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Default Keegan Harcourt


Credit to Chromatic


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Lyla
RP Experience: 10 years
Your Character's Player Base: Kit Harrington


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Keegan Harcourt
Character Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): September 5th, 223
Home Castle/City: Fyresbruck
House: Harcourt



Credit to Chromatic
Short and stocky in build. More power in back and arms from smithing. Dark unruly hair, preference for facial hair, as sitting still long enough to be shaved bores him. Branded with family crest over his heart, cos he’s hardcore. Preferred clothing, lighter leather in the summer months. Fur lined cloaks and heavier leather in the winter. For sailing and being on the water, he picks clothing that allows for flexibility for moving quickly on deck. Practicality in clothing is vital.



Credit to Chromatic
“Family. Tradition. Freedom.” Honorbound, strategic, kindhearted, skilled bowman, juggernaut mele style. Rarely moves about without sword at his side, as he made it himself, but it is not his first choice of weapon. Middle child sort of syndrome, but copes well with being a quiet watcher of the group. Smart, and recognizes that wit should be used like a sharp knife. Aimed carefully, and used swiftly.



Credit to Chromatic
Keegan harcourt, Born in September of the year 223. Second son, to Ian and Iona. Fourth oldest.

For his early years, he received adequate amounts of attention that any child would have
by age 6, their attention wandered as he became more self sufficient. At first he was upset, acted out, tried to emulate his father in mock battles, and was scolded for his unruly behavior. Keegan began his studies once he was old enough, and was also taught the basics of sword fighting, archery and sailing, as all of the Harcourt children were. He quickly learned that he preferred the bow over the sword, but liked strategy over battle.

Further lessons had proved him to be better suited for archery, though battle with a sword is possible. He was messy, and crude in battle, but effective as he was, and still is, rather fearless and threw himself headlong into his matches. Sparring matches proved to be just as damaging to him as it has been to his opponents.

The Harcourts have been a close family through the years. Honoring their house words. “Family. Tradition. Freedom.” He had always felt that they were truly people of the sea, and as sailors, they were free peoples. But family always came first. Although all of the children were close, Keegan always favored Vivian, having fond memories now, of them as children, playing together, Vivian having stolen his clothes to play at being a boy for a day. From her he learned that there were some secrets that needed to be kept, and he would keep any secret that Vivian asked him to.

Academic studies were his favorite. He liked learning, especially about battles, and the strategies that won, and even lost battles. There is much to learn from both sides. There came a point in his life that he was allowed more access to other trades. He had always remembered the blazing fires of the forge when he saw them as a boy. Their glow was magical, and the heat intense and frightening. Frightening in the same way that the sea was. It was a force to be revered, and never mistreated. He often read the few books about smithing techniques in order to know more about the men that tamed fire. There is a difference in knowing what should be done, and actually doing it. At 12, he was apprenticing with the keeps blacksmith and farrier. He learned quickly that he would not be making anything until he had built up strength. For the first couple of years, he pumped the bellows, and ran buckets of water, and shoveled coal. By the time he was fifteen, his shoulders were broad, and his arms strong. Stronger than they would ever be from sword fighting, archery or sailing.

His early work in smithing was only small jewelry pieces, and small findings for various machines. They were clumsy and crude. He progressed in his smithing studies, moved onto repairing armor, and as a treat, for his 16th birthday, after much study, a sword was forged from fine steel, and treated until the blade was a dark stormy grey. It was called Darkwater.

The years were calm, as he grew from boy to man. The plague struck, and he was kept safe within the castle walls. Keegan had seen no real battle until the Fitzwulfs invaded Fyresbruck. It was chaotic and confusing, and Keegan was in charge while his father and brother were away. He was sending out a raven when they came for him. He regrets everything now. That he should have been with his mother and sisters, but he ran to the rookery first. Seeing his mother and cousin dead on the floor, their blood staining the floor, their clothes, it was the worst. And the wretch of a woman made him kneel. She thought it was kind, to not kill him then. In that moment, he wished he had died protecting them. Instead, he was spared his life. His mother, his dear cousin. Dead, and he had not saved them. He cleaned up after them, and, as the sun set, two boats were sent off into the sea, a flaming arrow shot into the boats as they drifted away. His voice shook as he sang the mourning songs.
He was then immediately taken to Westerland and held in the dungeons there. He spent his time in solitary, thinking of how he had failed his family. The image of his dead mother and cousin burning into his memory. He should have been there...he should have been there. He was liberated and soon after found himself engaged to Rianne Brabant, a marriage to unite their two houses. Neither were pleased about the arrangement but in no time at all the engagement was officially sealed.


[Writing Sample]

They had not seen each other since the day that he had defeated her in the archery contest, sealing their betrothal to each other. Neither had desired this union. He had tricked her. He had the right to choose his own weapon and he had turned a sword fight, one he would have surely lost, into an archery contest, one she had no chance of winning.

It was a dirty move and he knew it. Even now he sometimes question why he had done it. Wouldn't it have been easier if he had simply lost to her? Then they would not have to get to married and both would be happier. But the Harcourt motto was "Family. Tradition. Freedom." And the first part of that was "Family." That was why he had done it. His family was the most important thing and this marriage was important.

Keegan and Rianne had stayed in contact with each other through letters since then, there were falsely cordial, both of them could see through that. He hoped that some time in the future he would at least be able to convince her not to despise him.


[Timeline of Events]


Credit to Chromatic
220: Ian Harcourt marries Iona Montrose
221: The twins, Iridia and Isaac are born
222: Vivian is born.
223: Keegan is born
224: Sara is born
225: Erin is born. Keegan begins lessons
229: Keegan begins Combat Training
231: Plague Starts
234: War of Heldebrecht begins. Plague hits Fyresbruck
235: Illan Harcourt dies; Ian becomes Lord of Fyresbruck; Keegan begins Blacksmithing
238: War of Heldebrecht ends.
239: Keegan forges Darkwater
240: William Fitzwulf dies; Jon Fitzwulf becomes Province Lord. Plague Ends.
241: Iona dies. Keegan and Rianne betrothed.

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