren't talking. Maybe they just don't know, but either way fae are turning up dead here and there and many are eager to pinpoint the various hate groups that exist solely to try to run them out of the States.

The witches, considered no better than magicians or scams by the public, have staked their claim in the Tri-cities. Two clans, one favoring black and the other favoring white magic but each welcoming both, are keeping a careful on eye both one another and the other supernaturals.

And then there's the walkers. All but forgotten and, in many cases, presumed to be extinct. But where's the fun in that? They're just better at hiding than some of their preternatural brethren! Hardly heavy hitters, most are content to go unnoticed.

Humans primarily remain oblivious to the danger around them, which is probably for the best. Because someone might cry wolf and then all hell will break lose.
  • Six species: Werewolves, vampires, humans, fae, witches and walkers.
  • 250 WC
  • Infrequent activity checks
  • No character limit
  • No activity requirements for nonranking characters
  • Focus on slice-of-life, day to day RP.
  • Frequent events of varying types.
  • Fantastic writers with in depth characters!
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