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Old 07-05-2011, 05:46 PM
Allegrezza Sterlyn
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Exclamation CHAOS in Solbra: OOC Instructions/discussion (read before posting there)

The Tourney Grounds are outside the East Gate of Solbra, just off the road, which once through the gates turns into the High Street which winds its way up to Castle Argent.

There are about 25 archers, who will be targeting the members of the high families seated with or near the royals. There are seventy armed warriors mixed in among the common folk, and they will be causing all the chaos they can. You are all free to decide if your characters take a hit, kill a an attacker, kill a rioting commoner, or even get killed themselves. React as you see fit, do as you like. When fleeing the tourney fields, you will have to make it up the High Street, and make your way along the High Street to the safety of Argent’s gates: the madness in the tourney field quickly turns to rioting as terrified commoners flood out, so once you get free of the Tourney Field you are not safe yet... you have to move from the field to the streets and up to the castle gates- and the chaos is moving right along with you.

You could head the opposite way, toward the archers and away from the city- but that’s going straight toward the enemy, and who’s to say there’s not a force behind them? Your choice, but let me know if you’re heading off into the woods, as I’ll have inform you of anything you will or won’t find.

Fallon and Galeazzo and their retinues fall under protection of the Royal Guards. Jaeryth has three of his Dragonguard with him as well as his lords and retinue. Rex and Aurora have their own sworn swords and nobles as well. Most of the other nobles perhaps have a bodyguard or sworn sword, or may have to make it out on their own- it’s up to you and what precautions you know your character/their family usually take- this is the 7th day of a tourney, and remember: the city has been peaceful, with no indication this would happen. NO PSYCHIC ABILITIES, guys. Also, your guardians are not teflon or arrow proof. Some will undoubtedly take hits/die. Consider how likely you are to get out fully unscathed first from the arrows, then the attacks and panicked rioting- everything’s confused everything’s going wrong. Can you stay with your intended group? Do you get lost? Up to you.

Perhaps your knights and sworn swords get you out safely, or maybe you have to fight your way out, join in with a group of other PC’s, etc. It’s up to you. If you want you can puppet an NPC account to help/hinder yourself or others. HAVE FUN: this is your goal. Good luck! <3

The ‘bad guys’ are not wearing uniforms and have no sigils. They’re dressed just like commoners, blending in with those in attendance and the rioters. Some have common swords, others have short swords or daggers, nothing out of the price range or grasp of normal citizens. The archers’ first volleys are aimed high, arcing up and coming down over the nobles’ seating: they’re firing from off the field, beyond the spectators in the far side, but after a few shots, half of them drop the bow and grab their blades to join in with creating chaos. A mob full of panicked people, many of whom are armed, everyone stampeding toward the gates and the panic spreading like wildfire... you do the math.

WHO WOULD BE IN THE ROYAL BOX (therefore in the thick of the arrows and having a much worse day)

(Basically: Anyone who is a Sterlyn, a Sanseverino, a Letalis, a Costayne or who would be likely to sitting with them- Fallon’s ladies in waiting, etc is RIGHT in the line of fire. You can be out of the box for some reason, but if you’re next to the queen or the regent, you in danguuuuur- but all of the noble seating are being targeted, just the Royal box is getting EXTRA LOVE. And by extra love, I mean MORE PINCUSHIONS.)


- for the nobles’ immediate vicinity, their body guards. The box itself is under the watch of the six remaining royal guard (The Silvers, ie Ronan’s men)/yeomen of the castle, plus the various personal guards of the occupants (Sanseverinos, Sterlyns, Letalis, Costayne, etc). The field’s perimeter is patrolled and peace enforced by some of the Solbra Watch, rather than any palace partisans.


You don’t know yet. No, I’m not going to tell you. You can inquire about what your char sees/hears, but beyond that... you get the joy of speculation for a while. Could be political. Could be Ovador. Could be an attempted coup, one financed by the city watch, or backed by a noble house. Could be engineered by someone standing next to you. Could be a populist uprising. Viva la Revolucion. Could be lots of things. Have fun figuring it out.

Either give one of your co-players sock-puppeting permission to move your char into safety or post when you can. OR devise an IC reason they weren't in the tourney grounds but may end up swept up in the tide when it reaches into the city. You can also have just chosen that day to go out for a ride or something before the wedding. Up to you.

*flailing* WHERE DO I START?
Someone is shooting at you. Respond.

If you are posting to specific characters or are moving in a group and start to get lost if we end up with a megathread, bold character names who you are speaking/dealing with, either in (())'s as an ooc note, or in the post itself.

Any further questions, ask here, PM or in Gchat.

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Old 07-05-2011, 08:17 PM
Cesare Sanseverino
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Important announcement about Sanseverino guard at the tourney:

By order of Captain of the Guard, from 6/12 every Sanseverino in Castle Argent has his personal Serpent watching over him - they are posted at their door, and accompany them everywhere reasonable (I meant to pm Sansev players about it weeks ago, never got to it, so now's a good moment). A Serpent is supposed to protect his charge with his life, he shall die in defence, and if his charge dies during an assignment, he must leave the ranks of Serpent Guard forever. Nobody can dismiss a Serpent except his charge, Captain of the Guard (Cesare), or Lord Sanseverino (Galeazzo). Serpents are wearing full plate armor, shields and cloaks.

Basically, every Sanseverino sitting in the box during the tourney has a Serpent at his side before the arrows fly:
Allegrezza - one Serpent, Aldrin, standing in the box, running to her the moment Jaymie Ciel falls on her. DEAD
Beatrice - one Serpent, Priamo.
Galeazzo - two Serpents.
Ludovico - one Serpent.
Ercole - one Serpent. DEAD
Ippolito - one Serpent, standing on the field, in short distance.
Vanozza - one Serpent.
Valencia Florian - one Serpent.

Ser Torrance March, Serpent and second-in-command of the guard, is sitting in the box near Aviana Mallory (established IC).

NPCs Pietro and Violante Sanseverino, Cesare's grandchildren, are in Castle Argent, taking lessons.

For Sansev players:
If your character has a Serpent posted, you can name them, and I'll put their names in here. Bea's Serpent is Priamo. It would be awesome if we had some played as NPCs, but I don't expect miracles at short notice.

Since Serpents are bound to obey their charge, they will do everything they are told. However, they are warriors, not serfs, so ordering them to do menial tasks is considered bad taste, unless warranted. Priamo, Beatrice's Serpent, has been her protector for years.

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Ronan Felukas
House Sterlyn
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To add (because this was decided later after I posted) here are your Silvermen. One is in guard of each lady-in-waiting:

- Ronan Felukas - Head of the Silvers, Queen's personal bodyguard
- Ser Derik Marsh - Therasia
- Ser Xavier Dockett - Abigail Atherton
- Ser Melvis Farristan - Cynthia Sterlyn
- Ser Trentwick "Trent" Lebannion - Allegrezza Sanseverino
- Ser Circen McClintock - Rhiannon
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