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Default Application Template

Application Instructions

This is the template we use for applications here at Forsilvra.
  • Copy and paste the appropriate template below into a new thread.
    • If the first time you post the application it is complete, post it in the Application Template Forum
    • If your application is not ready, you may post it in the WIP application forum
    • When it is complete, use 'thread tools' located at the top of the thread to move the thread to the Application Template Forum. Please choose 'no redirect' as the option.
    • When you post, choose the prefix of the province that is your character current home.
  • If you are creating a new house, use the Character From a New House template, and please reference the House Creation Thread which walks you through creating a new house, including now to format the House Genealogy. You are required to have the following for your new house
    • Banner
    • Description
    • House words
    • Genealogy
    • Castle Image and Name
  • If you are joining an existing house, use the Character From an existing House template. Please find the proper House information post and ensure you understand where your character falls on the genealogy so you can describe it. Ensure your character is on the geno in the right place (in the event you have confirmed adding a character and/or changing the name) and make sure you get admin permission if you wish to change the tree.
  • Use the time line thread and Character creation chapter to help flesh out your character's history in fitting with the events that have happened in the past and in game so far.
  • Ensure the private profile section is PMed to your admins Jenn and Friday.
  • Please note the writing sample needs to be for the character you are applying for in this game. Yes, we ask for one for every character. It might seem redundant, but we like to see you write for the character before you play them. If this is your first character, your sample must be at least three paragraphs of decent length. No, I'm not giving you a word count or paragraph size. Use your judgement.
  • Make sure you use the right House Color Hex Code in your profile. See the last spoiler for these codes. Find/Replace the right color where the #000000 is.

[Application for Character in New House]
[Full Application View]

[Full Application Code - COPY THIS ONE]

[Application for Character in Existing House]
[Full Application View]

[Full Application Code - COPY THIS ONE]

[House Color Hex Codes]
Replace the phrase "PUT YOUR APPROPRIATE HOUSE CODE HERE" with the color from the list below.

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