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Default settled . . . for now - 7.20, evening - Youlan, OPEN

It had been a few days since they had arrived in Joqla. As she stared out the window of the townhouse that Rendor had accommodated them with, the plush silk robes warm in the humid Stroman summer.

It all seemed so foreign, and with Rendor's words from their journey home still ringing in her ears, she knew that her sister would have to be watched carefully. He had told her just enough to worry - and from what she saw in the streets of the city, it was well-warranted.

Things happened, yes, however, Youlan was as fiercely protective of Mei as her parents were, and if she was to ensure things would go well, she would have to be active in watching for the other wolves that prowled the island.

Hearing the door open, she turned, casting her eyes to the floor. It was uncomfortable to find out that she could not entertain guests in a public place here, like she could back in her homeland. These brash Forsilvrans and their customs often times made her head hurt.
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