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Default Madelaine Blanchard



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Witchy
RP Experience: More than half my age's worth...
Your Character's Player Base: Kaya Scodelario


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Madelaine Blanchard
Character Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): August 28, 224
Home Castle/City: Heldenbrecht/Westerland
House: Blanchard by birth



Madelaine has become a reserved young woman; cautious of newcomers and a little distant at first. She is not without her reasons, of course. As the "ward" of an enemy state for so many years, it is a wonder that the girl is not more reclusive and secretive. She keeps most thoughts to herself and instinctively wears a polite smile.

Having been in the company on the Fitzwulf's for so many years, she has mastered control of her feelings. She is a skilled liar and capable of rendering one to believe whatever "mask" she might be wearing. However, Madelaine has to constantly remind herself to relax in the presence of those closest to her. Unfortunately, when distressed or agitated she shuts down and becomes withdrawn.

Happiness seems to come and go with the changing of the tide. Material items, feasts, tournaments and the like bring her brief joy. It is only when she is with Corbin that she feels true happiness. She would do anything for his sake and gladly lay down her life to see that he succeeds. Though, as of late, Madelaine has found someone besides her kin who makes her feel truly alive again.



They called her their ward, but she called them enemy. Living life in captivity is one of little joy and even less fulfillment. While any castle can become a gilded cage, such a cage is tolerable with the company of cherished members of family. Madelaine often wished she had joined the fate of her beloved kin.

Madelaine enjoyed a cheerful childhood until she was forced to mature at the young age of ten. Her life would be forever changed as her family went to war with the Fitzwulf's and a plague swept the province. Losing both her parents as well as many other kin within the span of a few years was devastating.

The young woman's only comfort came from her sister Alaine. With her sister at her side, reassuring her that all would be normal again someday, Madelaine stayed hopeful. That was until Alaine was wed to Jon Fitzwulf. Never had Madelaine felt more betrayed. Though, her support never faltered, her shroud did once or twice.

For years she had yearned for something more, even wishing she had the courage to simply flee from the Fitzwulfs. However, with her brother believed to be dead and Alaine missing, she knew it was best to wear a pleasant mask and hope to be reunited with what was left of her remaining family members.

Madelaine learned at a young age that throwing tantrums and destroying her chambers would not get her anywhere with the Fitzwulf's. Truth be told, the harder she fought the worse she felt. While a somber depression overtook her, she did her best to be amiable and obedient in the presence of her captors.

It was not until King Adrien granted her request to be removed from the Fitzwulf's household and place into Kenya's retinue that her mood began to greatly improve. Happiness came in the form of entertainment did much to keep her mind off her past and those she was missing. Tournaments, court intrigue, gossip, flirtations, and material items kept a smile on the girl's face. While Madelaine had never been the shallow type, her new life with Kenya greatly changed her outlook.

Finally reunited with Corbin and having learned the truth about her sister, Madelaine feels that life has become even more complicated than it once was. With the number of Blanchard's having dwindled, her depression has returned. However, there is a new someone in her life with whom she plans to do great things with.


[Writing Sample]

Madelaine scowled as she put the finishing touches on her sister's gown. It was beautiful, but not the gown she should be wearing. A marriage to a Fitzwulf after such crimes against the Blanchard's was appalling, but Madelaine has no say in the matter. Instead, she would smile graciously just as she had learned to do in the past.

Her heart ached for home, or what used to be. Why did Alaine have to marry Jon? Did she really care for the scoundrel? Alaine would always be her sister, but Jon would forever be her enemy. For her sister's sake, however, she prayed that Jon Fitzwulf did not break her Alaine's heart. Again, she would don a gentle smile as the two said their vows before the court.

The young Blanchard woman wiped a few tears that had begun to roll down her cheeks as she continued to stitch the last few beads to her sister's gown. "Damn." she cursed as she pricked her finger. She glared at the dress through a blur of tears, sucking her finger as it bled. She sat back on her heels and set the mending kit aside. Madelaine covered her face in her hands and cried, finding it impossible to smile anymore today.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 218: Corbin Blanchard is born.
Year 221: Alaine Blanchard is born.
Year 224: Madelaine Blanchard is born.
Year 234-238: The Fitzwulfs overthrow the Blanchards. Alaine Blanchard is betrothed to Jon Fitzwulf.
Year 236: Queen Blanchard dies from the plague.
Year 237: Blanchards captured by the Fitzwulfs.
Year 238: Cesaire Blanchard dies. Corbin Blanchard goes missing and is presumed dead.
Year 240: Alaine Blanchard weds Jon Fitzwulf.
Year 241: Corbin is revealed as alive and plans to retake Arbrecht. Alaine ends her life. Madelaine is taken into King Adrien's custody as a lady in waiting to Princess Keyna, aware that Corbin lives but not that Alaine is dead. Madelaine is taken back to Arbrecht by King Adrien to negotiate the war end with Corbin. Madelaine is reunited with Corbin.

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