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Default 5/19: Happy Birthday Forsilvra and Here Are You Best!

First off, thank you EVERYONE who has been a member of Forsilvra, past and present, for all that you've done to make this game the best is has ever been. Four years is a long time running, and even though people have changed, characters have changed, and even the story has changed, we are still going strong and have no intentions of stopping!

SO here is it! The best of Forsilvra, your votes, your voice! ENJOY!

(Feel free to reply with your comments and love!)

The Best of Forsilvra!

Member Awards

Favorite Staffer
The Best: Jenn
The Runner-Up: Friday
The Honorable Mentions:
Latara and Lahariel

Favorite Member
The Best: John
The Runner-Up: Mango and Kiera
The Honorable Mentions: Renna

Favorite New Member
The Best: Teagan, Rose, and Sea

Most Creative
The Best: Lahariel
The Runner-Up: Shelly and Sam
The Honorable Mentions:
Mango, Marty, Tink, and Friday

Most Dedicated
The Best: Jenn
The Runner-Up: John
The Honorable Mentions:
Kiera, Friday, and Lahariel

Best Writer
The Best: Friday
The Runner-Up: Mango
The Honorable Mentions:
Jenn, Lahariel, Sakka, and John

Best Plotter
The Best: Lahariel
The Runner-Up: Jenn and Adam
The Honorable Mentions:
John, Friday, Shelly, and Latara

Most Likely to Bring About Tears
The Best: Mango

House and Province Awards

Favorite Province
The Best: Arbrecht
The Runner-Up: Caelain
The Honorable Mentions:
Lacharn, Ahestere, and The Mark

Favorite House
The Best: DeLauncey
The Runner-Up: Faerald
The Honorable Mentions: Morgandy

Best Banner Design
The Best: Blanchard and Harcourt
The Honorable Mentions:
Quintism, Forthwind, Faerald, Fleurant, Ailnar, DeLauncey, Morgandy, Brabant

Strongest House
The Best: DeLauncey
The Runner-Up: Faerald, SanJar, and Kyffin
The Honorable Mentions:
Fitzwulf, Harcourt and Vaughan

Best Words
The Best: House Montrose ("I Roar, Not Squeal")
The Honorable Mentions:
Vaughan ("No Gods, No Masters")
Blanchard ("Ever Bright, Ever Noble")
Hallewyn ("All is Flux")
de Valle ("Steady As the Tide")
Toussaint ("Wind, Wave and Fate")
Alysworth ("Strike at the Heart")
Redwald ("Iron Within; Iron Without")
Faerald ("Our Words Resound")

Best Backstory
The Best: Arbrecht (Fitzwulf and Blanchard)
The Runner-Up: Linnet
The Honorable Mentions:
Storm, Kyffin, Vaughan, Brabant, and DeLauncey

Character Position Awards
*** Position assume Lord is the male head of house, and Lady is the female head of house, no matter which is the one truly in charge. Thus, some votes were moved.

Best Province Lord
The Best: Aashiq Linnet
The Honorable Mentions:
Tysilio Faerald, Cassius DeLauncey, and Balthasar Prothero

Best Province Lady
The Best: Lorelei Linnet and Elanor Fitzwulf
The Runner-Up: Rhiannon Prothero
The Honorable Mentions:
Elwen Faerald

Best Banner Lord
The Best: Bryn Kyffin and Frederick Mors
The Honorable Mentions:
Lydon Alysworth, Conor Vulferam, and Ian Harcourt

Best Banner Lady
The Best: Iona Harcourt
The Runner-Up: Cordelia Morgandy
The Honorable Mentions: Idabel de Valle

Best Councilman
The Best: Duncan Montrose
The Runner-Up: Nathaniel Merrick
The Honorable Mentions: Gaius DeLauncey

Best Mentor
The Best: Julius DeLauncey
The Runner-Up: Geoffry Taener

Best Fighter/Knight
The Best: Kenneth Montrose
The Honorable Mentions:
Victor Goddard, Torrence Aubrey, Saladin SanJar, Thomas Fitzwulf, and Izude Feran

Best Heir
The Best: Morien Kyffin
The Runner-Up: Lexington DeLauncey

Male Character Awards

Best Character Under 20
The Best: Adrien Fontenot
The Runner-Up: Valen Alysworth
The Honorable Mentions:
Maldwyn Prothero, Weston Harcourt, Wade Harcourt, and Nye Merrick

Best Character Over 20
The Best: Corbin Blanchard, Duncan Montrose, and Ian Harcourt
The Honorable Mentions:
Jager Brabant, Atticus Hound, Rhikart Brabant, and Thomas Fitzwulf

Funniest Character
The Best: Nye Merrick
The Honorable Mentions:
Everhart Brabant, Cuthbert Valentine, and Gaius DeLauncey

Most Evil Character
The Best: Micah Hughes, Jean Fitzwulf, and Cuthbert Valentine
The Honorable Mentions:
Nasir Linnet, Charles Fleurant, Etienne Fleurant, and Owyn a’Murygh

Most Innocent
The Best: Wade Harcourt
The Honorable Mentions:
Izlude Feran, Drystan Morgandy, Boyde Brabant, Bertram Fontenot, and Aiden Faerald

Character You Would Want Your Daughter to Date
The Best: Lexington DeLauncey
The Honorable Mentions:
Adrien Fontenot, Aiden Faerald, Morien Kyffin, Wade Harcourt, and Calhad Faerald

Most Likely to be Taken Advantage Of
The Best: Adrien Fontenot
The Runner-Up: Marius Landalis
The Honorable Mentions:
Corbin Blanchard, Nye Merrick, Tysilio Faerald

Most Likely to be Killed Soon
The Best: Thomas Fitzwulf
The Runner-Up: Bradyn Forthwind and Jean Fitzwulf
The Honorable Mentions:
William Harcourt, Lucius DeLauncey, Remus Fournier, Adrien Fontenot, and Drystan Morgandy

Best Character Death
The Best: Jon Fitzwulf
The Runner-Up: Geoffry Taener
The Honorable Mentions: Cuthbert Valentine

Best Dancer
The Best: Maldwyn Prothero
The Honorable Mentions:
Ian Harcourt, Wylfred Faerald, Nye Merrick, and Micah Hughes

Most Powerful
The Best: Corbin Blanchard
The Runner-Up: Tysilio Faerald
The Honorable Mentions:
Conor Vulferam, Cassius DeLauncey, Duncan Montrose and Ian Harcourt

The Best: Ian Harcourt
The Honorable Mentions:
Maldwyn Prothero, Osiris Linnet, Atticus Hound, Conor Vulferam, and Valen Alysworth

The Best: Conor Vulferam
The Honorable Mentions:
Cassius DeLauncey, Corbin Blanchard, Ian Harcourt, Renate Fleurant, Aashiq Linnet, and Hakim Linnet

Most Emotionally Damaged
The Best: Uthaer Faerald
The Runner-Up: Corbin Blanchard and Atticus Hound
The Honorable Mentions:
Maldwyn Prothero, Cassius DeLauncey, Balthasar Prothero, and William Harcourt

Female Character Awards

Best Character Under 20
The Best: Elanor Fitzwulf
The Runner-Up: Aesha Linnet
The Honorable Mentions:
Brangwen Vaughan, Keyna Prothero, and Gwendoline Morgandy

Best Character Over 20
The Best: Iridia Harcourt
The Runner-Up: Kenna Merrick
The Honorable Mentions:
Bianca Vaughan, Annalisa Faerald, Aibhilin Vulferam, Eveline DeLauncey, and Nessa Montrose

Funniest Character
The Best: Seren Vaughan
The Honorable Mentions:
Bianca Vaughan, Aurora Fontenot, Coralie Vulferam, and Marcheline DeLauncey

Most Evil Character
The Best: Bianca Vaughan
The Runner-Up: Jezabel Hughes
The Honorable Mentions: Aurora Fontenot

The Best: Abrielle LaRoche
The Honorable Mentions:
Nessa Montrose, Deirdre Faerald, Rosamund Alysworth, Aesha Linnet, and Eveline DeLauncey

The Best: Marcheline DeLauncey
The Runner-Up: Rosamund Alysworth and Brangwen Vaughan
The Honorable Mentions:
Erin Harcourt, Aurora Fontenot, Abrielle LaRoche

Should be Queen
The Honorable Mentions:
Elanor Fitzwulf, Keyna Prothero, Iridia Harcourt, Deirdre Faerald, Lorelei Linnet, Reagan Morgandy, and Marcheline DeLauncey

Most Likely to be Taken Advantage Of
The Best: Keyna Prothero
The Runner-Up: Abrielle Laroche
The Honorable Mentions:
Vivian Harcourt, Aessa Alinar, Rosamund Alysworth, Aurora Fontenot, and Elanor Fitzwulf

Most Likely to be Killed Soon
The Best: Iona Harcourt
The Honorable Mentions:
Elanor Fitzwulf, Keyna Prothero, and Seren Vaughan

Best Character Death
The Best: Rhiannon Prothero
(complete unanimous!)

Best Dancer
The Best: Erin Harcourt and Nia Vaughan!
The Honorable Mentions:
Keyna Prothero

Most Powerful
The Best: Bianca Vaughan
The Runner-Up: Rhiannon Prothero
The Honorable Mentions: Elanor Fitzwulf

The Honorable Mentions:
Vivian Harcourt, Cordelia Morgandy, Annalisa Alysworth, Madelaine Blanchard, Dahlia de Valle, Adamaris de Valle, Cornelia de Valle, Elysia de Valle, Aurelia de Valle, Narcisse Fleurant, Vesper Landalis, and Aibhilin Vulferam

Most Emotionally Damaged
The Best: Alaine Blanchard and Aessa Alinar
The Honorable Mentions:
Ceinwen Prothero, Aurelia de Valle, Gwendoline Morgandy, and Cordelia Morgandy

Character Pair Awards

Cutest Couple
The Best: Bertram/Aesha, Nessa /Larson and Gwendoline/Drystan
The Honorable Mentions:
Adrien/Keyna, Nye/Bran, Nye/Erin, Uthaer/Annalisa, Remus/Aurelia, Melari/Aiden, and Atticus/Eveline

Worst in-game Match
The Best: Marcheline/Liam
The Honorable Mentions:
Abrielle/Etienne, Nye/Bran, Desmond/Vivian

Worst Hypothetical Match
The Honorable Mentions:
Lucius/Deirdre, Bianca/Pranav, and Cuthbert/ANYONE

Most Dynamic Couple
The Best: Atticus/Eveline, Uthaer/Annalisa
The Honorable Mentions:
William/Niahm, Calhad/Sequin, Nessa/Larson

Character That Should Pair Up
The Best: Eveline/Atticus
The Honorable Mentions:
Vivian/Conor, Jager/Corelie, Elanor/Isaac, Morien/Lyneth, Cornelia/Lexington, Torrance/Kenneth, Isaac/Narcisse

Most Powerful Couple
The Best: Corbin/Iridia
The Honorable Mentions:
Adrien/Elanor, Lydon/Elisabeth, Aashiq/Lorelei, Jenn/Friday, Corbin/Aihbilin

Best Heir-Lord Dynamic
The Best: Tysilio/Adien, Cassius/Lexington

Best Sibling Rivalry
The Best: Wade/Weston
The Honorable Mentions:
Lucius/Cassius, Aurelia/her sisters

Best Sibling Relationship
The Best: The DeLaunceys
The Runner-Up: The Harcourts
The Honorable Mentions: Remus/Helena

Best Love-Hate Relationship
The Best: Torrence/Izlude
The Runner-Up: Aurora/Maldwyn

Best Twins
The Best: Lexington/Larson
The Honorable Mentions:
Marchie/Josie, Isaac/Iridia, Aurora/Adrien

Best Friends
The Best: Cassius/Atticus
The Runner-Up: Corbin/Jager

Special Awards

Lah’s Honorable Mentions:
Member: Teagan (For picking up Aesha and Rosamund and doing a great job running with both)
Thelyn Faerald (Nyska)
Calhad Faerald (Sakka)
Malcolm Montrose (Collette’s Version)
Cuthbert Valentine (Shelly)
Gwynver Faerald (Calien)

Jenn’s Honorable Mentions:
Staffer: Latara (For her balance and serenity), John and Adam for all their help
Aurora Fontenot (Lah)
Pranav Chakada (Tan)
Ezekiel Hughes (Rob)
The Development of Caelain, Storm, Arbrecht, and Ahestere (Marty, Sam, John, Tink)

Latara’s Honorable Mentions:
Member: Collette
Kenna and Kenneth (Twins)
Izlude Feran (Lah)
Ian Harcourt (John)

Notable Thread Awards
*** In no order, these are the best/funniest/most heart-wretching/amazing threads that people have thrown up to be remembered!

Sir Izlude, Who's Your Daddy?
The High Lord's Justice
I Will Be Home Then
I Will Always Come Back to You
The Sober Heart
I Don't Care if It's Wrong Or Right
Making Friends With Death
Thy Hidden Blade
Detering the Caravan, ATTACK!
The Tourney, Melee
Silver Spoons and Bloodshed

The Best of VI Forsilvra!

Most Memorable Male
Christopher Mallory
Matthias Ashpool
Cesar Sanseverino
Leonard Althalos
Jacques Ashpool
Kaedon Severne
Eli Ainsley
Jarvis Ashpool

Most Memorable Female
Fallon Severne
Rhiannon Severne
Callidora Althalos
Rosalie Letalis
Loralynn Castell

Most Memorable Male Death
Victor Castell
Jarvis Ashpool
Devin Lennox

Most Memorable Female Death
Loralynn Castell Drake
Raine Lorterra
Nazriel Nemea

Best Couple
Kaedon Severne and Rosalie Letalis
Auron Sterlyn and Rhiannon Severne
Alrik Sterlyn and Fallon Severne

Best Should have been Couple
Roswyn Severne and Leonard Althalos

Most Powerful Couple
Victor Castell and Celeste Sterlyn
Alrik Sterlyn and Fallon Severne
Leonard Althalos and Callidora Winter

Couple That Would Have Been Most Powerful
Victor Castell and Eydis Gatekeeper
Victor Castell and Regina Letalis

Best Twins
Lex and Larson Castell
Auron and Aurora Sterlyn

Notable Thread Awards

Hotter than Hell, Sticky as Honey, and Crazier than a Hornet's Nest...
The Awards Ceremonies
Raine’s Scarlet Feast
Death in the Serpent’s Halls
Where Betrayal in House Castell Gets You

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Good performance for Faeralds and Caelain, yay!

I maintain that Melari should have got an honourable mention for Sweetest. I would've voted for her had my essays not got in the way. Also: Tysilio likely to be taken advantage of? I must be on my guard then. :P
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