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Default [0.1] ALL PROVINCE: Weather

This thread will be used to mark the weather for all provinces. <3

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5/1-5/6 - The weather is nice, sunny, warm, here and there windy
5/7 - morning, light sporatic drizzles, afternoon on, party cloudy
5/8 - 5/9 - the drizzles come back and the clouds are worse
5/10 - 5/12 - Another round of heavy spring storms hit Forsilvra.
5/13 - 5/18 - NICE AND SUNNY!
5/19-5/25: No rain at all!
5/26-5/28: Downpour and people are worried about the loading of the rentinues in the rain.
5/29: Light drizzle, plans go forward
5/30-5/31: Sun comes out and dries things up.

6/1-6/7: Scattered, isolated showers, mostly sunny
6/8 - 6/14: Partly cloudy, humid and warm, with a breeze from the south.
6/15 - 6/16: A bad storm rolls in from the west and lasts two days.
6/17-6/19: Cloudy and overcast, but warm
6/20-6/30: Random summer storms, short, sweet, nothing to write home about, and the days are getting hotter.

7/1-7/14 - Hot and dry. A high pressure zone moves over the island, keeping the rain away
7/15-7/18: The zone moves away and finally some cooler air comes in. Temperatures are still warm.
7/19: A huge thunderstorm come across the island with high winds.
7/20-7/22: Lingering gray clouds and spotted showers last for a few days
7/23-7/31: The weather is beautiful, hot and a little humid, but with a breeze and the only rain comes on 7/28



5/20 - 5/31 - Hot, dry, with the days growing warmer and warmer. Here and there if the breeze comes off the water the coastal cities will feel humid. Nabaris always just feels extremely dry.

6/1 - 6/7: continued dry weather. Still no rain.
6/8: A Sandstorm hits Enos and Lismore.
6/9 - 6/11: A strange summer squall rolls in off the coast, impacting Basica and Susa
6/12 - 6/18: More hot, dry, and usual weather for the province.
6/19- 6/20: Another sandstorm rolls across the desert. It hit Nabaris on the 19th and then Enos on the 20th
6/21: A few showers scatter the region in rare summer rain
6/22 - 6/31: More dry. More hot. Sand out there is baking.

7/1 - 7/7: The winds pick up and blow hard through the province. Sand storms scatter the province and the wind is high enough to blow down a few oasis palm trees.
7/6-7/26: Boring. Hot. Dry. Once in awhile there might be a spattering of rain, but nothing to write home about.
7/27-7/31: A horrible storm blows in from the east, with high winds and rains that rides up the coast and brings so much needed wetness to the coast. The storm takes four days to travel from east to west.



5/20-5/29: Warm, balmy days with light to moderate breeze and unusual warmth
5/30: Temperature cools and a heavy fog covers Fyrsbruck, the Green, and Westerland
5/31: Back to warm and balmy weather

6/1-6/2: Nearly the entire province sees rain, varying from drizzles to heavy cloudbursts throughout the day. Kellailes receives the most; muddy roads make travel somewhat more difficult.
6/3: Warm and balmy, but with significant wind
6/4: Rain, this time heaviest in Fyrsbruck, and with heavy wind
6/5-6/9: Warm and balmy weather, partial clouds
6/10-6/20: A heat wave with almost no breeze and high humidity
6/21: A storm rages in Ernsaw, bringing some flooding and felling a few smaller trees. Travel is impossible.
6/22: Storm moves south to Maldenham and Westerland, never losing power. Travel is impossible.
6/23: Storm weakens and moves west to Mier; heavy rain makes road travel difficult but not impossible
6/24-6/28: Sky clears; weather is cool and breezy through most of the province. Some mist in the mornings and evenings
6/29-6/30: Gentle rain

7/1-7/4: Gentle rain continues for Maldenham, Westerland, Mier, and Fyrsbruck. Ernsaw and Kelleiles enjoy warm, breezy weather
7/5-7/15: Warm, balmy weather
7/16: Heavy rain in Ernsaw
7/17: Violent seas in Kelailles and along the eastern coast
7/18: Light rain in Ernsaw and Kelailles. Fog in the southern cities
7/20-7/24: Warm, balmy weather
7/25: Heavy rain in Westerland; unusual cold in Mier and a sprinkling of snow
7/26-7/31: Weather warms and sky clears for pleasant summer weather



5/20-5/25: Sunny spells with showers across the Caelish Isles. Light breeze across the coastal areas. The temperature is lower than average, ranging from 15 degrees centigrade in the northeast to 13 in the southwest.
5/26: Clear skies over Caerthynas, wind diminishes to almost nothing. Cemria is hit by pounding rain.
5/27-5/30: A strong easterly wind begins to blow, temperature rises arriving from over Linchao. Rain in Cemria diminishes over the course of a few days.
5/31: Sunny weather with occasional showers return across the Isles. Wind remains strong.

6/1-6/3: Good marching conditions prevail in Cemria, with occasional fog in the morning. Temperature remains slightly cooler than average. In Caelain, the easterly winds from over the sea brings damp air to Caerthynas, causing light rain. The rain in the rest of Caelain is somewhat heavier.
6/4-6/6: The wind turns to a southerly direction, causing temperatures to rise. The weather in Cemria clears entirely except in the inland, where the high mountains cause hot air to rise, causing occasional heavy showers.
6/7: A storm hits the coast of Cemria, bringing thunderstorms across Cemria.
6/8-6/9: Prohibitively strong winds hamper sailing on the Cemric coast, but the weather quickly returns to its warm, dry state across the rest of the Caelish isles.
6/10-6/13: Wind gradually declines but stays in a southerly direction; rest of weather unchanged.
6/14-6/21: The wind returns to its prevailing direction, ending the heat. Temperatures in the inlands of Cemria become a bit chilly, with fog a normal morning occurence and low-hanging clouds impeding visibility over the mountain tops. Caelain and Ayron enjoy fair weather.
6/22-6/23: Two days of almost unceasing rain in southwestern Caelain, Ayron and Cemria. The sky in Caerthynas is overcast most of the time.
6/24: Cemria clears somewhat; rain in Caerthynas and most of Caelain.
6/25-6/28: Temperature normalises again, weather grows temperate and occasional showers make for a normal weathern pattern.
6/29-6/30: Grey skies over Cemria, the normal weather continues in Caelain.

7/1-7/7: A week of sunny weather with occasional bursts of rain as temperatures rise.
7/8-7/13: The clouds vanish as the Caelish Isles are hit by a heat wave.
7/14-7/15: The heat wave ends, but sunny weather continues as cool air is blown in from the North.
7/15-7/18: Occasional spells of rain, but still rather warm weather.
7/19: It's raining cats and dogs again in Cemria (see a pattern?). Caelain and Ayron are unaffected.
7/20-7/23: Weather cools down somewhat. Demere and environs experience some refreshing showers.
7/24-7/28: Cooler weather in Cemria with occasional accompanying rains for added effect, Caelain and Ayron are still rather average in terms of temperature.
7/28-7/31: The winds are blowing again, bringing in rain all over the Caelish Isles.



5/1: temperate weather.
5/14-5/16: two days of severe thunderstorms hit the Vale of Harken and Waternesse, making travel dangerous, both by foot and ship.
5/17: light rains across all cities, except Linsburg, which enjoys a fairly temperate week.
5/23: Goldenmoore experiences gale-force winds from a storm coming up the coast; the Hollows get hit with the storm itself.
5/27: breezy across all cities.
5/31: all cities experience a spike in temperature, cloudless skies and humid air throughout.

6/1-6/17: beautiful weather all around. sunny skies, cloudless days, hot temperatures.
6/18-6/21: light rains.
6/22-6/31: return to beautiful weather.

7/1 -7/9: fantastic weather remains (it's summertime!)
7/10: big winds hit Linsburg. Vale of Harken experiences thickening mists (is that really new, in the Vale? nah)
7/12: Waternesse is starting to experience the beginning of a drought.
7/17 -7/21: all cities get hit with a heat wave.
7/22 - 7/31: return to normal weather, scattered rains periodically. Waternesse gets gripped with tighter drought.


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