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Default 9/6: An Update and a Group Hug

Hey, gang! This is going to be relatively informal:

For the time being, we are abolishing A/C's. I firmly believe in them, because I think they are a good push for activity; but it is unreasonable for us to require them as activity slowed down drastically during the summer and some people have characters they want to keep that are isolated. We don't want anyone getting rid of a creation they adore simply because they can't hit post count.

I know things have been dragging, and it is disappointing. But all games ebb and flow, and Forsilvra is no different. We have been lucky to be steady for nearly three years -- and that is crazy long for rp boards in general! I understand if anyone wants to go; but I believe in this place, in this game, and these players. We have a lot of incredible talent and more than that, people who enjoy this and find it fun and exciting. We fully intend to keep going. Bear with us, as we get back on our feet.

We do request that you post at least once a month with any character you want to keep so that we know you didn't disappear, otherwise we will consider giving those characters to other people who might want them. But I have faith that we will all be exceeding those expectations in the next month or so.

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I personally pledge to try to get as close to the old A/Cs as possible even with them abolished, but secretly I'm glad as my new job is a little bit busier in starting up than I expected.
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