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Close up of Beauciel

City: Beauciel
Ruling Family: House Valdez
Current Banner Lord: Julio Valdez
Date Founded: 4 AF
Motto: “A mal tiempo, buena cara”
Vassal Houses:
  • House Beaumont
  • House De La Cruz


Beauciel was settled in 4 AF, two years after Belleile. It was settled at the bottom of the mountains. To the north, south and east the field was surrounded by high mountains and to the west by the ocean. Seeing the advantage in terms of defense, the Beaumonts were the first family to settle down in present day Beauciel. They constructed the houses and other buildings needed for them to live along with the rest of the settlers.

The Valdez family was the second to join. They arrived with their fleet of ships and began constructing a port to have easier access to Beauciel, but the force of the waves coming in against the cliffs made it impossible and dangerous for them to continue. As such, the Valdez family turned around and anchored their ships at the Belleile port before walking the distance to Beauciel.

The third major family to join the settlement was the De La Cruz. They focused on growing agricultural fields to supply the settlement with as much food as the small fields between cliffs could allow them to.

The first few years were difficult on the settlers as they were isolated from the rest of the world. It wasn't until the Valdez family began their mining business that Beauciel started doing better. The need to export the materials to their boats in Belleile brought them to construct a better road that connected Beauciel to the capital city. The construction of the road discreetly opened the city to the exterior world.

The increase of income by the dealings of the Valdez with other families around the kingdoms along with the new established road brought more merchants and travellers to Beauciel. The settlement grew into a town before growing into a city in 8 AF.

A year later the Valdez family would begin the construction of their castle atop of the hill that would become the symbol of Beauciel. The Castillo en el Cielo can be seen from anywhere in the city and can be seen for miles out at sea.

Present day Beauciel is a stone-built city that is divided into four different districts. The Castillo district is only composed of the Castillo en el Cielo. Once inside the walls of the Castillo, one is offered a completely different atmosphere, then the one in the other districts. The interior of the Castillo while made out of white stone is decorated with banners and paintings of the region history. The wealth of the Valdez family is evident and apparent for anyone who steps into the Castillo.

The second district is the District des Beaumonts, named in honour of the first founding family of Beauciel. This district is located in the mountainside. Built in the past half century, this area of town is mostly occupied by the palaces of House Beaumont and House De La Cruz. Just like the rest of Beauciel, this district is made out of stones. However, it has a more wealthy atmosphere to it due to the houses being owned by the more wealthy families of Beauciel. One can see many of the families banner fly against the walls of the stone palaces. This is the only other district outside the Castillo that Valdez relatives or foreign guests can be seen wandering around.

The third district is the Antiguo district. This is where most of the citizens live. The streets aren't exactly what one could consider safe to travel at night when most men are drunk and making their way back from the inn or from friend's homes. However, during the day one can see many children run around and play around while ladies move from their homes to the small market in the center.

The fourth district is the District d'Agriculture. This district is composed of the few farm fields one can find in the valley around the mountain. The original House de la Cruz palace can be found here and while they still inhabit it as a second home, most of the De La Cruz live in their palace in District des Beaumonts.

The four districts are connected by the Señorial road that starts at the gate of the Castillo and goes to Belleile. While it is named a road, from the District des Beaumonts to the Castillo, its truthful form is one of a stone stairway. As such, caravans can't reach the Castillo. One must walk the distance between the District des Beaumonts and the Castillo by foot.


Beauciel main and only known trait is its mining business. The huge mines under the numerous cliffs have been the primary reason of the survival of the city and its prosperity since the Valdez began their project. The mines produce some of the most precious and resistant stones that are often used in the building of monuments around the kingdom or for palaces. Built around mines has influenced and formed the city's residents through the two previous centuries.

The city is mostly built in grayish stone mined from the nearby mines. All the roads have been made in stone as well. This dominance of stone and grey colours in the inner city has given a cold and dull atmosphere to the city. When the colder months of winter arrive, snow falls at the peak of the cliffs and a thin to medium layer of snow also falls over the city making it a hard place to live through winter compared to other parts of the island. The stone houses, however, help keep the warmth of the homes and has allowed each house to have a fireplace to keep the families warm.

To liven up the atmosphere, the Valdez family organizes a few festivals throughout the year to keep its residents happy and entertained. The festivals tend to be centred around stone lifting competitions and stone sculpture competitions.

Beauciel is not a city worth visiting for foreigners in terms of the atmosphere and festivities it offers to its visitors. The northwest city is no rival of Belleile or Vale de Lys. While the mining business is prospering, the city of Beauciel is anything, but a city of elegance or extravagance. Hard-work, harsh climates and environment have formed both the noble family and the lesser families to a different lifestyle.

Only the Castillo en el Cielo is out of the usual grayish stone look in Beauciel. Positioned on top of the highest cliff with the city at its bottom. The castle was built with some of the most prestigious white stone that the Valdez family mined two hundred years ago. Two centuries later it still stands as a huge white beaming light above the city both during the day and at night with its many torches. Most foreigners spend their days in Beauciel in the Castillo en el Cielo rather than in the city among the lesser families. A big stairway is the only method to walk up to the Castillo and thus makes it almost impossible to seige the castle.

Social Customs:

The harsh realities of living in cliffs between the stones and harsh water waves crashing against the cliffs have created a strong yet isolated atmosphere among the Beauciel population.

Men are split into three groups. The miners, the farmers and the sailors. Most young boys before the age of twelve work in the fields as assistants to farmers. After the age of twelve they are either kept in the fields, sent down in the mines or sent to Belleile to form the crew of one of the numerous Barca de piedra. A very few selected amount of them are taken in training to either become Tiburon guards or servants in the Castillo en el Cielo.

For the ladies, they are split into three groups as well. The majority of them are trained by their mothers to sew the clothes of their working male siblings or husbands. The good portion of the rest are sent in the fields to help with the crops while a small portion are sent to the Castillo en el Cielo to become servants. The most beautiful and talented of them often become personal servants to the Valdez ladies.

The regular day of a Beauciel resident is filled with work until sunset arrives. Then, it is a popular tradition for families and friends to reunite in some of the larger stone houses to spend the night playing cards or drinking, this tradition is especially popular during the cold winter months as a way to keep themselves warm. It is also not rare to see Beauciel families sleep close to the fireplace during the winter months to stay warm during their sleep.

Families tend to keep between themselves making Beauciel one of the least welcoming cities to visit as a foreigner. The majority of people will look and stare from a distance at a foreigner, but few will actually go out of their way to feel foreigners welcomed. It isn't that they dislike foreigners, it is merely that most residents don't travel out of Beauciel. As such, they do not know enough to care about these people and see them as a guest passing through to meet the Valdez family. They stay focused on their daily routines and give in to their curiosity by a few glances and stares from a distance.


Beauciel and the Valdez family practice Quintism like the majority of cities in Forsilvra. A five pointed temple is located at the centre of the city in honour of the Five. Most residents visit the temple often in a week. However, there is no distinct god that is honoured or praised in Beauciel.

As such, most people honour the Five equally. During a funeral, most will also offer gifts to the five gods because it is believed in the customs of Beauciel that gifts are to ease the dead person's travels between the two worlds and to receive a good judgment from the gods.


The selling of the stones that are mined in the cliffs around Beauciel is the main revenue for the city. The mountains around Beauciel have an abundance of white stones and ordinary grayish stone. Their expertise in the mining of these stones has allowed them to produce and ship out more stone than most other mining businesses can do in the same rate of time. Most of the workers work in the mines or on the convoys and ships that transport the stone to the many different areas of the kingdom that are in need of stone for their construction projects.

The few farm fields are all used to feed the local population and aren't sold to other cities on the island in most cases. The market area is also rather small and barely developed in Beauciel. As such, only a few stores exist to provide the basic items to the population, otherwise the more luxury and exotic goods only come in once in a while by travelling merchants.

Military & Weaponry:

Beauciel doesn't have an army per se. Well-known for its Barca de piedra fleet, these ships are merchants ships, but are used to transport numerous ranks of soldiers or ressources across the sea. In terms of numbers, very few cities have as many men working on ships and so the Valdez family boost one of the largest numbers of sailors and boats. Considering they are merchant ships, however, they tend to play a supporting role in the wars by offering transport and stone to build fortifications or as ammunition in catapults.

The Castillo en el Cielo is protected by a medium sized group of soldiers known as the Tiburon Guard. These men are trained from the age of twelve to fight, to protect the Valdez family and the Castillo en el Cielo. These soldiers wear bright silver armour that have the Valdez shark emblem made of the precious metals mined in the nearby cliffs on their chest with a bright blue cape with the shark on it as well. These soldiers can only be seen at the Castillo or around the main branch Valdez family members.

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Valdez Family Tree


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