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Default 5/6: April's Activity Check

Hey gang!

So it has taken a couple days to finish the AC because we are a very busy set of bees, but in conclusion: this was not one of our best. While we are no longer sending out alerts, we need to let you all know that a majority of the players have nonetheless received them. We know that there has been a lull in activity this past month, largely due to the super extremely busy April that Jenn and Friday and Adam all experienced simultaneously (and thus had a longer time pushing plot as an admin team, etc.) but we just wanted to touch base on the matter.

While spring is here and everyone is getting busy (yay!) please remember what the posting rules are, and the necessary activity level to keep characters. And as always, if you ever need help, ideas, suggestions, or an NPC, you can reach out to your staff, because we would LOVE to help you.

Ours is an open-door policy. If there is ever anything you need to talk about, site/game/character related, please feel free!

Jenn + Friday + Adam
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