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Default [08.1] Royal Council Positions

Former Council of Forsilvra, Under the Sterlyn Rule. This council no longer applies as of May 7, 1008, Alrik's death.

Council Members of Forsilvra:

Council PositionCouncil MemberTitle
War AdvisorVictor CastellRuler of the Province of Ovador
Agricultural AdvisorTBDN/A
Merchant/Trade AdvisorArchibald Ramsey CampbellRuler of the banner city of Sola in Gyllene
Welfare AdvisorTheodoric SeverneRuler of the Province of Atra
Religious AdvisorMason LennoxUrson to the King
Education AdvisorFletcher LeihamRuler of the banner city of Praena in Ovador
AmbassadorGaleazzo SanseverinoRuler of the banner city of Sodra in Gyllene
Royal TreasurerAuron SterlynPrince of Forsilvra and heir presumptive
Royal SecretaryTBDN/A
Captain of the GuardPhilip Pyropasof House Sterlyn
Master at ArmsNPC TBNN/A

Reflects current positions as of 11.11.10

TBN: to be named (welcomed to be picked up by anybody, profile need not be very detailed or specific). NPC is not a requirement, but a suggestion.

TBD: to be determined/characters are open--House Lords PLEASE APPLY (Major and Minor welcomed)!
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Council Members of The Court of Leonard Althalos Lorterra:

Council PositionCouncil MemberTitle
Authority of WarHalford MonsLord of Byrla
Authority of WelfareEldon TyrellLord of Brynna
Authority of CoinAmius KellingtonLord of Kryna
Authority of ProtectionTyler WenningsCaptain of the Guard
Authority of DiplomacyRoger TyrellBrother of Lord Tyrell
Authority of KnowledgeThilo HargentMaester of Castle Berg

Reflects current positions as of 08.17.11
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