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Default Major Character Requests


The follow is a list of characters that are wanted by either administration for critical plots or by players for personal plots. As noted
  • Higher point characters are more plot critical for the game.
  • Adoptable means the character needs to be picked up in similar fashion to a previous incarnation. Refer to the profile
  • Remake means the character was created in the past, but short of points documented in other characters profiles, and possibly a minor plot, nothing from the old character has to be retained. Reuse of old profile is optional.
  • New Means the character has never been created.
  • In all cases, contact the person in parenthesis if interested to get information.
  • The points value refers to the level of the character (major, important, minor). More on points can be read in the character rules.
  • All Pbs suggestions are entirely optional. Pbs should match physical characteristics of the house
  • Additional wanted characters may be linked to another thread from each province table.
  • Remember, any unlinked character on the House Information may be played. Don't see someone here you like? Go find a fresh place to start!
  • Strike through means the character in on hold

To Add a wanted character to this list, please use the WANTED CHARACTERS FORM.

Forsilvra Character Requests
Characters born on or currently living on the capital island. Royalty, Councilmen and their families.
Isabella Fitzwulf Fontenot
(Threads) Isabella ruled as queen regent next to her husband Stephane, while acting as mother for the royal children after the deaths of their parents. Her own husband succumbed to the plague a few years later. Now she advises the king as she watches the downfall of her house, while rekindling an old flame with councilor Julius DeLauncey ((Adoptable. Contact Jenn))) 2 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Cate Blanchett // Previous Profile or House Information
Duncan Montrose
(Threads) Duncan Montrose is the senechel of Castle Licorn and on the council of the king. He is shrewd and crafty and very good at his job. His loyalties swing toward the king over his own family, anger for sending him in the first place to the capital, however he has recently made admends with his brother Malcomn. His son Kenneth is captain of the Horns and on the council as well,and his daughter Kenna is wed to a councilman, giving him good influence. ((Contact Jenn))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Charles Dance // Previous Profile or House Information [Adoptable]
Nathaniel Merrick
(Threads) Nathaniel is the young Authority of Diplomacy. A man who loves his family and his children, is happy and friendly with everyone, he has found himself caught up in trying to balance investigating the attack on the king while dealing with his suddenly spooked wife. He also harbors a secret that could turn her against him forever. ((Contact Jenn))) 2 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Takeshi Kaneshiro // Previous Profile or House Information [Adoptable]
Gaius DeLauncey
(Threads) Gaius is the Authority of Welfare and wed to the Princess Isabelle Fontenot. His mouth and his temper tend to get him into trouble, and he recently spouted off a letter to Conor Vulferam that could well get him in trouble. His daughter was also recently murdered. ((Contact Jenn))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Sean Bean // Previous Profile or House Information [Adoptable]
Elizabeth Lambert Valdez
(Threads) Wife of Nataniel Valdez, she was the first foreigner to marry into the Valdez family. Her marriage was the source of controversy for years. She's the main councillor to her eldest son and ruling banner lord of Beauciel, Julio Valdez. She's the ruling lady of Beauciel and nobody holds as much influence as her over Julio. ((Contact Sea))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Anastasia Griffith // Previous Profile or House Information [New]

Ahestere Character Requests
Characters born on in the sandy deserts of the South.
Ambrose Fleurant
(Threads) Ambroise is the brat of the family, which is saying something when he's a Fleurant. He shrugs off all forms of responsibility in favour of mischievous and boisterous behaviour. Being a middle child no one cared a jot till now, but it's coming time for Peter Pan to grow up. ((Contact Jenn or Pre))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Randy Harrison // Previous Profile or House Information [Remake]
Pepin Fleurant
(Threads) (27) One of the rare cheerful Fleurants, Pepin is always open to a conversation with a stranger or a new adventure. He is still haughty like all of the Fleurants, and well educated. Pepin shares a particularly close bond with Renate, and is his main confidant. ((Contact Jenn or Pre))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Max theriot // Previous Profile or House Information [Remake]
Musetta Fleurant
(Threads) Musetta is the fiesty 19 year old female in the main branch of House Fleurant. Her tongue has quite often gotten her in trouble, as she speaks her mind. A trouble maker, she is frequently causing her brother, Renate, stress. She is close to Ambroise Fleurant. ((Contact Jenn or Pre))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Dianna Agron // Previous Profile or House Information [Remake]

Arbrecht Character Requests
Characters from the frozen north
Aibhilin Aine Rioghnach Vulferam
(Threads) Sister to Conor Vulferam and could probably be declared the mastermind in secretly saving Corbin and helping bring together the rebellion alliance together. Aibhilin now relinquishes her legacy to being nothing more than dust in the wind to the few who remembered who helped plant those seeds of rebellion to begin with. This character has a lot of room for current / future growth and development however the character must be adopted outright and the player will need to converse with Jenn or Friday to get a firm understanding of all the pieces she played all the way through the Arbrecht War up until now. This is more of a situation where you need to know the character's past in order to figure out where you're going to go with her in the current and future plot endeavors. ((Contact Friday))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Alicia Witt // Previous Profile or House Information [1]
Sepphora Blanchard Vulferam
(Threads) Mother to 11 children, with her son Conor as current lord of House Vulferam, Sepphora has been the family's rock and foundation throughout a great deal of trials and tribulations between the War of Heldenbrecht, Turpis Morbi, and many of the other issues that have cropped up along the way with her children and family. She has a close relationship with Conor, and helps cool his temper with gentle logic and persuasion. Ever since Ammeline DeLauncey died she worries about her son’s state of emotional well-being and would like to see him remarry if only just to have a companion in his life once again. You might also want to contact the other players who have Vulferam characters as her children to see what kind of relationship they would like to have with their mother. Since Sepphora is of Blanchard blood, PB will likely need to have darker hair with blue or light-colored eyes (See Corbin, Madelaine, and Alaine, along with Conan). ((Contact Friday))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): --- // Previous Profile or House Information [New]
Cinaed Aemilianus Lanzo Vulferam
(Threads) Served dutifully in the Arbrecht War, Cinaed has been a staunch adviser and assistant to Conor and Conan. He has a little bit of back story with Astrid Grunewald, so please check in with Friday to further supplement. After the siege of Mier things kind of changed up a bit and Conan now employs Leonardo Silverstein as his right-hand assistant instead of Cinaed these days. A remake of this profile might be in order to address the current events that have transpired as a result. Contact Sea for any past and current relationships Cinaed has with Conan and where they stand now. But player has the freedom to recreate the profile to their own style with the plot points mentions between Friday (Astrid), Sea (Conan), and Lahariel (Conor). ((Contact Lahariel))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Lee Pace // Previous Profile or House Information [2]
Cecilie Tanguy Brabant
(Threads) (37), is the second wife of the late Lord Bartholmeus Brabant. Mother to the two youngest bears of Roseherst, Cecilie became a critical part of the family. Her relationship with her eldest stepson, the current Lord Brabant, she had served him as a mother figure in the absence of his late mother. Her relationship with the rest of her stepchildren varies, from cold and turbulent to warm and peaceful, but Cecilie took any hardships from that aspect of her life in stride. She married Bartholmeus out of love despite their ten year age difference and prepared herself for whatever hardships derived from that decision. Cecilie took control over the matters of the household, ensuring that the keep is running smoothly alongside her niece Lisanne. Personality is somewhat flexible, as long as she is depicted as a strong woman. ((Contact Adam))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Kelly Reilly // Previous Profile or House Information [New]
Nótt Arnadóttir Grunewald
(Threads) (20-21) Nótt is the beautiful wife of Fólkhvatur Grunewald and mother of his child, soon to be children. They have know each other since they were kids and are completely in love. When Fólk left for war in 234, he promised to make her his bride when he returned. She was thirteen and he sixteen. Four years later, he came home and snuck into her bedroom to steal her away, as was the marriage custom of their little village. ((Contact Teagan))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Abbie Cornish // Previous Profile or House Information [New]

Caelain Character Requests
Characters from the Land of the Harp
Wylfred Faerald
(Threads) Wylfred Faerald is younger brother to Uthaer Faerald and cousin to the Province Lord of Caelain, Tysilio Faerald. This character comes with a LOT of specific awesome background information: he is the scholar of House Faerald, arguably the smartest among them; he has a very, very strained relationship with his older brother Uthaer and a complicated infatuation with his brother's wife, Annalisa Faerald, which only widens their rift. He is currently being NPC-ed by Friday because he is integral to many plots, both in the Faerald family and Caerthynas in general. If interested, inquire within -- this is an excellent, multi-faceted character with a lot of plot to jump in to, one I would adore to have played, but is extremely well-established; this means there is little room for re-interpretation. You will deal mostly with Friday in the adoption of this character, so we will explain more if interested. Serious inquiries only! ((Contact Friday))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Jensen Ackles // Previous Profile or House Information [Adoptable]
Sequin Faerald (may be open to change)
(Threads) Wife of Calhad Faerald, Lord Commander of the Harpers and younger brother of Tysilio Faerald. A Fleurant by birth, and a mother of infant twins, Sequin is proper, dutiful, and emotionally stand-offish. She married and produced her children in such quick succession that she has never had an occasion to get to know her husband. However, she works hard at being a good wife and doing all the tasks that are expected of her. ((Contact Sakka))) 1 point characterSuggested PB (not required): --- // Previous Profile or House Information [Adoptable]
Rhys Faerald
(Threads) Uthaer’s father, and was previously apped by another player but their activity was minimal so it’s actually recommended to rebuild this character from the ground up since Uthaer’s profile clashes a bit with the previous version (which was retired long before Uthaer was even made). Rhys is proud of his eldest son’s military career, but knew that he was awkward with women. Both he and his wife forced Uthaer to marry young so that the issue could be taken care of early, as they find it is important to start a family quickly given the nature and uncertainties of war. However, Uthaer does not show up at the betrothal dinner party in Porthareon. Wife dies of stroke, not plague. ((Adoptable. Contact Marty))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Jeremy Irons // Previous Profile
Niall an'Ymelda Caerwyn
(Threads) Son of the executed traitor Owyn of Dun Eamrath, and the Prince of Dun Eamrath, Niall has always hated his father. His father hated his mother, a Caelish noblewoman Owyn raped, and is suspected of killing her in order to be able to remarry. Now a ward to Tysilio Faerald at Caerthynas, Prince Niall has taken his mother's house name and been reinstated to Dun Eamrath. ((Contact Marty))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): --- // Previous Profile or House Information [New]
Elisabeth Alysworth
(Threads) Elisabeth, born a Fitzwulf, has been married to Lydon Alysworth after her husband Adelard Blanchard died. She ran away from Arbrecht to do this, causing a bit of drama. Mother to six little gingers. ((Adoptable. Contact Latara))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Lena Hedley // Previous Profile or House Information
Morgan Kyffin
(Threads) Age: 16, Gwyneth's twin, and fellow trouble maker. Morgan and his twin sister are extremely close even still sharing a secret language with another. Both are also close to their father in some respect as he has taken them under his wing to better learn the ways of court and further their skills of manipulation. Besides having a lovely singing voice there isn't much else that is cannon about this character. I'd suggest reading Gwyneth's profile for further information about Morgan. The rest of the personality and history is up to the player. ((Contact Ralana))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Michael Fjordbak // Previous Profile or House Information [New]

Lacharn Character Requests
Characters from the Land of Lady Lords
Drystan Morgandy
(Threads) Drystan is the only remaining son of Morgandy's main branch. Upbeat on the outside, on the inside he is a depressed, moody teenager. As a Morgandy he is a skilled sailor and captain, as well as a capable swordsman. He has recently fled Lacharn to Arbrecht following a rather large fallout with his sisters and a scandalous relationship with his cousin, Gwendoline. Most recently, he has sworn loyalty to Corbin Blanchard. ((Contact Collette))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Kazuki Kato // Previous Profile or House Information [Adoptable]
Devin Morgandy
(Threads) 38 - Cordelia and Reagan's uncle. To be a sort of mentor figure since her mother, the previous Lady of Enyon, died. Personality otherwise is up in the air, but his play-by needs to be asian. He's also married to royalty! - Jacqueline Fontenot Morgandy ((Contact Jenn))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): ---- // Previous Profile or House Information [New]
Kai Vaughan Morgandy
(Threads) Father to Cordelia, Reagan and Drystan, Kai married into House Morgandy from House Vaughan. Personality is entirely up to interpretation, but he should be on good terms with his three remaining children... even if they do cause some dramas. His wife and previous ruler of Enyon was claimed by the plague, whilst his eldest died at sea, following which the youngest daughter took her own life. He additionally hails from a matriarchal family of assassins, so a lot of fun possible dimensions to this character! ((Contact Jenn))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Tony Leung // Previous Profile or House Information [New]
Nerys Prothero Morgandy
(Threads) Nerys was born a Prothero and wed into Morgandy. She is elegant and educated and a whiz with numbers. She had been nominated by a number of lord to take the council position for Authority of coin. As the top candidate it is only a matter of time before she is selected ((Contact Jenn))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Alyssa Chia // Previous Profile or House Information [Adoptable]
Abigail Morgandy Merrick
(Threads) (38) The wife of Alastair, Abigail is her husband’s strongest supporter. Despite the fact she had a hard time losing a child, she and her husband had worked through it. Though is caring and strong, she is very much a reserved woman. She does what she can to complement her husband’s efforts. At the moment, her top priority is the safe upbringing of her children, especially Nye and Aria. This is a character that hasn’t been played for; therefore, everything is very flexible. ((Contact Adam or Latara))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): --- // Previous Profile or House Information [New]

Vandermark Character Requests
Characters of the Old Ways
Veral Hallewyn
(Threads) Veral is the Lord of House Hallewyn of Bindenhall. He is a stern but fair Lord, and is working hard to uphold the prominence of his House. He and his wife, Lorrella, are very much in love, and she is pregnant with their third child. ((Contact Friday))) 2 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Zachary Quinto // Previous Profile or House Information [adoptable]
Armel Hallewyn
(Threads) Captain of the Guards at Bindenhall. A soldier instead of a politcian, Armel is stalwart and loyal. Everything else is open to the player. ((Contact Friday))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Mads Mikkelsen // Previous Profile or House Information [New]
Ilyse Forrester Crane
(Threads) Ilyse Forrester married into the House Crane (another small vassel house) and can still be married, or her husband could have died. She is a young woman, a huntress, who is friendly with the Fourniers.
House Forrester is the major vassal House sword to Fournier. With the death of Hadrien Fournier, the Forresters were asked to move in and around Maidenhead Castle in order to assist the Fourniers in rebuilding their House after the plague. All Forrester men are known to be great hunters and strong trackers. The women are beauties with light skin, dark hair and dark eyes who often join their men on the hunt and can be as good as them with a bow or dagger. ((Contact Tan))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): --- // Previous Profile or House Information [New]
Angela Landalis
(Threads) Angela Landalis is an intelligent, confident young girl -- and that last bit is the complete opposite of her shy, paranoid and pessimistic brother, Marius. Marius needs her more than he'll admit, though she walks a tender line between sister-in-law and enemy with Vesper over how she acts, and how she pushes him to action. Her uncle recently murdered her father, leaving her entrenched in a traumatic family event. Angela has taken over the usual feminine-head-of-household activities in lieu of her mother and Vesper. Tons of family drama and fun to be had here! ((Contact John))) 1 point character
Suggested PB (not required): Crystal Reed // Previous Profile or House Information [3]

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Here goes, cleaning time! *wears scrubber suit*

*more wanted

Note: Priority is obviously not set in stone, just Rae's best guess from reading around

* Isabella Fontenot
*Gaius Delauncey
Elizabeth Lambert Valdez

*Julio Valdez (I believe we have an old ad?)
Bertram Fontenot

Duncan Montrose (adopted)
Nathaniel Merrick (adopted)

Closed/Out of play right now

Aibhilim Vulferam
*Cecile Brabant

*Ryker Brabant
*Aleydis Brabant
Dirk Brabant?
Sara Harcourt
William Harcourt

Sepphora Vulferam
Cinaed Vulferam
Nott Grunwald?

Wylfred Faerald
*Sequin Faerald

*Valen Alysworth
Elwen Kyffin Faerald
Brennan Faerald?

Rys Faerald
Naill Caerwyn?
Elisabeth Alysworth
Morgan Kyffin

Inactive area, BUT some Lacharnians are in a different place and are requested if put somewhere else.
Drystan Morgandy
Kylie Merrick

I don't know, ask Friday.
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