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Default [09.0] Province Summary

Arbrecht is a fractious province consisting of six major cities; Westerland, Fyrsbruck, Ernsaw, Kelailles, Mier and Maldenham. It is a highly militarized and fractious state, with a wide diversity in culture, from the pomp and swashbuckling of Fyrsbruck, to the savagery and ferocity of Ernsaw. Operating around The Worship, it is currently headed by the rulers of Westerland, the Fitzwulf Family, rule the province stylized as kings. Often viewed as savage and backward, but highly dangerous.

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The Vandermark

The Vandermark is a land steeped in history, controlled for generations by the revered DeLauncey family, seated on the rocky coast of The Hollows. From the sandy beaches of Linsburg to the shadowed crags of the Vale of Harken, the sacred woodlands of Waternesse to the lurching bluffs of Goldenmoore, the Vandermark is a land rich with honor, the ground upon which legends were made and the Old Gods still reign.

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A province with a moderate, warm climate, Lacharn consists of two islands, with Llywarch, Cnaith, Dyos, and Enyon residing on the main island and the city of Hyre on the smaller island. Founded by expatriots of Pelasaia a millenium ago, eventually rule of the island fell to the Prothero family in Llywarch. They have ruled ever since, with a two century interruption due to the invading force of the Linchao Republic whom their homelands of Pelasaia had joined. They are a peaceable province, with a moderately large defensive force, but most of their power comes from a thriving merchant trade in luxury goods, such as textiles.

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The island of Forsilvra is a lush green place. The home of the crown for the last 241 years, the island is protected on the west by high cliffs and the east by the Straits of Lacharn. The Castle, Licorn, sits on the east side of Lake Bellelac. The rest of the lake is surrounded by the The Manors of the Council. South of the castle is the city of Belleile.

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The islands that constitute Great-Caelain are ruled as much by the fickle weather patterns as by the noble houses of ages-old descent that rule its lands. Having been ruled from the great city of Caerthynas by House Faerald for centuries before the birth of Forsilvra, Caelain is a Province that still keeps to its old customs even though the Faeralds now rule as High Lords. Also on the island of Caelain is cultivated Demere, where the Royal House of Fontenot originated and House Forthwind now rules in their place. The smaller, more rugged island of Ayron is home to the wealthy and busy trading port of Porthaeron, while on the rugged island of Cemria, encircled by its ring of protective fortresses, the cities of Weallan and Abaín are fending off raids from the inland princedoms.

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The southernmost province in the kingdom, Ahestere is a vast desert bordered by mountains to the east and south. A land that is hot and dry where its people's passions can run as spicy as its food, it is ruled by House Linnet in their mountain city of Lismore. Containing the mountain retreat of Enos, the coastal cities of Basica and Susa in the east and its final city, Nabaris, its city in the desert, Ahestere is a center for education and the arts where its people are even more vibrant and expressive in the many other aspects of their lives.

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