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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Stells
RP Experience: 7 Years
Your Character's Player Base: Alexis Bledel in Tuck Everlasting


[Basic Information]

Character Name:
Character Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): 17th of August, 224
Home Castle/City: Frysbruck
House: Harcourt, unmarried.



Sara’s appearance mirrors her personality. Her hair, complexion and physique, befitting of a Harcourt, she does not benefit from any striking or unusual attributes – the red hair having skipped her in favour of her youngest sister. With pale porcelain skin that is prone to flushing and long curly brown hair that is, more often than not, unruly and wild, Sara is pretty in a distinctly well-bred way. Her good looks and feminine form works to mask her unfortunate affliction, like a flower that is discovered to have a rotting core.



Sara has the dumb luck of being neither the eldest, nor youngest daughter, and as the middle-child has grown used to being overlooked. This tends to suit her well, since she is more of a soft spoken wallflower and naturally distrustful of most people. For some, Sara comes across as standoffish and frigid and lacks the natural sense of adventure and fervor that seems to grip others of House Harcourt. In reality, she is good-natured and friendly among those she knows and loves. When it comes to family, she is fiercely protective, particularly of Erin, the youngest of her siblings – and though Sara is not of a gullible nature, her innocence and wide-eyed approach of the world, are difficult to mask.

Sara enjoyed a close relationship with her mother, due in part to the emergence of the illness she began having as a child. It was decided that spending too much time outdoors, learning to shoot bows and arrows, was dangerous. As a result, her relationship with her father never became as close as it could have been. Sara learned to practice softer, gentler activities and became quite skillful at sewing, knitting and drawing. As she grew older and particularly after the death of her mother, Sara became more rebellious and willing to tempt fate by catching up on what she missed out on in childhood. She looks up to her older sister, Vivian, especially.

Though Sara enjoys her newfound freedom, she is in no denial over what her illness entails. While it is a well-kept secret within the family, throughout childhood and adolescence the fear of her affliction making her damaged goods, of unmarriageable quality; effectively dooming her to a life of spinsterhood, became her constant companion. For these reasons, Sara likes to maintain a distance from strangers and works hard to project at outward appearance of “perfection”.



Sara is the second youngest daughter of Lord Ian and Iona Harcourt and has grown up among her many siblings, frequently being overshadowed, though this suits her well. Her childhood was not as untroubled and carefree as it should have been, and most of it was spent indoors and under careful supervision and tutelage of her mother, siblings, and various chaperones. Sara’s first sign of illness made its appearance at the age of four, an illness for which there was no treatment to be discovered and which was consequently written off as a “curse of the Gods”. As such, the threat of it became a constant shadow in Sara’s life, though her mother, Iona, did her best to alleviate her fears and coddled and protected her fiercely.

The untimely death of her mother came as a huge shock to Sara, and unleashed a bout of rebellion that had remained well hidden, tucked out of sight, in all of the years prior. Sara did not outwardly grieve her mother, but her sadness manifested in a different way and led to a careless jeopardizing of her health.
Her relationship with her family is good and relatively untroubled. While she cannot say that she enjoys a close kinship with the twins, it is to her youngest sister, Erin and older sister, Vivian, that she developed the strongest bond. After her mother’s passing, she latched onto her sister Vivian, in whom she recognized a role-model (and at times, even saw her mother).

While the exact nature of her illness has been well covered up by her family, the tip-toeing about and general secretiveness has not gone entirely unnoticed by outsiders. People do know that there is something wrong with her, though the fact that it is not something immediately noticeable on the outside has mostly led to confusion and false theorizing.


[Writing Sample]

Her chaperone was eyeing her warily, as though afraid that the second she took to glance down at her knitting would be the second in which Sara took her flight for freedom. She looked down at her own knitting; it was going nowhere. Her needlepoint was starting to suffer. But what use was there in perfecting her needlepoint?

She felt that there was little use in anything anymore - the knitting, and endless hours of sewing served only as a pretty distraction. But sitting here, with the pretty distraction in her lap, the hawk eyes of the chaperone practically drilling into the back of her head, she had never felt more like an old lady. Here she was, an old woman, old maid, on the steady but sure road to spinsterhood. Sara had never felt more lost or frustrated.

She stood up in order to right the chair, pull it forward just a bit in order to make full use of the sparing bit of sunlight. It was a crisp, cold afternoon and her chaperone visibly loathed her for forcing her to sit in the thin sliver of sunlight.

“I am only moving forwards a spell,” Sara said with a bit of an edge to her voice, when the chaperone made to stand up, dropping her needles on the chair. “I’m sure I can manage as much.”

In hindsight, Sara supposed she could not fault the chaperone for being a little jumpy. Only a fortnight ago, she had given her the slip in the rose gardens, in favour of a stroll by herself. Nothing had happened; no injury, no fall, she hadn’t even pricked herself on a thorn. Yet her chaperone had acted as if the world were ending. After everything that had happened, and now with Erin’s return to Frysbruck, after Mother… no she could not allow herself drift and think about that. After everything, Sara had hoped that the attention would shift back to Erin. It had, though only somewhat.

Everything had changed. And yet, so much had remained exactly the same.


[Timeline of Events]


[Please list any important time line events for your character only in the format:

Year 224: Sara is born.
Year 225: Erin is born.
Year 228: Sara is “cursed” with an illness.
Year 241: Erin becomes Lady in Waiting to Aurora. Frysbruck is attacked and Iona Harcourt is subsequently murdered. Sara and family (minus Erin) escape to Mier – then return to Frysbruck. Game begins.

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