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Default [02.1] House Creation Process

House Creation Process

So you've been here a awhile and you're ready to try your hand at creating a house? This guide will give you a few pointers.
  • Start on the Map Page to find an open city.
  • Read up on the Province, the Province Lords, and any important history for the area. If you have questions, ask your Province Lord
  • Place your Hold on the city.
  • Determine what you wish for your banner to look like. If you need someone to make your banner, please request one here
  • Choose some inspiring House Words
  • Write a House Description (~ 1 - 2 paragraphs for the house information thread)
  • Choose a Castle. Please ensure you provide an image and the name of the castle
  • Develop a basic timeline for your house history
  • Put together a family tree
  • Create your character!

[How to Create a Family Tree for Forsilvra]

For your own profile and the information in your house section, you may format the tree however you wish. For the rules, however, these are the requirements. Please include a copy formatted in this way if you have created your own house or if you plan to make an update*.

  • You must use the [ LIST] function. For each generation start a new [ LIST]. Each name should have a [ *] in front of it. Generations close with [ /LIST]
  • All members of the house who are dead shall be struck through with [ s] [ /s]
  • The head of the house will be bolded [ b][ /b]
  • Include NO ages, NO colors, unless special approval is made by admins and NO italics or underlines or other markings
  • Ladies/Men who wed into the house should be noted by their FIRST and MAIDEN names only
  • Ladies/Men who wed out of the house should be noted be their FIRST, MAIDEN, and MARRIED names
  • Unions should be noted with two dashes --
  • Unwed unions that produce a child should be noted with -/-
  • A second wife/husband should be put on a new line after the children of the first wife/husband and marked with [ INDENT]Name[ /INDENT]
  • Children should ONLY be included for couples wed IN the house, whose children carry the last name of the house. Exceptions can be made for children who are raised in the house after a father has been deceased. Please confirm with admins.
  • Twins should be marked as (twin), Triplets as (triplet)
  • Include no more than two generations older than the lord of the house, unless the lord is under the age of 20. Then three is acceptable, and/or what is needed to include members of the house still living.

*Please note the staff will only make changes to your tree a few times during the course of the game.

Example Tree

HTML Code:
[LIST][*]<s>Gregor Montrose</s> -- <s>Juliette Colbert</s>
[LIST][*][b][URL=""]Malcolm Montrose[/URL][/b] -- <s>Eilidh Tavish</s> 
[LIST][*][URL=""]Iona Montrose Harcourt[/URL]
[*]<s>Aelish Montrose MacLeod</s> -- <s>Callum MacLeod</s>
[INDENT]-- [URL=""][COLOR="blue"]Arianne Fontenot[/COLOR][/URL][/INDENT]
[*][URL=""]Catriona Montrose[/URL]
[*]Bruce Montrose -- Mairwen Kyffin[/LIST]
[*][url=]Duncan Montrose[/url] -- <s>Giverny Fleurant Montrose</s>
[LIST][*]Cameron Montrose -- Ashleigh Harcourt Montrose
[LIST][*]Douglas Montrose[/LIST]
[*][URL=""]Kenneth Montrose[/URL] (twin)
[*][URL=""]Kenna Montrose Merrick[/URL] (twin)[/LIST][*] Edme Montrose Farquhart Fitzwulf
[*]Craig Montrose -- <s>Eona MacGrath</s> 
[LIST][*][URL=""]Nessa Montrose[/URL]
[*]David Montrose
[*]<s>Morna Montrose</s>
[*]Neil Montrose[INDENT]-- <s>Gilleanne Deverre</s>[/INDENT]
[*]Heather Montrose Fleurant
[*]Ailie Montrose 

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