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Default [04.4] Kelailles



Hold: Kelailles
Province: Arbrecht
Capital: Kingstone
Founded: 984 BF
Government: House Mercer, Banner Lords
Religion: The Way of the Storm


The Stormlands

The hold was founded in 984 BF, when the first Storms landed in the lands that are now Arbrecht and Forsilvra. Kelailles is commonly called the Stormlands, named as such for it's ancient ruling lords and its weather. The island unlike the northern mainland is rather unpredictable in weather, and not subject to the dull consistency of snow, ice and cold, being so, it welcomes a lot of visitors from the Arbrecht mainland seeking a break from the norm. It has an inconsistant stormy season that lasts year long, that even the Storms themselves find hard to predict. The island is composed of hilled-plains and forestry, with a handful of thick mountain ranges to offer backdrops to the general lay of land, one range is occupied as House Storm's base and another a religious site. Lots of interconnected inland rivers and lakes make for diverse and stunning landscapes across the entire hold.

The island over it's history has raised five castle strongholds within the hold itself. It has the main castle and the seat of the ruling House Storm's authority, Strun Bah Qo, which sits atop a mountain among mountains in the west overlooking the hold's main city of commerce, Kingstone. The castle of Skyguard sits on the south-eastern coast controlling the main harmour and trading port of the island. The largest of the five, the Hornburg commands the frozen reaches of the most Arbrechtian-like northern territories; High Harmony covers the natural northern barrier into what people, consider mainland Kelailles. The island fortress of Faldragon sits within the western bend of the island, and is a place of dark repute, serving as Arbrecht's most secure dungeon-complex where condemned men usually go to rot.

Town Settlements and Vassals

The Ossents made a name for themselves in the midst of the plague in Kelailles, when their lord Alaric was taking economical measures alongside Lord Ser Mathos Storm to combat the effects of the plague. Lord Alaric led his clan in support of the Storm's campaign alongside the Fitzwulfs, where his son Arlan saw a quick rise to fame and knighthood. Being the site of the hold's most expansive gold mining operation, the Ossents and their town of Westvale have the public image of a rather wealthy house and are associated with much of the island's banking.

The most well-known town in Kelailles, Oldshore that occupies the south-western most settlement in the Stormlands, is ruled over by House Tor and their lord Sir Konal. Oldshore won fame as an unshakable bastion of defence in the third Kelailles-Frysbruck war and has been fortified as a purposeful means of defence since those days. The town holds many war memorials from the days of the great wars and is a place of regular tourist attention.

The canal-town of Oakhaven, ruled by House Myrkhall is the western access point to the main Storm stronghold of Strun Bah Qo, and sees a high-level of activity from visitors, particulary for the purpose of political callings to the Storms. Lady Astrid Myrkhall rules the town, in the place of her young brother Einar. House Myrkhall has recently seen a rise in prominence under it's lord-lady, and is one of the most favoured in the Stormlands despite it's minor size.

House Erland rule over arguably the most pleasant scenic district of the Stormlands, which earned their town it's name of Rosemere. The ruling house and residents of Rosemere are a widely devout people, and host a variety of their own services to the following of the Way, and often work in conjunction with the Wise order to uphold the island's education in traditions. It has become a tradition in the family for at least one of their blood each generation to devote themselves to the Way of the Storm.

House Thangbrand bear the strongest resemblance to the rest of Arbrecht, and rule the seat of Wintergate in the far north of the Stormlands under the shadow of the Shiverpeak mountains. The cold makes for hard men and the intense winter-weather of the northern corner of the island has forged an incredible clansmen like people of the Thangbrands. They answer to House Hollen instead of House Storm, being the only Kelaillan lords who do not.

The Osteins of Eastwatch are a small line of nobles, but they are not without their own fame, held in no small part by Sir Axell, who earned the nickname 'the Light of the East' in the war of the Wolf and the Rose. They sit watch over the east, commanding the small yet highly defensive lighthouse town of Eastwatch. They were thrust into the spotlight of court attention at the end of the last war, when Grimnir Storm murdered the Lord Mikkel's sister, his wife.

The Kelaillan Council

Below the authority of the current Lord of the Storm is the Kelaillan council. When pressing matters of the hold are to be discussed a council of lords from every noble house is called together in the halls of Strun Bah Qo. The traditional council method involved petitions and controlled turn-by-turn debates; but those methods were abolished upon Lord Eldric's rise to power; now matters are discussed in a free-form debate, moving from topic to topic in a more interpersonal manner. The council is made up of lords and vassals from each banner on the island, at least one member of every house must be present for a council to be officially put into motion. Current key members of the council include and are not limited to: the Lord of the Storm, the Master of the Wise, the Chosen Knights, the Lord Marshal, the Lord Admiral and the Lord Protector.


Knighthood is considered a high honour in Kelailles and only the best weapon artists, accomplished fighters, and proven leaders are ever knighted. There are perhaps only one hundred knighted warriors out of the whole population of Kelailles in the present, and most serve the role of generals or honour guards. The honour of being a knight is more than just a respected title and fighting role, but reverence, it is a hard fought and sought after accomplishment, and Kelaillan knights are often considered some of the best in the entire kingdom.

The knights held in the highest regard in the history of Kelailles are Sir Reoth Storm, the first of the original Chosen, and Prince Sir Aenar, the second of the lordly line of Storms who won renown in the war against the Linchao. In current times, the two Chosen knights Sir Ragnar and Sir Betrand are considered the peak of Stormland fighting prowess.


Social Customs

Kelailles has a reputation as a place that does not take too kindly to outside intrusions to their way of life and systems of beliefs. The hold, while it still follows many of the ways laid down long ago in the Worship of the Ancestors, is different enough to warrant some level of being foreign to the rest of Arbrecht. Kelaillans are strict practitioners of their Way and demand a certain level of respect and religious deference from visitors, particulary tourists who come to call on Wuth Raad and see the site of the Pillars.

The Lord of House Storm and Kelaills, is styled the Lord of the Storm, and he is the de facto ruler of Kelailles and it's people. They are locally held in regard reserved for kings, which the lords of Kelailles once were. When a new Stormlord is to ascend to power they go through an enthronement and crowning before the eyes of the public. Tradition never died in Kelailles, even with the end of their line of kings and the change in the times.


Kelailles is the only hold in Arbrecht which doesn't follow the Worship of the Ancestors, or the Fitzwulf implemented Worship of The Hero, instead they follow their own evolved form of ancestral worship, the Way of the Storm, the Raad Se Strun. It has been the religion of Kelailles for eight hundred years. Founded formally by Queen Iona upon the ending of the War of the Two Queens, the religion welcomed a new level of ancestral reverance and loyalty, and the people of the Stormlands developed a new found respect for their histories and people.

The Way of the Storm follows one specific deity-like being much like the peoples of mainland Arbrecht; but also a collective of ancestors, forefathers and other prominent relatives in addition. Main avatars of reverance are found in Sigmund, the founder of House Storm and Kelailles, who is their original ancestral source of worship; Torygg, the first King of all of Arbrecht; Thrond, the warrior king who led the Arbrechtians on their first expedition into the Vandermark; Magnus and Iona, the young king and queen who revitalised the Stormlands and brought with them the Way; and Reoth, who led the first Chosen knights.

The people of Kelailles hold storms as auspicious events, and will celebrate at the instance of a powerful storm. They rarely damage the countryside or hurt those who follow the Way, it is common belief across the kingdoms that the rulers of the Stormlands hold an ancient power, though it is not acknowleged - an ancient power to ward off the common peril brought by storms. No one of the blood of House Storm has ever died as a result of a storm, a fact the house takes great pride in, and counts it as a blessing from their ancestors above and beyond.

When a follower of the Way dies, they are not buried, instead they are cremated on an open pyre. Their spirit is believed to break free of the constraints of their body in the form of spirit essence, and ascend to the Eternal Storm, the Unahzaal Strun above, to join the Stormlords of old, and their brethren. When they join the Eternal Storm that is the sky, they take residence in the clouds and influence the fates, the favour and blessings of their living brethren below until the end of time, they become a part of the storms that grace the life of the living, in a land that can only be described as valhalla to the people of the Way.

With the onset of the plague, and the death and destruction it brought the people of the Stormlands, a new phrase was coined by the Order of the Wise, "Zin faal Sizaan", which is translated to "Honour the Lost." It has become a frequently used phrase by the followers of the Way, when discussing the reverence of the dead.


The weather of Kelailles offers production in areas which normally Arbrecht just can't provide itself, the large forests and woods offer much in the departments of materials for fabrics and woodwork. The deep mountain ranges offer much in mining, and a variety of metals. Kelailles is home to a heavily-stylised steel working industry, particularly in the areas of war, such as mail, armour and weapons. They have a big foreign market in personal-stylised suits of armour, that boasts high noble clientele. The island has a multitude of different wildlife, from bears and boars, to doves and sheep. Kelailles also enjoys a good source of trade from the Vandermark coming into Arbrecht from the east, with relationships in these regards going back for hundreds of years.

While Stormlanders may look upon outsiders with suspicious eyes, a fair share of their revenue comes from tourism. Particulary from aspiring nobles and hedge knights that visit at least once a year for the fame and recognition in the kingdom. Once a year on the occasion of the current Lord of the Storm's birthday a grand tournament is held in Kelailles, open for warriors across the entire kingdom. It is a three week event that includes a joust, archery and a melee bracket. As well as brackets for particular weapon practictioners to combat one another.


Stormlanders are a highly-tested militant people and proudly so, they always have been and always will be, and they have a history of many wars to their experience and credit. Style is held in high importance on the island, they believe that it seperates them from the rest of the world. They are very sophiscated when compared to some other holds, particulary in Arbrecht; especially in terms of battle presence, they dress in flashy, yet still practical armours. Flamboyant weaponplay is also a part of the norm, more well developed in the leading families, but every fighting man of Kelailles has a certain flow in how their combat works against another hold's that seems to be very exquisite and well-practised, that goes beyond just the rank and file training.

The army of Kelailles is composed of the garrisons and armies of all the lords across the island hold. House Storm takes pride in having elite ranks of warriors, famed both as infantry and cavalry. The Storm's personal army only stand second in terms of size, but they are some of the most exceptional forces across the entire kingdom. House Hollen commands the largest single fighting force, being the primary source of manpower in Kelailles. The Storms currently have an elite unit of fifty knights in service, who shadow the Lord Marshal in his missions known as the Stormknights, they have been tasked with keeping the peace under the command of Sir Ragnar Storm.

The navy of Kelailles' main combat force is composed mainly of galleys, supported by the swifter compliment of longships. The Storms being the lords of an island rely heavily on the strength of their navy to remain in a strong position, coastal raids are not uncommon, and the threat of piracy has been on the rise with more and more promise of war, yet the Storm fleet only considers such minor problems as sport for their marines. The flagship of the fleet, the Maelstrom, won itself a name of renown and infamy under the command of Sir Wilhelm Storm, by breaking the Harcourt fleet in the War of Heldenbrecht.

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House Mercer
  • Alexander Mercer (82)-- Louisa Jakk (79)
  • Cassen Mercer (60) -- Ariaxa Dharren (59)
    • Hadrian Mercer (39)
    • Tharis Mercer (37) -- Sarra Mercer (36)
    • Loria Mercer Edan (34)
    • Suria Mercer Straw (31)
  • Garan Mercer (57) -- Julia Mercer
    • Robert Mercer (37)
    • Sophia Mercer (34)
  • Jacoren Mercer (52) -- Zia Mercer
    • Zoe Mercer (30)
  • Louisa Merce Cloan (50)
  • Kristina Mercer Nolan (47)

Hadrian Mercer's Bastards
  • Aerad (14)

House Hollen
  • Hugh Hollen (70) -- Wife (68)
    • Edmund Hollen (49) -- Angela Ossent (44)
      • Edward Hollen (25)
      • Amiee Hollen (22)
        Elisse Storm (31)
      • Beorn Hollen (47) -- Wife (46)
        • Gerard Hollen (17)
        • Philippa Hollen (14)
      • Dani Hollen Storm (45)
      • Guy Hollen (42) -- Wife (40)
        • Jocelyn Hollen (19)
        • Arnold Hollen (16)
        • Jared Hollen (12)

House Storm
  • Taesgal Storm (100) -- Marianna Blanchard (88)
    • Albern Storm (70) -- Wife (69)
      • Mathos Storm (49) -- Dani Hollen (46)
        • Garland Storm (27) -- Elizabeth Cain (26)
        • Lorgar Storm (25) -- Lianne Ossent (24)
          • Isaac Storm (5)
          • Aela Storm (3)
        • Eldric Storm (23)
      • Ragnar Storm (45) -- Miranda Reyne
        • Ossian Storm (23)
        • Doran Storm (20)
      • Wilhelm Storm (35)
        • Aegon (18)
      • Hayle Storm
      • Elisse Storm Hollen (33)
      • Terese Storm [Name]
    • Bjorn Storm -- Catherine Emmerich
      • Engar Storm -- Anges Fitzwulf
        • Cecily Storm (18)
        • Astrid Storm (16)
        • Sonja Storm (13)
        • Finna Storm (10)
        • Dustin Storm (7)
    • Adelaide Storm Fleurant
    • Ralof Storm -- Morgan Blackglenn
      • Grimnir Storm (38) -- Hilde Ostein
        • Gromm Storm (17)
        • Jeyna Storm (14)

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Before United Forsilvra

985: Sigmund the Stormlord leads the conquest of the Tivark kingdom of eastern Arbrecht.
984: King Sigmund founds House Storm and it's kingdom on the eastern coast of Arbrecht.
984: Forging of the Crown of Storms, commonly known as the Stormcrown.
987: King Sigmund begins construction of the castle of Strun Bah Qo.
963: King Sigmund crushes a resurgence of Tivark's in present day Ernsaw.

899: The castle of Strun Bah Qo is completed.

760: A tectonic shift fragments the eastern coastline of Arbrecht.
760: Kelailles becomes an island nation, known as the Stormlands.
720: Torygg Stormcaller leads a renewed campaign to conquer the remaining lands of Arbrecht.
702: King Torygg I unites Arbrecht under Storm leadership, vanquishing the final King in resistance to him.

644: Thrond Thunderfist leads an invasion on the Vandermark in an attempt to expand his kingdom.
639: King Thrond falls to the Vandermark King in single combat in the Clash of Kings.
638: The Lords of Arbrecht rise in revolt.
634: King Hadvar sacrifices the military dominance of his kingdom for the love of his Queen, Ingrid.
631: King Hadvar's son, Magnus rises in revolt against his father.
628: Magnus overthrows King Hadvar after a lengthy civil war.
623: King Magnus I launches a campaign to reconquer Arbrecht, the campaign is met with much success.
621: King Magnus I is killed in the Massacre at Landerfell.
621: The War of the Two Queens.
619: House Hulland of Landerfell is exterminated.
619: Magnus' widow Queen Iona, defeats Queen Ingrid.
619: Magnus' infant son King Erik, assumes the throne.
619: Henrik Reyne is knighted and takes up the banner of House Reyne.
619: Formation of the order of the Chosen.
618: First known following of the Way of the Storm.
617: Construction of the castle of Skyguard begins.
612: First known recording of the four famed swords of Kelailles.
612: Culture thrives in the Stormlands.
612: Strun Bah Qo receives a hefty rennovation.
609: Queen Iona passes, kingship is returned to King Erik.
605: King Erik raises the four mountains of Kelailles to holy status. He names them the Pillars.
604: King Erik concludes a year of meditation at the Pillars.
600: The First of the Wise take up residence at the Pillars.

573: The castle of Skyguard is completed.
573: King Erik bestows the castle of Skyguard to Lord Henrik of House Reyne.
504: King Magnus III is assassinated by the Harcourts of Fyrsbruck.
504: King Eorlund ascends the throne.
504: The first Hollens arrive in Kelailles.
503: The First Kelailles-Fyrsbruck War.
502: The Standoff in the Rush.

499: House Hollen take up their banners.
470: The Second Kelailles-Fyrsbruck War.
467: The Battle of Ernsaw.
466: The growing independance of Arbrecht compels King Eorlund to consolidate his power.
466: The Storms remove their power from the Arbrecht mainland.
466: House Cain take up their banners.
466: Construction begins on castle Hornburg and High Harmony.
463: King Jorundr assumes the throne.
450: The Third Kelailles-Fyrsbruck War.
450: The War on the Coast.
448: The Battle at Oldshore.
447: The Storms and the Harcourts sign a peace treaty to conclude the wars.
441: New dwellings go up all over Kelailles as the population reaches an all-time high.
420: The castle of High Harmony is completed.
404: The Hornburg castle is completed.

333: The Four Lords War.
333: The armies of House Cain subdue the four warring Hollen Lords.

268: Arbrecht erupts in war.
261: The Storms battle against the Harcourts for the first time in two-hundred years.
252: House Blanchard secures military dominance over Arbrecht.
251: War concludes with the Storms swearing support to the House Blanchard juggernaut.

198: The Hollen castle of the Hornburg is expanded, becoming the largest castle in Kelailles.

23: The last Storm King, Arngeir ascends the throne.
6: Arbrecht unites to join the Fontenot led coalition against the Linchao forces.
5: King Arngeir heads the Storm banners of the coalition helping the allied forces resecure the Vandermark.
0: Sir Prince Aenar leads an Arbrecht reSirve army in the final allied offensive in Lacharn.

After United Forsilvra

1: With the formation of a united kingdom, the last King of Kelailles Arngeir, surrenders his title.
1: Lord Arngeir adopts the title Stormlord, naming their leadership position after their founder.
6: Lord Arngeir establishes the Kelaillan council.
13: The last crown prince, Sir Aenar is crowned Stormlord.

209: Albern is crowned Stormlord.
226: Lord Albern steps down as Stormlord.
226: Sir Mathos is crowned Stormlord.
235: The Ernsaw plague breaches Kelailles.
235: House Storm allies with House Fitzwulf.
235: Sir Ragnar leads a force alongside the Fitzwulfs in their conquest of Arbrecht.
236: Sir Wilhelm defeats the Harcourt fleet in the Arbrecht Rush.
237: The Slaughter of Rissenfel.
239: Garland is crowned Stormlord.
240: Eldric is crowned Stormlord.
240: Last documented cases of the plague.
241: The war of Arbrecht ends with the death of Eldric Storm and many of the Storm men. Huse Mercer is granted the rights to all of Kelailles by Corbin Blanchard

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