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Default [08.6] Houses of The Vandermark

House DeLauncey
The Hollows, Province Ruler
"Swift Justice, Sharp Bite"

The DeLauncey's have ruled over The Vandermark since 542 BF, when the First Kings of the Tribes of Dorwall descended from their snowy homeland, far off in the West, arriving on longboats first on Arbrecht. They found Arbrecht too close to the wastelands and generally uninhabitable, and thus moved down along the coast until they found the lush woods of the Vandermark, and settled there within. It was there that the Tribes of Dorwall adopted their worship of the Old Gods, upon discovery of the sacred pools within the woods of Waternesse. One of the many leaders of the First Kings, a man of broad shoulder and dark features, Nathius DeLauncey, settled in the Hollows with his family. Having led the remaining Tribes of Dorwall to the haven of The Vandermark, Nathius DeLauncey rose to greatness and was established as the King of the Mark. A DeLauncey has always been King of the Mark, until this title was dissolved in the War for Forsilvra. The DeLauncey's of present day still boast sharing the same blood as the First King's. The DeLauncey's are best known for their prowess with the bow, having donned the tri-arrow as part of their sigil, from the tales told of Nathius DeLauncey's three sons. Much of DeLauncey lore is seated in their predecessors establishment of their home in the Hollows.

Their house motto is "Sharp Bite, Swift Justice." A more colloquial rendering of the family is found in the oft-uttered phrase "DeLauncey's always keep their promises," reflecting the tales of DeLauncey descendents, particularly in the expulsion and banishment of Lupus DeLauncey, whom went on to abandon his given name of 'DeLauncey,' adopting his own of 'Fitzwulf' and relocating to Arbrecht. In more recent years, the Fitzwulf family has overthrown the leading Province Lord's of Arbrecht to establish their line as rulers. The Fitzwulf/DeLauncey tension has carried on for generations. The DeLauncey family boasts tall, lean children, with dark, chestnut hair, although black or auburn locks are not unheard of. Theirs is a proud name and DeLauncey's are more often than not known for their haughtiness and sense of superiority, but in general are an amicable family, whose devotion to one another is evident, known to abandon all outside ties and obligations for their family.

[House Genealogy]
  • Victus DeLauncey -- Corinna de Valle
  • Papirine DeLauncey Blanchard
  • Alexine DeLauncey Fleurant


The Wolf Den, The Hollows
Represented by Eilean Donan Castle

House Harrowgate, unlanded knights
"We Roar"

The Harrowgate House was established less than thirty years ago, when a common man of Arbrecht saved the life of a young Marcus DeLauncey. This man was Harrow of Dagonet's Brook, named for a Worshipper, and he was a master huntsman. Skilled with axe and spear, a mountain of a man, he stood before a great stag that was savaging the Lord, and tore it to shreds. A head full of red hair was his distinguishing feature, and so he was called 'The Lion'. Harrow was knighted Sir Harrow Harrowgate, and instantly fell on hard times. The House has risen with Dagonet, however, and is now well-off, if not wealthy. However, their recent rise means they are regarded as little more than commoners, and regularly spat upon. But never in Dagonet's presence.


House Feran, unlanded knights

There is no history to House Feran, except that a bastard son earned his place into knighthood...

House Genealogy

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