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Default Age Of Intrigue, Court game set in 1677,

Court, n - royal place of residence where the deeper you've fallen, the higher you've risen.

Join us for intrigue, romance and swashbuckling at the decadent Court of Merry King Charles II of 17th century England.

In Baroque London just beneath the surface raw ambition works a rare frenzy in the ongoing struggle for Royal favour, wealth and success. Virtue has given way to libertine licentiousness. Religious intolerance is the rule, while arts and science are shaped for centuries to come with Enlightenment just around the corner. The German Queen battles openly to restore propriety in a society that has lost its morals. Will the Restoration poets and libertines survive this new onslaught on their cultural expression and creativity? Will the freedom loving Protestant Parliament triumph over the absolute King Charles Rex? Will the Dutch Republic bring War with the French to the Kings doorstep with the marriage of Princess Mary? Or will a new Golden Era of English prosperity prevail? You will define our age.

You are the ruthless villain who thwarts others as you climb to the top as one of the King's ministers. You are a mistress, who knows that who has the King's ear and sceptre is often more important than who has his seal and office. You are the King's spy, employing a wicked goatee or a fanciful fan. You are the noble hero who resists the wanton and corrupt ways of court. You are among the first female playwrights and poets. You are a dedicated scientist seeking advancement in the Royal Society alongside Newton. You are the Jesuit conspirator who seeks the downfall of England for the glory of the Catholic Church. You are the society lady, setting the standards of polite, civilized society with your elegance and grace.

In our narrative system plots are both staff and character driven. You can go anywhere, dare anything, as long as you are prepared to deal with the IC consequences of your actions. We encourage creativity and intersecting plots and discourage preplanned storylines.

Running since 2006 with original narrative system. Steady. Small. Enjoyable.
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